For years you have been a follower in a sinister conspiracy dedicated to burning the noble nation of Talingarde to the ground. For years you have accepted their missions and done as you were told. For years you have been a minion.

That changes today. Today you seize your destiny. Today you will destroy those who think themselves above you. Today you will become the dark lord you were always destined to be. And then all of Talingarde will tremble in your wake.

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Ganger the Gobo Joins the Knot
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Session 11
Foun the Horn of Abbadon, came across a boggard village. I will continue with the journal after I eliminate the village. It's gonna be a piece of cake. I'll be right back...
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Session 10: Into the Woods
Into the woods we went to deal with a daemon prince. We got ambushed by tribal human bowman. Now that was a sight to see. Humans who think they are elves or something, living deep in the forests using bows and trying to ambush their enemies. Of course they didn't ambush me, and I got the jump on them before they jumped the rest of the party. On the corpse of one of the elf wannabees, we found directions as to where their lair might be.

When we got to the ruins the survivors were hiding in, I snuck around behind them to try to ambush them. My chain shirt must have glistened in the sun or something because when i poked my head around the corner, three arrows came whizzing at me. Hoping that their melee skills were worse than their ranged skills, i charged them. My distraction was so successful, inadvertenly, that the rest of the party were able to lauch an frontal attack and wipe them out.

We found a cellar and I advanced ahead in the dark where there were some hobgoblins waiting to ambush us. Man this forest is getting my hackles up, it seems everything we see is trying to ambush us. I punched a hobgoblin in the face for being too ugly and to commence the shit kicking. The sorcerer spoiled my fun by recognizing them as fellow Asmodeans. We formed an alliance to rescue their chieftain and regain some item that they need and we need to complete our mission. Seems to me this temporary alliance will only end with the death off either the hobgoblins or us. But that is for the future.

the next room ahead had a well in the middle surrounded by grease and some creature called a boggle that the hobgoblins were rightfully wary of. we all kept falling in the grease and the boggle kept teleporting around and kept trying to throw me into the well. I whacked it. I whacked it good. the rogue backstabbed some other creature that was coming out of the hallway and he and the fighter basically put it down.
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session 9: A new quest
With the destruction of Balentyne, Fireaxe wasn't even wounded during the attack, we broke the clay pot and out comes Tiadora with our new instructions. We went to the lake and boarded a barge for parts westward. Some mud hole town where we are to clean up the mess the 4th Knot apparently made. Tiadora would teleport away every day during the two week trip and reappear the following day. On the last day on the barge, the Boss himself showed up and gave us our next mission. There was an Asmodean baron in town who had been laying low much too long since the last pogroms against us. He was to be reminded of his obligations and made to understand that one does not desert the cult of Asmodeous ever. We were to find a way from the town to a destroyed death cult's temple ruins in the nearby forest. Somehow summon and bind a daemon prince that they had worshipped and get the Tears. Some kind of artifact that produces a plague that will go in tandem with the bugbear army to wreak devastation in Talingarde.

The baron was persuaded to rekindle his allegiance, and he is our host and our fence. we found the hideyhole of the leader of the now defunct 4th knot which had info as to where the hidden temple was that he had gone to. the 7th Knot was to run interference for us again, as they had at Balentyne and while we do the important work, they were tasked to make sure no one else interfered from town. I did get offical clearance from the boss himself that not even the 7th, was to be allowed to come between us getting the Tears for the boss.
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Session 8: Destroying Balentyne
Armed with silence spells, we advanced on the keep. Killed the two guards outside the main doors and dragged the corpses within. The things that drow priest did to the dead bodies. Let me just say, drow are nasty. Crept up the stairs, killed some more guards. Got up to the third floor, killed guards and picked a room. was wizards laboratory. He was in the next room. Attacked him from two directions while Silenced. He never stood a chance Went up to the next level where Mitra had apparently warned his pretty boy paladin commander, because there was no way he could have heard us coming. He was ready for us and looked like the boss too. he started smiting the fighter and I, and was wacking us pretty good, but the one he didn't smite was the rogue, who could sneak in under his guard and got some really good whacks through his magical full plate.

If he had stayed in his room and used the doorway to funnel our attacks, he might have stood a chance, but of course Mitra's paladins are no cowards and he came rushing out to fight the evil. Fool. Asmodeous showed his pleasure of us killing a Mitran paladin by performing a miracle and transforming the paladin's armor into something more suitable for an antipaladin. Of course none of us could wear it, but it's the thought that counts.

We were doing so well, we got sloppy. We were still undetected up to that point, but greed got the better of the rogue who opened the loot without checking for traps and some alarm spell went off. we hurried down to mill about with the leaderless guardsmen, and made a beeline for the rooms that housed the drawbridge and portcullis mechanism. we managed to bluff our way in and lock up in the room. Sure we were outnumbered by the guards, but with no captains or commander or wizard directing them they were confused and leaderless. we took them out relatively painlessly, but got sloppy again and we left the guard by the door unattended who promptly unlocked it and ran out to warn his companions.

We killed the rest, barricaded ourselves in, disabled the portcullis and drawbridge, and launched the rocket and the bugbears came ransacking in.
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