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    Poppy Brandybuck Hobbit of the Shire/F/Scholar
    Description:Small, even for a hobbit, Poppy stands at just under three feet tall. She is often mistaken for a young human child, but at a second glance it is quite apparent that she is a hobbit woman. She has dark, curly hair, which she often ties in a loose braid, delicately round features, and bright green...
    Background:A Good Listener. Daughter of Dodi Brandybuck, proprietor of the Easterly Inn near the Forest Gate. Poppy has spent years overhearing the fireside tales of travelers in her father's inn, and reading histories of Middle Earth. Inspired by tales of her kinsman Bilbo Baggins, she decided to strike ou...
    Details:Age: 37

Retired Characters

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    the Hound (Retired) M
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    Drogo Took (Retired) Hobbit/M/Wanderer
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    Durim, son of Flói (Retired) M
    Background:Like all dwarves, Durim is crafty and delights in fine stonework. He feels at home in the dark, subterranean tunnels he grew up in. As a fourth son, he was not called upon to lead and traveled often, delivering wares and gifts to other clans. Thanks to that enforced worldliness, Durim is more ...
    Details:Durim's great, great grandfather was Borin, brother of Dáin (I), the Last King of Durin's Folk. Which coincidentally means he is Gimli's third cousin.

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