The town of Saltmarsh is beset by an evil mystery. Townsfolk go missing. Zombies walk the streets at night. A strange group is said to be kidnapping travellers on the road. Is it the Zombie Apocalypse?

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Finally, getting somewhere
After some rest, the group decided to explore the attic area. As they climbed the stairs, they noticed that the air grew quite cold, and several of the adventurers felt a very unnatural fear. they investigated several dead bodies at the top of the attic, only to find one of them animate. Then Fred suddenly was gone and he could be heard screaming farther down the attic where you could not see.
A powerful undead, a wight, had attacked, taking Fred to suck the life out of him.
Sienna was able to turn the wight, and two of the Zombies, keeping them at bay, so that the wight was unable to drain their life energy.
With much spell casting and some well-directed hits, the group was able to dispatch the evil denizens.
Checking around, the group found a ring of protection and was able to identify Fred's ring, also as a ring of protection. Looking out at the window, you see a ship out in the ocean, and a small boat coming ashore. However, you are unable to see anything inside.

After resting, you travelled back down stairs and into the cellar, where Fred expertly finds a secret door, and sees a pirate in a large room, who is escaping through another trap door.
You search the area, and instead of searching the other doors, you decide to take the secret passage, which leads down into caverns.

Travelling down to some caverns below, you find two statues of men. Sienna sees something sparkly down one path of the cavern, Thinking it is pretty gems, she goes down that way, only to find it is a Basilisk. It gazes at Sienna, but she is barely able to ward off the magical effects that would turn her into stone, and the group is able to take her out of the cavern, unwilling to fight such a powerful creature.

Taking the east route, Tealist hears some kind of clicking sound. Upon moving forward, they are attacked by a Drider, half spider, half drow elf. Fred uses his wand of wonder, casting a stinking cloud, trapping it. After dispelling its darkness, Lando is able to cause fear in it, and it seems to be unable to attack. After several rounds, they are finally able to dispatch it without any damage to the group. Well done.

Kill List:
3 Zombies
1 Wight
1 Drider

1 Basilisk (avoided being turned to stone)

Ring protection +1 (Lando)

Magic Identified:
Ring (Fred) +1 Ring Protection

Magic Used:
Wand of Wonder, 1 charge
Fire arrow (1) Tealist
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Game night Nov 16
[As Dm Angelo gave a good synopsis of the game evening, I don't have much else to add.]
(XP for the group is shown on the XP page above)

Kill List:
3 Drow Assassins
1 Sheet Demon

300 gp found
1 Potion (fluorescent sea green)
1 Potion (brown)
3 Drow Armor, black fine mesh.

Magic Used:
Potion Healing
Potion Neutralize Poison
2HD necklace (Sienna)
Fire arrow (1) tealist
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Finding the Group - Lando
Lady Alta and the mage guild have given me the task of finding and stopping Aeralon. So I set out to find/aid an adventure group at the haunted mansion.

I duck and dodge several zombies wandering in the mansion grounds. I recognize a couple as previous residents of Saltmarsh. Creepy

I locate the group in a room on the 2nd level... All I had to do was follow the carnage.

The party members receive me and we get to work.

We begin clearing rooms slowly.

We are ambushed by several Drow Elves who are no match for our individual expertise and flawless teamwork. I should not have charged into the battle, but sometimes my better judgement to uphold the law clouds my judgement (at least that time it did).

We also ran into some pretty large venomous spiders. I voted to shut the door on them. No need to kill them because they posed no threat.

At some point during the eerie day we ran into a creature which I have never seen before. It was some sort of a phantom sheet of a magical nature, at least I believe it was magical. Its main method of attack was to wrap itself around the target and try to sufficate and knaw at him.
I will hope to perform an autopsy tonight and note my findings.
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Holly gets Goo'ed! (Upper floor of the haunted mansion)
After resting for a period in what appears to be your "safe" room, Sienna casts a Cure Light Wounds on Tealist before resting for the night. IN the morning, though, Sienna finds that the magical spell from the Wand of Wonder, that turned her into a cat, has worn off, and she looks like the her original form again.

The group goes into the main entry room to look at the stairs going upward. Checking for traps, you appear to find nothing but you find a small trap door under the stairs that has large sacks and rope, of the kind that were used on you to bag and capture you.
Going up the stairs, you hear the spidery words of magic and care cast into darkness. Two flashes of magical arrows come from out of the darkness straight into Sienna. Fred casts a light spell to dispel the darkness and you see before you Aeralon, wearing black robes. He smiles and lets out an evil laugh. Both Fred and Aeralon cast invisibility and Aeralon makes his escape. But Fred casts a wall of fog to find him and you see him go down the west hall way.

Chasing after him, Fred charges and bursts into one of the rooms, where Aeralon has a surprise waiting for you. He tells you that he has saved his pet for you. A necrophidius attacks you while he steps into the cold fireplace and with his wand de-materializes, seeming to teleport. Fred takes big damage from the undead creature that Sienna cannot turn, but Tealist is able to critical hit it, and kill it.

While searching the room, you find some interesting information. Besides a cleric scroll, you find, a ships manifest of a ship called the sea ghost which gives information about contraband and lists of people "required". This ships manifest is written in a combination of thieves can't and magic. You've never seen anything like it before. You also find an important clue. It is written in a language that is hard to understand, but it appears to be state that Aeralon is now working for Lord Verhaps and Kron in exchange for becoming an undead master. The contract is signed in blood.

Moving onward down the west wall, you enter into another room and are attacked by 3 giant rants. Holly is slightly damaged by them, but you are able to defeat them fairly easily.

As you leave this room, you see a pair of leather boots go into the door in the room next to you, and the door then closes. The boots have no legs. They move of their own accord. Tealist cries out, "They're magical, I want them". After checking the door, it is unlocked so you go in and the boots are in the middle of the floor in the room. It is a normal looking bedroom.

As you all go in, an Ochre Jelly falls from the ceiling. Tealist, Fred, and Sienna are able to dodge out of the way of it, but Holly Go Lightly is completely engulfed.

Screaming, she is able to reach her bastard sword to slash from inside of it. The group doesn't know what to do, though, because they don't want to hurt their comrade. It hits automatically, sucking the life from Holly, and the group tries desperately to save her. They try throwing a rope around her with the frying pan and spikes to get her out. Fred tries the Wand of Wonder twice. The first time, he casts the room into darkness, and the second time, he is able to stun the creature with shimmering colors. Holly is nearly killed, but Tealist is able to deal the slashing blow to it.

End of the evening:

Kill List:
1 Necrophidius
3 Giant Rats
1 Ochre Jelly

4 Small Diamond Gems
1 Scroll Hold person

Magic Used by Group:
Fred, Wand of Wonder, 2 charges
Tealist, Flame arrow bow, 1 charge
Sienna, Potion Xtra Healing (given to Holly)

All characters able to cast, cast spells this evening
Sienna becomes a 4th level Cleric
Fred becomes a 2/3 Illusionist Thief
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Continuing in the Hanuted Mansion (2)
(October 18, 2013)

The group continues on (without Markus, who still mysteriously disappeared) through the first floor of the mansion after a rest.

The evening began with Tealist failing to find a poisoned trap in the door mechanism, which caused him to lose strength for most of the evening while doubled over and weak.. Upon searching the room they were attacked by a giant spider that came down from cobwebs up near the fireplace. Defeating the spider before any major harm was done, the group was able to locate a small stone on the fireplace that was loose. They chiseled it out and found a gold ring with magic runes that they were unable to read. They took the ring.

Moving across the hall way, Holly bashed through the door into the next room, which was mostly dirty and looked to have a lot of old and broken clutter. Under the large table, were two Giant ants who moved to attack the group. Sienna cast Speak with Animals to communicate with them. Asking who they worked for, they only seemed to indicate that they were hungry and wanted to eat the group. They knew of the spiders in the other room, and were afraid of them, but Sienna and the group was able to lure them into the other room and lock the door behind them. You found a small amount of gold in the room (30 gp)

Moving north up the hallway, Holly Again bashed through the door, into the kitchen area where there was a lot of crockery, broken utensils and pots and pans. Sienna, looking around, found a large cast iron pot that she decided that she would use to bash heads in. (Large skillet 1d4 damage). Near the basin area, were 5 poisonous centipedes that attacked the group (about 2 ft long).
The group was successfully able to defeat them without taking a hit. Inside a cupboard, the group found a small vial with a skull and cross-bones. The group took the vial with them.

In this room was stairs going up to another level. However, the group decided to have Holly Bash through the east door, into the scullery, where they were accosted by an undead ghoul. Coming into the room, you all felt the effects of some kind of un-natural fear. Sienna was unable to turn the monster, but Holly was successful, holding at bay, while the group was able to take shots at it from afar.
Fred ran onto the stairs, where he heard an un-holy wailing and fell paralyzed to the fear. Fred began screaming about a spectre coming to get him, yet no one else was able to see it.
The ghoul made several attempts to strike Fred on the stairs, but was unable. The group was then able to defeat the ghoul, that was cornered in the room.
Mold grows all over the room, and the steps lead down, presumably to the cellar.

Even though the group wasn’t badly injured (except for Tealist who was still feeling the effects of the poisoned that greatly weakened him), the group went back to their original room to regroup.

(End of the gaming evening).

Kill List
1 Large Spider
Defeated 2 Giant Ants
5 Giant Centipedes
1 Ghoul

Gold Ring with Runes (Room 8)
30 gp
Small vial w Skull & Cross bones
Cast Iron Skillet

XP Gained for each character: 500
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