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Friday (August 21, 699)

Today's headlines:
- The leader of the Union of Scientific Progress, Aldus Corem, was murdered along with his predecessor Cassius Grandsky.
- Political tensions rise in Crell as local political leaders push for more representation on the world stage.
- Ancient minotaur kingdom unearthed under Zirel.

Yesterday, under questionable circumstances, the popular political leader Aldus Corem was assassinated by a group of assailants driving an ice cream truck full of explosives.
The footage of the incident has not been released, but eight people have been confirmed dead, including Cassius Grandsky who was awaiting trial for high treason. As understood, Mr. Grandsky was being moved to Aspect via aircraft, accompanied by Aldus Corem. At the gates of the terminal building, during a conversation between Aldus and Cassius, the assailants drove onto the sidewalk and blew up their van, killing the two politicians as well as most of their escort.
More information will be released as we get it.

Over the past few weeks, political activist Marcus Rendai has been pushing for a new government to run the island chain of Crell. For several centuries Crell has been owned and maintained by the Iveran government, however with the new world government Crell is pushing for more equal representation instead of just being considered a part of Ivera.
Marcus is gaining support quite quickly and it is possible that we will see some major changes in Crell before the year is done.

On Wednesday, a group of archaeologists working in Zirel uncovered what they believe to be the ancient minotaur kingdom. The last records of this kingdom go back to the reign of King Finster, who was known as a close ally of Acadias Faust. The reasons for the extinction of the minotaurs is still unknown, but researchers hope to find some new information under the desert sands southeast of the Zirel capital of Sadani.

In other news, Erasure's frontman Bob Lobbington released some information that Erasure will be releasing a new album in late October. This is the first time in over a year the reclusive Mr. Lobbington, known also as the CEO of Bob Lobbington Incorporated, has spoken in a public forum.
Erasure lead singer, Richard Enrisson, had this to say: "We all know Erasure has been doing well recently and we're all excited to see how this new album fairs in the modern world. We're hoping that our music can soothe the political tensions around the world."
Richard Enrission, known for his charity work with various environmental organizations, has recently been speaking out again party leader Aldus Corem. When asked to comment on the death of Mr Corem, Richard said he had no comment at this time.
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