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    Fenerick Half-Elf/M/Stkr
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    Vilnyk Alllewellious-Kysvitik Eladrin/M/Ldr/Skald/3
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    Lo-Thar Goliath/M/Cleric Warden Hybrid/4
    "No, It's beggin' strips!"
    Background: During my early childhood I was raised high in the spine of the world by the Stonefoot Tribe. Life there is harsh and my tribe occasionally migrates to lower altitudes. During one such migration my tribe came into conflict with the Uthgardt tribe of the Grey Wolves. I was too young to remem...
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    Mika Human/F/Contr/Wizard (Mage)/7
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    Randzen Warforged/Def/Fighter/8

Retired Characters

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    Edward Thann (Retired) Human/M/Def/Cavaliar/2
    Description:Edward has dark hair, about shoulder length that is usually tied back into a small tail. The right side of his stomach has scarring that occurred during one of his first tournaments. He should have perhaps died that day, but Edward had fortunate smile on him and has the scars to remind him of i...
    Background:Edward Thann is the son of King Gavins's brother Davard Alagondar.. He has grown up a Thann, one of the noble's of Waterdeep. His mother, sister-in-law to the famed king of old, married the son --Tyster Thann-- of Lord Thann. Tyster manipulated Edward's mother and had plans to use her old posi...

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