A schizophrenic Tiefling, and a conniving Drow have formed a partnership to wreak havoc over the continent.
A pyromaniac by desire, a schizophrenic creep by nature, and a dominating master by trade. Kalidon holds an unhealthy interest in fire; if it doesn't burn, it's not so interesting.
He was investigating the disappearange of a father in Sleetwood which in turn eventually lead him to Avernus. Bel was not pleased at the interference, for Kalidon had summoned Bel's attention for the teleportation to work. In return for a transfer back to the forgotten realm Bel requested that Kalidon carry out the ad hoc tasks as and when required.

A drow who knows what she wants when she wants it, and makes sure she gets it. Whether it be men, items, money or information, her good looks, tight leather suit and endearing personality mean people will usually bend over backwards to appease her.
Behind the subtle exterior lies a dangerous nature, lethal with blades, or the odd blowgun, what you do not know about Izlana is probably best for your health.

Previous members
Riven Thanderson
A previously dead human, Riven returned to life as a revenant, courtesy of a grave-robbing mage whom intended to use Riven's 'talents' for his personal gain. Shortly after the ritual was cast Rivens body was snatched by cultists of Bel and he was taked to Avernus where he was enrolled in Bel's academy. After decades of study he became a fully fledged agent of Bel.
On release and re-discovering the world where he grew up Riven soon died again resulting in his resurrection by a priest of Pelor who successfully removed the affliction of revenant.
Known for his occasional fleeting obssession and unusual desires Riven, once a revenent became a living, breathing, eating, human again.
An inexplicable hesitation led to his body forming within a statue and instant death.

Active Quests

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