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The Temple of Death
The Temple of Death (also known as Greatrealm) is located not far from the shores of Lake Tros. It is built on the slope of a small valley. The temple is a number of buildings inside a walled compound. The land around the temple is surrounded by fields. Workers wearing yellow and white robes tend these fields.

A large path leads from the temple compound to the shore of the
lake, which is out of sight of the temple. Lining this road area are
statues of various deities and saints revered by the people of this land. Just before the main entrance, on either side of the path, are six huge statues of dragonlike horses. These have yokes and harnesses and are made to look like they are pulling the temple. Adding to this appearance are eight large wheels carved on the outer walls, and ahuge man standing on the roof of the Temple Gatehouse This man, apparently a statue, holds a chariot whip in one hand. The entire building complex gives the impression of a huge chariot.

Wide moats surround the buildings inside the compound. Water
flows constantly from four fountains at the far end of the
compound, falls over a 20’ high waterfall, and seems to flow out
through a hidden drain at the other end. People throw things into the water,attracting something that lives in it.

The temple buildings are made from white stone. All the buildings
are heavily decorated with statues, friezes, elaborate eaves,
towers, banners, and paintings. Several of the buildings are two
stories high. Rising from the first building are four thin towers, one
at each corner. These towers have small minarets on the top and
appear to be guard towers. The last building is a cluster of beehive-shaped towers. The center tower of this group rises above all the
other buildings in the compound.
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