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Last Stand
With the Holy Man dead, I searched the chamber for signs of where the Master might have gone. Every inch of the walls were examined as the others healed up and regrouped, yet I found nothing. Finally, my battle-numbed brain thought of the only likely possibility: the ceiling. With help from the others, I searched the space above us and, sure enough, found a cleverly-hidden trapdoor.

We made our way up to the next floor, only to find a smaller but completely empty room. But above us was yet another trapdoor. Idon judged us to be close to, if not having arrived, at the rooftop. I agreed. Once again, I took the lead, carefully opening the portal and peeking out to see what lay in wait for us. I found myself, as expected, on the roof of the strange hive-shaped building. Nobody was in sight at that moment, but that would change soon enough.

Just as all of us had climbed out onto the tiny platform, the Master came within view, having levitated from somewhere below! He was not alone, either. Coming toward us was none other than the huge metal statue we'd seen before--now in its true form as a Storm Giant. It carried a monstrous whip almost long enough to brush the ground four stories below.

The battle was joined. While the Master lobbed yet more spells at us, the giant ensnared me with his whip. I was thrown off my feet, prone and vulnerable. For someone who depended on movement to be effective in a fight, this was the worst possible scenario. The others did their best to attack the Master, but melee combat was impossible; he continued to float in the air just out of reach.

I managed to get back on my feet, and the others were not idle in the meantime. Idon used his pearl of power to recall a particularly effective spell that he then cast on the Master: silence. With that one action, our cleric all but rendered our enemy powerless.

At the same time, Nessa summoned an air elemental that immediately used its whirlwind ability. It became a huge funnel and engulfed the Master in its wind-choked clutches, pulling him at last within our reach. He still had his stoneskin spell up, as well as other protective enchantments, but at least we could finally lash out at him.

By this time, the giant abandoned its playful activities with its whip and began jabbing at us with its fists. A single slam from it would be enough to kill an ordinary commoner. None of us could withstand more than two or three of its brutal punches. Though the fighter Narellus got in many good strikes with his weapon against the Master, he fell unconscious after several blows from the giant. Idon kept us in the battle with his powerful healing, but none of us could withstand the giant's attacks for long. Perhaps this was why Idon was the next to fall. Without his healing spells, we were all but doomed.

I continued to use my spring attack to duck the giant's fists and get in some tactical strikes against the Master. We could see that we were wearing him down, but the elemental's whirlwind would only last for another few seconds. Meanwhile, Nessa wild-shaped into a Harpy in order to fly away from the giant and took a moment to cast her fearsome call lightning spell. Over the next few minutes, Nessa hurled one lightning bolt after another at the Master while I continued to use my spring attack to wound him with my rapier. I had withstood two more devastating blows from the giant's massive fists, but I knew I could not survive another. Nessa hurled one of her last remaining lightning blasts toward the Master just as I tumbled past the giant to also deliver a solid strike to the enemy leader. The giant's curled fist loomed above me, looking as large as a castle, poised to end my life...

But just when I thought it was all over, the Master staggered back from my most recent attack...and fell lifelessly to the ground. With his death, the giant was then freed from whatever compulsion had imprisoned him there, and simply walked away. Against all odds, we had won. Between Narellus's bravery, Nessa's druid abilities, Idon's healing and the all-important silence spell, as well as my mobile strikes, we emerged victorious.

While we used our spells and potions to heal ourselves and our comrades, the complex below erupted into chaos. The Master is dead, and his followers did not linger for very long.

The Greatest Party Ever has fulfilled its mission.
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While I do not know how long I was held prisoner in the dungeons of the temple, I do know that my companions are all dead. With the great gem within our reach, we were ambushed by the foul minions of the Master. They made short work of us, and after falling unconscious during the battle, I awoke stripped of my possessions and awaiting execution.

What happened next was something I could not have allowed myself to believe. It seemed that Oldimarra did not turn a deaf ear to my prayers as I was rescued by an adventuring group. Calling themselves The Greatest Party Ever, they have agreed to let me travel with them, at least until we get out of this awful place...
Session: Game Session - Friday, Dec 14 2012 from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Arrival at Kelten
After a quick consultation with the local sage in Calbut, my companions unsheathed their blades and asked to be teleported to the outskirts of Kelten. After a flash of light, the next thing I knew, we were standing in the frigid cold of The Hold of Stonefist, looking at the gates of the walled town of Kelten.

I've taken note that the further I travel from my home in Nyrond, the less civilized the cities become, and Kelten is the most extreme by far. The place has only a population of 1000 or so. Most of the merchants trade in primitive goods like furs and walrus ivory, and the food consists mostly of dried fish, meat and vegetables. The people live in family units inside longhouses and the ataman noble who rules the area, one of four in the The Hold, has built his great hall high upon a hill. We did manage to find a warm traveler's inn, The Sparrowhawk, within this cold settlement. The local drink was a mixture of distilled grain and mulling spice called Stoneglog, and it kept us warm as we moved around outside. After several conversations with the locals, who speak the Cold Tongue exclusively, we learned that our next destination was about 20 miles north of here. There, a small band of exiled Snow Barbarians lead by their chief Kabloona Starskull would have the answer to our quest. We rented a dogsled and set out in the morning.
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White Dragons
I've never actually seen a dragon before, and after today I hope to never see one again. It happened as we prepared to cross the Zumker River on our way to Calmut. The Zumker is a major river with only a few bridges and fords along the way. When we reached our crossing point we found it blocked by a herd of brantas. Normally docile animals, they must have felt cornered with the river blocking their way of potential escape. Shiver and Thotham saw nervousness in their behavior and moved forward to calm them down.

They were doing the job perfectly when out of nowhere, a white dragon crashed down on top of one of the animals. Worse yet, the dragon's mate cruised in from behind the rest of us and let loose with its frigid breath. When the first one let loose with a blast of its own, we knew we were in trouble. To make matters worse, the chaos of the attack set off the brantas which charged straight ahead away from the danger and directly towards us. Fighting dragons would be tough enough, without having to deal with these rampaging beasts. Luckily, we were able to side step our way through their charge with only a minimum of damage. It could have been much worse.

The dragons continued their aerial assault, blasting us with their cone-shaped breath weapons and biting with their dagger-like teeth. Fortunately, I had my new staff to protect me from the cold. Fortunately, too, I remembered that these dragons are vulnerable to fire. I used every fire spell I had and cried out for Shiver, Kinoba and Zephar to do the same. All the while Thotham targeted them with his bow.

We continued to bring magic and arrows to bear against the icy dragons, until finally we weakened them enough to bring them to the ground. Thotham used a fighting style I haven't seen him use before, carrying Stalker in one hand and his newly found short sword in the other. With a flash of steel, he finished of one of the beasts; the rest of us focused our spells on the other until it lay dead.
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The death of Thotham Swifthunter Vulagath
I knew the quest for the five blades would be tough, but I still found myself unprepared for the loss of one of our own. We lost our Goliath companion Thotham today. While I knew of the brutality of the "Fists" through stories and ledged, I was not prepared for their utter foulness on the battle field.

Attacked without provocation, we spread out to defend ourselves. Perhaps we spread out a little too thin, however, as Thotham was left alone on the flank. The Fist priest of Nerull hit us relentlessly with his profane spells, while his horsemen separated us from each other. Thotham could not stand up to the evil magic and we were unable to reach him in time to heal him.

Thotham Swifthunter Vulagath, we morn you today and will avenge you tomorrow. Your loss was not in vain, as over a score Fists lay dead around you, including their cleric, Bamair Mandarek. We pray that Shiver can find the rare oils and unguents he needs to return you to us.

Until the Starbreak, my friend.
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