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I had given up all of hope of ever getting out of this dreadful place alive. The people of this land are strangely suspicious of outsiders that can use magic, and me also being an elf was more than they could take. Thank the gods this group found me when they did. I was surprised to see an elf among them; I'll bet the sadistic bastards inside the temple will be even more surprised. This party seems poised to bring this place down, and I cannot wait to exact my vengeance. Nessa, I will be forever in your debt.
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Tags: backstory
With The Edge in hand, we headed north. The Skald from Kabloona's tribe gave us an idea where to begin looking for Harmony. During our first night out, I used read magic to read the Runes on The Edge, with Thotham's permission, of course. What I found confirmed we are headed in the right direction and should help narrow the search:

“After the fall of the Great God’s empire,
the swords vanished from their
masters’ hands. Four Blades of Corusk
fell to the ends of the world where they
shall be found and slowly brought forth
to the next meeting. The fifth, and most
wary, descended upon the lands where
no man lived. Driving itself into legend
and myth, Harmony now hides where
the River of Frozen Water flows north.
Waiting for her rescuer, only I can lead
this man to her. Only I can tell her from
the stones lying in the ice.
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Tags: backstory