• Deaconyadiloh_thumb
    ??? Kobold/M/Alchemist/3
    "Not once. Not never."
    Description:A red kobold, 3' tall, gold eyes. Wearing a flask bandoleer, a satchel, a cowboy hat, and a belt with pouches. He rides on a giant Gecko and has a pack Gecko as well.
    Background:What does this guy think, he's an Indian? What is he, a goddamn asshole, what the fuck is he doing? Not ever, no way. Now he's Johnny Hammersticks. Hammering away like he's fucking, Tommy Noble. What the hell's he doing? Thinks he's got it going bossa nova. No way. What is this garbage...
  • Maz_thumb
    Mazragore Gelspunth Half-Orc/F/Gunslinger
    "There are two things I can't abide: loud mouths and wasting bullets. But sometimes you gotta do one to solve the other."
    Description:Maz is small for a half-orc, big for anything else. She has greenish gray skin, a noticeable fanged underbite, and yellowish eyes. Her ears are slightly less pointy than a full orcs, and her muscle mass is more like that of an archer, than of a hammer wielding warrior. She is currently wearing...
  • No_img_thumb
    Myrrh Drow/F/Contr/Bard 4/Rogue 2
  • Aidan-pouting-560x315_thumb
    Cy'us Rist Human*/M/Stkr/Inquistor/6
    "When things die they ought to stay that way, but when they don't I'm here to help them along."
  • Celeb_tattoos_9_thumb
    Dubbel B'ei Human/M/Stkr/Cavalier/3
    "I will eat your asshole in front of everyone."
    Description:I am wearing a lot of armor.
    Details:The armor is shiny?
  • No_img_thumb
    Saba Half-Elf/F/Oracle/5
    Details:...She has the tendency to levitate from time to time.
  • No_img_thumb
    Uwila Aegis Noctua/F/Druid

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