The stories passed down from each generation to the next, claim Terra Penumbra is nearly twelve thousand years old. All was well and good for thousands of years, peace reigned over the land and its many inhabitants. Unfortunately, it did not last. In the year 10,992 a wizard by the name of Balorik happened upon an artifact deep beneath the surface of the land while on a quest for knowledge. It was hidden there by the Congregation of Shadow, a group of corrupted Gods who had plotted against the other deities in an effort to plunge the world into chaos. Unaware of the item's true purpose, he activated it, unleashing the Darkness unto the world. He was killed in the process, but not destroyed. Balorik became trapped between Life and Death, transforming into a foul, evil creature which would become known as a lich. The corruption spread like a plague throughout the world, tainting it's denizens and even the land itself. Allies turned to enemies. Strength turned to weakness. Light turned to dark. Fearing all would be lost unless Balorik was destroyed, those who remained good rallied together against the forces of Umbra. The war raged on for many years. The Congregation of Shadow, who were banished from Lumina for their transgressions, possessed the mighty Dragons in an effort to turn the tides of war in their favor. The remainig deities formed an alliance of their own and created a new breed of Dragon to put an end to the bloodshed. Countless lives were lost, but in the end, Balorik was slain and the Shadow Minions were scattered across the globe. There was peace once again, but the evil was never completely vanquished. Currently, it is nearing the end of the first millennium since the Fall of Balorik.

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