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Recap Mon 11/12
Cleric fight was 750 XP each Ogre Mage was 900. Awarding an additional 600 XP each for story/goal completion, finding Skullcrusher and the treasure.
Session: Game Session - Tuesday, Nov 13 2012 from 4:00 AM to 8:00 AM
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Recap Mon 11/6
Lots of good rp returning to town and introducing new characters this session. I like how you guys have side conversations with each other when not involved with the main story elsewhere. Transcript is posted. I believe every one is ELC 6 now so XP from the only combat today was 600. Cohorts earn XP differently than PCs, Doug earned 400. The Hobgoblins didn't have any money on them but each one did have what you can safely assume to be a Lesser Crystal of Electrical Assault, Magic Rapier, Mwk Rapier, Buckler, and Breastplate.
Session: Game Session - Tuesday, Nov 06 2012 from 4:00 AM to 8:00 AM
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Recap Mon 10/29
Scorpions were worth 1125 XP except for Kando who got 975. Goombas 375 and 300. Also awarding 500 story XP to each party member and a total of 2000 gp from the council for clearing the keep.
Session: Game Session - Tuesday, Oct 30 2012 from 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM
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Jotan's shiny new weapon
Day 8:
Now that Jotan is well rested, he heads to clerk's office about the meager payment for retrieving the materials the city was looking for. Jotan only really bases the amount on the previous payments. After confronting the clerk he comes to realize that we did clear the area as well and decide to give the group another 1000 gold. Personally, Jotan feels his talk about going to the Keep to clear the area was probably a good incentive as well.

With his new found funds and checking his purse of gold, Jotan sees that he is still a bit short of being able to afford the new weapon. Well the best time to ask for money is when you're giving it away. Jotan handed the group the unexpected funds and pleaded his case to borrow some money for his weapon and Kando was kind enough to oblige. Off to the armory he went and made the exchange. It is a beautiful weapon, well balanced with a black blade and a cherry wood shaft. The magic of the weapon allows it to move as if was a part of his body and especially enchanted for those of the martial arts.

Jotan finished his shopping spree with a couple of potions only leaving him the value of the weapon he sold. More than enough to survive until the incursion in to the keep where hopefully there will be orcs or creatures to loot.

Jotan returns to the inn and finds himself alone, so he pulls out his instruction book where as a small child he was taught draconic. This magical language is very similar where, with the proper instruction, he can see that draconic is the root of this magical language. Combining root words to form a thought or idea is a fairly basic structure. But as in the Kings board game, you can know the rules but the challenge lies in how you apply it.

Day 11:
Jotan slaps the book closed as the others come in saying they're ready to go to the keep. It's time to test out his new weapon and we'll see if he can muster up a couple of surprises for the others.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by some zombies and skeletons. I was wholly unimpressed. I tumbled passed the first charging skeleton that I wounded feeling assured it would soon be taken care of and move to the group clustered. Not given too much opportunity to affect so many with one blow, I stomped the ground with my magical boots and a couple of them fell. It only took us a blink of an eye to take care of them, but one started to run fearful of Alma showing her holy symbol where I needed to chase it down. After clearing some empty rooms apparently some orcs and hobgoblins where waiting for us in ambush. Alistair made the mistake of going in by himself first, but luck was on his side due to their inaccuracy. I ran in there to give them a better target, but not before drinking my potion to improve my defense against those dozen goblinoids.

My tactic paid off only receiving a minor scratch from them before they all fell. One of the orcs held a letter speaking of spies in the city and them making a special trip here to kill us. If that's the best the Boss has, then I'm not all that worried. What worries me is who in the city would side with some orcs? The only people I've told of our mission were the clerk and the party. Perhaps someone from the group said something in public and it was overheard. It looks like we're making enough noise to get the Boss's attention. So, much so that he wants our heads. I'm only disappointed I wasn't mentioned by name.
Session: Game Session - Tuesday, Oct 23 2012 from 4:00 AM to 8:00 AM
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Jotan goes to the library
Day 7:
Most of the rooms in the library were empty of creatures, but full of books. I was more interested in the dangers around us than collecting books just yet. One of the larger rooms there was a giant lizard creature which I didn't get a good look at. Good thing too, but Kando identified it as a basilisk. A creature who's gaze can turn you to stone. We let Kando's creatures take care of it with his elemental bashing it good. We found some arcane scrolls here, but no one could read. Jotan has another book he's been carrying with him for a while with similar writing, but until now really only cared about the martial training with in. Jotan may need to put some time in to deciphering the text.

We ran in to an odd man who seems traumatized, so we decided to help him out and return him to the city. He said there were some kobolds in area and since we still had the magical armor on, I thought it best we didn't waste the magic and continued to clear the area. That's when the man went nuts. Alma in her usual fashion tried to force their surrender and they seemed more agreeable to that, but the man would have none of it. As we tried to ward him off in his frenzy, he attacked Cobolt and Alistair doing significant damage. I was forced to subdue him and nearly killed him on accident. Alma was good enough to stabilize him.

We decided to keep our promise and return him to the city, but confiscated his weapons and armor first. We decided to not sell these items on the chance of him recovering from his illness and becoming an ally. Alistair wanted to wear the armor for it was much better than his own and I said it was okay for the time being as long as he knows he may need to return it to its owner… and to not flaunt it in front of the man.

We finished searching the library leaving the man unconscious and set off a couple of traps and found a "nature" room where there were some giant snakes. Alma decided she liked snake meat and gathered as much as she could carry.

After clearing and searching the library gaining many more books and arcane scrolls we were met with Mendor's ghost. It was funny that Alistair ran away but couldn't get out. Kando checked the door behind us but it magically shut. The spirit was demanding a library card so I tried to talk our way out it, but he wasn't having it. So, we were forced to fight it and fortunately, striking it with magical items was enough. I threw down my gloves for another to use as I kicked it with my boot of stomping. We were fortunate enough not to be adversely cursed by the spirit before defeating it. That is when I thought I should really get that magical weapon I've had my eye on.

Alma decided to talk to some city officials on some personal business and Kando was pining over her. I encouraged him to at least go on a date before professing his undying love for her. We teased him and were almost caught when Alma returned. It was obvious Kando was going to beat around the bush so I forced the issue and said they should go out. Alma said she'd think about it which wasn't good for Kando. Well, at least he knows now.

Jotan spent the rest of his night trying to make sense of the magical writings and scrolls. His father was a shaman and mother one of the village seers, but this is very different from what he experienced growing up. These writings are from the man who passed through town to teach our people and my mother was kind enough to have a copy made for me for my trip.
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