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Skull & Shackles Session 5
With the PCs firmly in command of the Man's Promise, they reluctantly agree to let Conchobar live in return for directions to a "squibber" on the Slithering Coast. They sail to Rickety's squibs, who tells them he will squib their ship if they wreck Ossie's yard (a competing squibber).

In order to protect Rickety from accidental disclosure of his identity, the PCs travel upriver and visit Nilsa, Rickety's naga associate. They encounter crocodiles and giant wasps along the way.

On the way to Ossie's, a storm rises and the PC's boat smashes against a rock. A half-elven bard that was serving as their guide drowns, but the other PCs swim to shore, then travel to Ossie's.

With the storm still raging, the PCs fight a rope golem, a swarm of mechanical caltrops and a half dozen guards. They set fire to the docks, a warehouse and an office before stealing a magical boat. With the boat spinning out of control, and many of the PCs down, they finally destroy the last of the caltrops, maneuver the boat away from Ossie's and return to Rickety's, just as Rickety was towing out the Man's Promise to sink it.

Aboard the boat, the PCs discover many magical treasures, but they decide to scuttle the boat rather than risk detection by the wizard who built it.

The session ends with the Man's Promis in dock, and the PCs wondering how to spend the next month ...

Crocodiles CR2 x4 2400
Giant Wasps CR3 x3 2400
Rope Golem CR5 1600
Caltrop Swarm CR4 1200
Guards CR2 x4(full) + x6(half) 4200
Swimming ashore in storm 1000
Burning Ossie's 2000

Significant Treasure
* 32 potions of blur
* magical ship's figurehead
* one-third of treasure map
* Romaldo got additional ammunition and can buy sulpher from Rickety

* At the conclusion of the adventure, Sandy binds a ghost to each PC that was present via a turtle tattoo. As long as the ghost remains, that PC gets a +1 natural armor bonus.
* I'm likely going to tweak the way that critical failures work. Instead of hitting yourself, I'm thinking to give the enemy a free disarm/sunder/trip attack. More information later.

Session: Fragrant Harbor 05: Under Way - Sunday, Dec 09 2012 from 5:00 AM to 11:00 AM
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