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Skull & Shackles Session 6 (Long Overdue)

Goblins 16x CR1/3 2,160
Goblin commandos 4x CR2 2,400
Goblin captain CR5 1,600
Goblin alchemist CR4 1,200
Sahuagin 2x CR2 1,200
Sahuagin 1x CR3 800
Total 9,360

Significant Treasure
Deep platinum necklace


Session: Fragrant Harbor 06: Pirates Ahoy - Friday, Dec 21 2012 from 8:15 PM to 11:15 PM
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Update and Reminders
* I've added the rules for ship combat ( which are slightly different than Pathfinder standard. You may want to review in preparation for this weekend's session.

* I'm not very happy with standard Skull & Shackles Infamy rules, and am considering substantial revisions. However, for the next few sessions, the infamy score will basically measure how easy it is to recruit crew.

* I've updated NPCs, including Rickety, Mumchance, Cheville and others.

* Remember that xp from upcoming session is awarded assuming you have made at least one journal entry since last played.

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