Some of Golarion's most lucrative trade routes pass northwestern Garund, linking the civilized ports of Cheliax, the fabulous gold mines and spice trade of Sargava and southern Garund, and the exotic trade goods from long westward journey to Tian Xia.

Just below these trade routes lie the Shackles, an impenetrable maze of tricky shoals and reefs, sheltered by the unending hurricane known as the Eye of Abendigo. From this sheltered position, the Free Captains of the Shackles prey on maritime trade.

There's adventure to be had on the high seas of the Shackles when a group of press-ganged misfits, scoundrels and unlikely heroes seek fame (or infamy), despite rival scalawags, enemy navies, legendary sea monsters, and the infamous Hurricane King himself.

Don your tricorn, grab your rapier and pistol, and fly the jolly roger as we play Skull & Shackles!

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Bad luck and overextended party leads to TOTAL PARTY KILL.

Here are our choices:

1. Keep playing Skull & Shackles, but skip forward a bit: say 5th level.

2. Resume Kingmaker campaign. Play last module of Kingmaker, and then make another choice about what to do next.

3. Play another Adventure Path. Probably next choice is Rise of the Runelords, a very traditional D&D sword and sorcery campaign.

4. Someone else DMs for a while.

Lets discuss then take a vote.
Session: Session 7: Picking Up Where We Left Off - Friday, Feb 01 2013 from 11:45 PM to 5:45 AM
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To be reported to Pathfinder Society when possible.

Belated entry in my journal regarding trip down the Slithering Coast. Three noteworthy items here:

(1) Devil fish, sharks and other fascinating aquatic creatures in this region. Very difficult to defend from such creatures from a small craft such as ours.

(2) Piracy evidently popular among goblins, combining their lust for gold with their man-eating tendencies. Goblin pirate ship attempted to capture us. However, the hunter became the hunted -- the prey turned out to have sharp teeth. We captured or killed all goblin pirates, whose combat tactics focus upon mass swarming through ganging up. Specialized individuals trip boarders, who are swarmed and killed once down. However, such tactics proved fruitless when dealing with agile and hard-hitting adversaries such as ourselves. Goblins also had alchemist using alchemist fire, which ended up destroying the goblin ship. So, no report regarding what was supposedly a good amount of loot, to our great detriment.

(3) Some Mwangi tribesmen along the shore. Declined to raid them -- figured that there was no honor in massacre of defenseless innocents.
Session: Fragrant Harbor 06: Pirates Ahoy - Friday, Dec 21 2012 from 11:15 PM to 2:15 AM
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Skull & Shackles Session 6 (Long Overdue)

Goblins 16x CR1/3 2,160
Goblin commandos 4x CR2 2,400
Goblin captain CR5 1,600
Goblin alchemist CR4 1,200
Sahuagin 2x CR2 1,200
Sahuagin 1x CR3 800
Total 9,360

Significant Treasure
Deep platinum necklace


Session: Fragrant Harbor 06: Pirates Ahoy - Friday, Dec 21 2012 from 11:15 PM to 2:15 AM
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The Slithering Coast
To be reported to Pathfinder Society when possible.

Backstabbing gnome leads us to squibber in the Slithering Coast. Squibber, named Rickety, agrees to do job if we first burn down rival. Went up river to have Naga cast spell on us to prevent us from disclosing that Rickety behind our dastardly deed, on way fought giant wasps and crocodiles. On way back, collected tar, appears that tar bombs key weapon used by local pirates.

In small boat to ambush rival squibber, caught off guard by sudden storm and destroyed boat while losing bard guide. Nevertheless successfully burned rival squib-yard. Faced many magical enemies -- is it common practice for local squibs and other merchants to ally with wizard or other spellcaster (e.g. Naga)? Left with stolen goods on stolen boat belonging to wizard. Many, many potions of Blur as well as a magical masthead. Fortune favors the bold, especially in the Shackles.

Had a Turtle tattooed upon my shoulder, now have a ghostly guardian? So strange and yet effective.

While ship being squibbed, have time to explore. Look forward to learning more about the Slithering Coast. Fascinating place for an explorer and soldier of fortune such as myself. Traveling companions not bad either.
Session: Fragrant Harbor 05: Under Way - Saturday, Dec 08 2012 from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM
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Misha Tay's Journal – Burn!
We finally found the squibber! It wasn’t easy since most of our crew wanted to just feed Conchobar to sharks. Rickety’s Squibs is located on the Slithering Coast, tucked away safely from outsiders who doesn’t know it’s exact location. We had to spend some time to find the marker, a flag which we need to know the exact coding for safe entry to it’s dock.

The squibbing wasn’t free. With nothing to pay, Rickety wanted us to put his competitor Ossie out of business, in exchange for our squibbing fees. Ha! Such an easy task for pirates like us! Rickety didn’t want us to link back to him in the event we got caught, and made us visit a Naga friend of his. The Naga’s place is full of spirits I can almost feel them. I saw big sister Sandy gave me a wink when I caught her doing some chant, she is so cool! I want to be just like her. The Naga ended up casting some spell on us and off we went.

We needed to travel to Ossie’s in a little boat. Cattails Clavier suddenly told the crew that he sensed a storm coming, not long after that, the water went rough and a massive storm hit us. Our little boat ended up crashing to some rocks and we all had to swim to shore. The poor half-elven guide sent by Rickety drowns there and then… RIP.

When we were at Ossie’s, the weather was really bad, we lost most of the tar we collected on the way, but at least we had a tar bomb each. We ended up burning Ossie’s docks, a warehouse and an office. But not before we were greeted by these mechanical balls! I hate balls. Also a rope golem! So cool, never seen one before except reading about them. I wondered when I could create one for myself. A few guards came and we dispatched them without too much trouble, but these balls! Did I mention I hated balls? Last thing I remembered was we all got on to this really cool boat after we made sure burning this whole place down. A few of the boys were trying hard to get the sails out and get away from this stupid place, while we were try very hard to get rid of these magical balls which were killing us. I think I fell unconscious when those balls tripped me again and again. I woke up cuddling onto big sister Sandy’s lap after she healed me, and we hurried back to Rickety’s Squibs to let him know of our success, just in time to stop him from sinking our Man's Promise in case we failed…

As expected, Conchobar ran as soon as he could after we left Rickety’s Squibs. I am sure we will see him again.
Session: Fragrant Harbor 05: Under Way - Saturday, Dec 08 2012 from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM
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