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The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass,
leaving memories that become legend.
Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the
Age that gave it birth comes again. 
In one Age, called the Age of Mystery by some,
an Age yet to come, an Age long past,

A wind rose off the Ocean of Doom and down the slopes of memory. 
A wind that scatters the dust of Lhach Gul marking the Tomb of Vallandar.
The wind sweeps across the foul barrens of Paur Hoth and drifts south.
The winds gains speed across the Aelin Ur Dor as if running in dishonor.
The wind slows to mourn the Forest of Edhel dancing amid the grey trees.
The Burning Waste ripples with the hot wind
and then crosses the Mountains of Lhug.
The wind settles in the Lands of the Sareg Annon. 

The wind was not the beginning.
There are neither beginnings nor endings to the Wheel of Time.
But it was a beginning.

The year is 6257 AS, in a time known as the Age of Mystery.

The world is a very different place, a very dangerous place.
A handful of great nations represent civilization
and have endured for the last several thousand years.
Humans are the majority rulers of the land
while other races remain scattered and homeless.
Elves are mis-trusted at best while Mages are feared and hunted.
Beasts have spilled into the wasteland gaps between nations.
The Church of the Light is the last best hope for the world.

The Wheel of Time turns, and ages come and go.
What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow.

- Strong influence by Robert Jordans, The Wheel of Time.

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A New War.

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.

The Year is 1006 and the world is far different than the one you knew. Events and familiar faces are changed by malevolent forces, stringing along a realm on the brink of all out war to potential annihilation. Will you be the saviors of Mystara, or be lost forever in the darkness that is to come?

  • A dark shadow looms over the realm.
  • Glantri has fallen to the might of Alphatia.
  • Elvenkind is in disarray, homeless and scattered across the realm.
  • The Empire of Thyatis seeks to eradicate elvenkind.
  • Some dead refuse to pass beyond the veil.
  • To the far north a dread empire rises under winged tyrants.
  • War breaks out between Thyatis and The Shadow Elves.
  • Rockhome defends itself against an undying army.
  • Secrets remain buried in the kingdom of Ylaruam.
  • The Phoenix Watch is no more.

  • A New War arises.

    Starting next session, February 19, I will become the Dungeon Master for this game as Mitch will be taking some time off from running. All characters will remain the same and the story will be picking up exactly where it left off last session. Lets get this transition started with a bang and I will see you all next session.

    -Dungeon Master (Kevin K.)
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    Chorus of the Lambs!

    Devin Solas

    Concentrate and focus on the lambs as they crawl before their slaughter. The damn linen robes are stiff and itch like hell. The heat is unbearable.

    The winds whistling through the trees with a hint of the island sea on its edge. The iron wood trees stretch to the sky with ancient roots that stretch back into the history of my kin...

    The stink of lambs crowd around me chocking me in. The heat is unbearable...

    You seek the Champions of Life! You are lambs to the slaughter!

    There are no Champions of Life.

    You have lost your way.

    You have forgotten what you know.

    As the clouds break I can see the beautiful crystalline form of Sulthon Ni Shoang. It has been a year since I was comfortable walking the halls. A year since that bastard betrayed me! Our fleet descends from the sky like Angels of Elrath.

    You have given up every thing. You must look into the eyes of your champions and expose them for the darkest souls they are.

    Beware Uncoia Arato

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    I shall have my vengeance even in death!
    Ok, I may not ever have vengeance on the living. But perhaps my brethern will find this evil elf and kill her so that my soul can finally know peace. I did however meet a strange fellow out here in the ethereal coldness. He has been watching these strange elves for a while. He is bald and carries a Thunderous Staff. Perhaps he is looking for vengeance as well.
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    My Lord I will Rescue your Dragon Babies from the Zombies!
    As I ran away from the crazy elves and the angry one that turned into a giant dragon, The crazy elves suddenly appeared next to me and the dragon burst through the roof of his keep. He boomed, "Let my brothers and sisters go!" I was disgusted at this so I threw a dagger at him and missed. I mean, what kind of dragon fertilizes his mothers eggs just so he can have brothers and sisters. Then I thought, he is a huge dragon, why am I attacking him? So I ran and hid behind a rock.

    He seemed only interested in the elf with the glowing eyes, Elari. The others were running and attacking the dragon so I grew up the courage to join in. I attacked him with everything I could. As we were all entrenched in combat, zombies began appearing in all directions. The dragon must have awakened them with his loud roaring. I became a bit worried at this point.

    But then something amazing happened. The dragon picked me up. I can now attack him with all my might regardless of if he flies. This is perfect. Then he used me as a weapon against the zombies. That wasn't fun. But the part where I stabbed him and slashed at him was very fun. Somehow I was teleported out of his grasp. We eventually beat him. And we also beat the remaining zombies up too. I know the elves are selfish and want all the dragon babies for themselves but I will save one. I will save one and he will be my friend.
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    My Lord, Your Dragon Babies look so Cute
    Well, since I was given orders to travel back to Thyatis, I have been traveling in the opposite direction. The commander for my regimen gave me incorrect directions. I am very upset at him. But even more upsetting is this new group of travelers I am with.

    On first light, Dash and I realized that we were under attack by a group of zombies. We began to fight them and as we did so a hail of arrows came to our aide. We hacked and slashed away at them. Then an elf cast her evil magic upon the zombies. And a spider attacked them too. I was so surprised. I have never seen anything like this. At every turn I shouted aloud what I saw. "Elf" "Magic" "Spider" and as I said these things I saw that they were real. Elves had always been evil. And arcane magic had always been evil. But they actually helped us.

    When the zombies were finally gone, Dash and I were a little bloodied and needed rest. I was unsure of what to do next but I would not en-debt myself to an elf, least of all an elf who uses arcane magic. I believe that myself and Dash could have killed the zombies on our own but this group of misfits did help. I thanked them and asked Dash what he thought we should do. They kept telling me that we should travel together and there is safety in numbers. I reluctantly agreed.

    And then this evil female elf says that she knows of a shortcut. A way to travel to our destination that would save us a weeks time. I do not trust such a magic. I was against it. But I was outnumbered and I was not about to travel alone.

    She opened a secret door and we descended into a cavern. And as we entered we were attacked by a worm creature. We killed it too. Then I rested and so did the others. I awoke to the spider running an experiment. He was throwing the dead bodies of the Paladins of Thyatis through a portal. It distressed me a little but nothing that made me want to act out against him, or her. How does one tell the difference of gender from a spider?

    After a while I became impatient and went through the portal. I came back out in the same spot on fire. I got mad and went back in, this time I emerged next to the bones of a dragon. The female elf and the archer and the bard all came through other portals. The dragon bones came to life and we all through a purple portal.

    We came to a keep with mountains in the distance. It appeared that there were dragons flying around the mountains. This is not where I wanted to be. This is not the area that we should be in. This is nowhere near Thyatis.

    We broke into the keep. Some dark magic was setting the table for our group to eat. I found the sleeping chamber of the lord of the keep. I said, "My Lord, breakfast is ready!" He awoke fast and short me with some of his dark magic so I repeated myself and urged him to the kitchen. He began eating gold coins. I think his breakfast must have cost him 400 gold. He is an expensive man. And odd. I knew that he could help this group but he refused. He kept telling us to leave and finally as I did, the female elf did something crazy. She found his lair where his dragon hatchlings were. I ran away, "Safety in numbers my foot, you elves are crazy!"

    And as I did that, the elf and half a dozen hatchlings appear to my right. This is the start of a very bad thing. I am so weary of what happens next.
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