The players are currently on a dangerous mission to deliver the bridal gown of Gabriel's new duchess, in Chaville. Sounds simple enough, but what lurks and watches them from the shadows could prove to be much more than they bargained for.

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A Change of Pace.
Date: April 13, 973

Master Kroshnir

Things go well for me old friend. It has been many years since I left the Academy, and I must say, it is odd to be so warm all the time.

I have given your hammer to a man in the city of La Roche, he seemed more than worthy... I have news old friend.

I will soon be defending my new friends with what you tought me. I will not be drinking anymore, though I do fear what will happen when I can concentrate again. Just know friend, that your teachings will be used for good, and even from where you are, you will have changed the world.

((Everything is written extremely precisely and neat, surprising with hands like Taetus'.))

((Some space is left open in the page, then...))

You should see the group I protect now Kro. A lady whom wields magic, a blind archer, and most recently a young lady whom also understands magic!

The first lady, her name is Betany, the archer is Merrick, and the new girl is Kodo. They are all odd in their own way, Betany has no right leg, Merrick has no eyes, and Kodo... I suppose we will soon find out Da?

Well, it has been two days since my last drink, and I feel the power returning to me. By the time this reaches you I will have control over it just as you tought. I am excited for my friends to see that I am more than just some brute.

Thank you friend, for all that you have tought me.

Your friend,

Taetus Oleynik
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