Prison City; Population 3,000

"Once known for its vibrant green slate roofs and ferry trade along the Wyvernflow River, the city has been transformed into something far darker by royal decree. The Purple Dragons discovered that a majority of Wheloon’s residents, be they craftsfolk, traders, or farmers, were also secret worshipers of Shar. Fearing that the entire city was a front for Netherese spies, the king ordered it walled up with brick and magic, and all its residents declared lifetime prisoners. Now, whenever Shadovar spies or sympathizers (as well as other offenders of the crown) are discovered, they are put over the wall and left to fend for themselves. Life as a prisoner in Wheloon is brutal and short, unless one is able to join one of the many rival gangs. To “escape from Wheloon” is a euphemism for accomplishing a difficult task. Those who do so literally are marked by prisoner and gang tattoos imprinted while behind the walls. This branding makes continued life in Cormyr one that requiresconstant disguise."

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