This is a D20 Modern day campaign for shadow chasers.
This group goes after things that go bump in the night to collect BOMS (Bounty for Occult Mythical and Supernatural). Most members are just normal every day individuals thrust into fighting against horrific creatures they never dreamed existed a short time ago while others are attached to the mysterious Department 7.

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I have to be out of town for two weeks.
I am going to be out of town for the next two weeks. I wanted to get a game in this Saturday but it looks like we are going to have to pick back up on Sept 8th. Sorry if this causes any issues for you guys I just wanted to give you a heads up. I am looking forward to the next session already. :^)
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Strange Brew...
8th Adventure

Dak and George had to wheel, deal, and lie their way into possession of some arcane treasures from Department 7 using Jasons cure from Twitch as a bargaining chip. Anistasia slapped Dak around a bit before agreeing to the deal. Dak had a shocking experience at the airport drop and found himself in possession of a black pearl that helps with spell casting. George found himself in possession of arcane script that appears to be the incantations for a spell.

Allen was contacted by a new "Free Agent" looking for another Shadow Chaser team. George was questioned by the police and has also been threatened with becoming breathing disabled by Sams daughter for being less than truthful with her. Cooper was promoted and helped introduce a needed meat shield... errr body... ummm... member of the group named Harper.

The group decided to follow Allens new lead and research a local brewer north of the city. This brewer has been making beers that are less than pure and both Shun and George have recently partaken in the poison... oppps I meant adult beverage. This new job enabled Dak to pursue his remote control peeping fetish and promises a big pay day for the group. The group waited until nightfall and have penetrated the warehouse after dispatching 5 of the guards and a hideous half vulture half woman. Harper has proven himself adept at fisticuffs and ever the gentleman allowed one of the armed females to shoot him before beating her senseless. The group was almost brought under the spell of the Harpy but for the bravery and tone deaf nature of the ever dependable Allen. We left the group as they had vanquished the bird woman when they were suddenly blanketed in fog...

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Survived my first Mission
I just finished my first mission for Section 7 (Department 7? whatever...)

I'm glad to be alive. I faced danger from all sorts of hideous monsters, and occasionally from my fellow associates. Zombies (meaning you, Jason), a giant angry shrub, an alluring water-woman, spiders the size of a UPS truck, and evil cultists.

You can read the official report and my unintentional comments in the main Journal.

I wonder if I kept that cute cultist's phone number. She probably needs an intervention.

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The good the bad and the ugly...
Adventures 6 and 7

Department 7 decided to send in agent Anistasia after the rather disconcerting call from Jason where he implicated the group in various crimes. Anistasia along with Allen was driven to the compound by the last surviving driver Sam employed. George who now works for Sams daughter quickly proved to be a crack shot with a revolver when the group was set upon by more children of the earth. Allen a surgeon with the shotgun as always ended the bow wielding men in tights left and right. Anastasia shot everything but what she was aiming at. Meanwhile Cooper, Shun, and Dak were cuffed and awaiting a car ride courtesy of the police when the DRGs leader came and set the police on each other killing off all 8 of them. They were going to be set up as patsies for the crime but not before getting sacrificed in some sort of ritual. At this point the cavalry arrived in the form of Anistasia, Allen, George, and a rather ravenous Jason. After dispatching most of the followers in the ruined lobby with bullets, bites, and bravado the group decided to head downstairs and put an end to the DRG plot. The leader had escaped after tossing about a few spells but had definitely made the impression that he was not normal even by Atlanta standards with a few insect like features.

The group made it into the cave system with the help of the bracelets and made their way to an altar that appeared to be a portal of some sort. They were set upon by a shadow cat with Dak and George playing chew toy for the beast before it was reduced to ash and smoke. Jason started to show some signs that he was going Jeffery Dahmer on the group again so they sent him through the portal first. When they went through themselves they found Jason fighting some sort of elemental. They were also reunited with Shun who had escaped the police car captivity and followed the leader downstairs but could not get through the next portal so had been playing hide and go seek from the elemental for the last hour. The creature stuck Jason on a stalagmite like an olive on a toothpick before going after the group. The group was able to bust the creature up but not fully destroy it. It slowly started to reform. In the mean time Shun and Cooper were trying to figure out what to do at the next portal when amorous water elemental made itself known. Dak and George were arguing over the thrashing blood thirsty quasi-undead Jason about the fate of their near dead colleague. Anastasia decided to end the debate and put a bullet in Jasons head cutting short his promising acting and cannibal careers. Cooper paid the price for the group to get through with a kiss and bit of temporary vitality to the water elemental. Once through the group had to deal with more children of the earth. Cooper convinced one of them to give up after which the group promptly executed him.

The blood thirsty prisoner/colleague killers then discovered that there were captives held in stone cells with very tough hard wood bars that were grown into the rock. While they were trying to free them a prisoner came through the next vine shrouded entrance complaining of a bit of a tummy ache before a rather large spider burst from his torso. George being the intellectual of the group decided the only smart thing to do was honor Jason and charge right in. After getting tangled up in the vines and tossing away his offending firearm to make the fight fair George was set upon by a spider the size of a transfer truck and the two rather arachnid looking fellows. One of the large and overly friendly spiders left him a friend before heading off to eat the group. The group actually made rather short work of the creepy over sized spiders and the swarms crawling all over them due to a combination of poor rolls and a decidedly piss poor understanding of automatic firearm capabilities from a mysterious entity known as the Dumbass Moron or DM for short. While the group was avoiding poison left and right Cooper charged in to help George. Cooper blasted away the larva that was blowing raspberries on Georges stomach and trying to bore into his belly button. Keeping with tradition when it comes to limo drivers Cooper decided that the suggestion of one of the cult leaders to put a bullet in George was a good idea so he followed the command and promptly shot George after saving him. George proved resilient though and managed to survive after dropping below the dreaded 0 zone and was saved again by George who was just setting himself up to be the hero twice. One of the cult leaders was killed and the other managed to escape. The group escaped through the swirling pool and found themselves above and behind the compound. Department 7 got in touch and made it evident that they should not allow the people they had freed to go down to the massive group of emergency personnel at the compound. Cooper managed to convince the confused group to stay and wait for the Black helicopters from Department 7. The group found a scroll of some sort and a large black pearl on the dead cult leader. These objects would have been of great interest to Dak but he was pulled away by a powerful and mysterious force known as the “girlfriend” so he was not there to keep the objects from falling into the hands of the Department 7 agent Anistasia.

The good is the Dinhcara (Arachnid) groups schemes were ended.

The bad is the limo driver somehow managed to survive which cannot bode well.

The ugly is they left behind Jasons gold plated AK and matching drum… oh yeah and they killed him.
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Here we go...
Our story so far...
1st Adventure

Dak, Allen, and Jason all found themselves thrust into the horrific world of shadow when they awoke to find themselves without memory of how they had come to be locked in a cage with a young woman that was dying seperated from a group of deranged homeless people by only a chain link fence.

The young woman passed on to them some items to help them survive that she had managed to stash and opened their eyes to the world of Shadow before passing away with the promise that they would tell her grandmother what happened to her and that they would dash her brains after she passed away to keep her from turning into a zombie.
The group quickly realized that they were not next to deranged people but a small horde of zombies. They managed to trick and over power one of their guards and fight their way out of an abandoned factory turned ominous drug factory pumping out a dangerous concoction that slowly turns people into zombies.

2nd Adventure

Our investigators now number 5 with Dak, Allen, Jason, Brent and Brock. They are now in contact with a local limousine company owner named Sam who is acting as an agent of sorts bringing them jobs. Sam was scrying to find new possible team members and somehow his attempts were found out by some other nefarious organization and the information was either passed on to the Saint or the Saint and his group were paid to take care of the issue.

The agents from Department 7 Jackson and Jackson obviously do not have much love for Sam but the group does not know the history behind it. The group was able to run off John Saint Pierre and reports are that he has left the city and maybe country for the time being. A man that goes by the name the Baron also known as Bastian was caught working black magic on the group and gave himself up. The group found themselves in rich surroundings after battling a hell hound pup, several body guards and zombies. Each can make claim to a fine bottle of wine, some Cuban cigars, and some very nice clothes before the police show up. There is not enough time to search the place thoroughly though… yet. The group also nets 1480 a piece after taxes and Sams cut.

The outstanding issues the group has before them now is meeting with Mama Doc, dealing with Jason who is not feeling well and who has a temperature… that is slowly dropping, the coin they found on the Baron, some possible cleanup around the original lab where they all met, and figuring out how the attempts to scry for new recruits was found out by the Saint and his men. Tune in next time for another exciting adventure!

3rd Adventure

Dak, Allen, Jason and a new addition from Department 7 Anistasia met with Mama Doc to discuss what happend to her granddaughter and discuss Jasons condition. Mama Doc slowed down the process but a cure has yet to be found.

Brent and Brock were called away by their current jobs and also had to submit a lot of Department 7 paperwork.
After meeting with Sam and getting another BOMS (Bounty for Occult, Mythical, and Supernatural) they group tidied up the remaining zombies and a few ghouls that were holed up in the tunnels under the former factory.

The group found the following items. A Kimber 1911 compact .45, a Remington 870 shotgun, 3 LED flashlights, Sony PSVita, and 4 Midland walkie talkies with headsets. They each get 3600 in BOMS pay.

Also department 7 was able to learn some information from one of the guards working for the Saint. The Baron and the Saint created the zombie powder but someone else called Twitch helped them synthesize the compound with other drugs for various effects. Department 7 is actively looking for this person along with the Saint and the Baron who escaped during transport by the police between detention centers.

A day at the beach turns bad...
4th Adventure

Searching for a way to cure Jason the group goes to Sam for help on finding Twitch. He sends them to see Maxine or Max for short and acerbic old gal that can scry and tell fortunes all while drinking you under the table. After some bargaining Max gives the group the location of Twitch. This leads the group to the odd possibly not human alchemist who works with both sides of the shadow divide and another group of biker shadow hunters.

Twitch thinks he can cure Jason with the original formulas if the group can get them but he has a price. His girlfriend has disappeared into an Earth First sort of cult called the Dinhcara Group. Twitch wants Adriana back before he will help Jason. He had a scroll they could not read and a vile of some sort of venom that could not be identified as leads the bikers brought him. Sam put the group in touch with one of his resources on the occult. Otto a former SS Occult researcher was able to read the ancient eldritch script for them. He also gave them a warning that the Dinhcara group was likely working with the Children of the Earth. An ancient group that work towards their own ends to return the earth to a natural state but often end up working with less than savory groups and individuals.

The group went to Adriana’s last known location at lake Lanier where they discovered a huge corporate house boat with DRG on the side. The helped a boy who escaped the boat only to find that he had disappeared after an apparent struggle when they left him in the limo. Before the boy disappeared they questioned him about Adriana and he recognized her and said that she was at the retreat in the Cohutta forest. The group tried to board the boat and then stop the boat from leaving and chaos soon followed. The group now has two captives and there are ominous reports coming from Lake Lanier about disappearances, a terrorist group that destroyed a house boat, and something sinister lurking in the waters.

The Drive In interview...
5th Adventure

Hmmm... where to begin? :^) The group had brought back two captives to Bligherts Tavern and they were trying to get them patched up when the Tavern was attacked. Someone used mind controlled law enforcement officers along with some infernal assassins to attack the bar. A shroud dropped over the area darkening the area outside of the bar and then the entire establishment started to crumble. As far as the group knows Sam did not make it out. The group was able to escape with an acquaintance that was celebrating a new job with friends and another one of Sams operatives who is no stranger to the world of shadow (Cooper and Shun if memory serves). Cooper was quickly introduced to the less than subtle ways of Department 7 when it comes to talking about such incidents. The incident has been covered up as a sink hole but there were enough witnesses this time that the federal agency is struggling to contain the fallout. Department 7 helped the group get an official interview at the Dinhcara group retreat in the Cohutta forest to see if the group could gather any information they did not already have on what the DRG (Dinhcara Research Group) was up to.

Jason decided that the evil which was afoot had waited long enough to face justice and charged (or drove) into action. After making a hood ornament out of a cougar and dispatching some children of the earth Jason headed for the bowels of the main building after Twitch’s girlfriend but only after informing Department 7 that the group was working with Twitch and had decided to demolition derby the DRG headquarters. Shun and Dak bravely retreated to various parts of the compound to better support Jason from a distance. They were quickly involved in a high speed golf cart chase and were apprehended by the police who were called shortly after a limo drove through the front of a building. Cooper was left wondering if reporting for the local news while consorting with crazy people was a wise career choice.

The group has learned that you need a special bracelet to use the elevators and that the DRG is doing some sort of genetic research

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