"All we know is still infinitely less than all that remains unknown."-William Harvey

There lie things just outside of your perception, things that want to hurt and corrupt you. Things that you cant see, because they have always been there and always around us. Humans all around the world are prey to these forces, living blind lives of perpetual decay. The stories are all true -- monsters are real and we are dinner. But there are a select few who would face these dread creatures, men and women who face the dangers that most of us would run from. Welcome...to The Edge.

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J.R.'s Journal Entry 1

Got sent on a mission to scout out a man by the name Tyler Krona. I gathered the intelligence on him, then kidnapped and returned him to the base. The mission took 7 days to complete. After "saving" him I found out that we are bringing him in to join the U.S. Forces.

There they asked me to join in on some seminar for my next mission. Some time later "Wotan" entered the room. after kicking out 70% of the people in the room there where only 6 of us plus Wotan. He took us into a "Back room" and started explaining to us about about this organization. It seem I have be invited into the "X-Files" or something... Started talking about some crazy stuff. He informed me that this Organization is not a part of the U.S. of A. After entering some kind of lab with men in white coats he showed us an old news paper. Then an agent dis-robed and walked into a tube butt ass naked and it filled up with liquid that turned blue. I found out that he could alter time. He explained how it worked. Then everyone dis-robes and enter a tube.

The tank slowly filled up with water. It was cold, very cold. It was strange I could breath in this liquid. slowly I grew tired. Then started to feel like I could fly. I woke up in a new body, in a white garb. They ran a physical on me and informed me not to walk until I am told otherwise.

I Got to hang out my old friend Joe as I trained my muscles. After we built & Trained our new bodies we got to meet the "Wotan" of this year. The year of 1948...
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The Report

Alias: A.J. {Alex Johnson} age 29, ex-marine, Judo Teacher, living in Diablo, California

Objective: Scout and obtain info on "Tyler Krona II".

Day One:
  • Phone taped
  • labtop Hacked and taped
  • Room mentored
  • Wi-Fi taped

  • Day Two:
  • He went to school
  • went back to his apartment
  • He downloaded movies

  • Day Three:
  • He went to school
  • went back to his apartment
  • He browsed the internet

  • Day Four:
  • He went to school
  • went back to his apartment
  • He watched movies on his computer

  • Day Five:
  • He went to school
  • went back to his apartment
  • He browsed the internet

  • Day Six:
  • He when to school
  • when back to his apartment
  • He called the cops (reporting a brake in)
  • He seemed more stressed out
  • He browsed the internet

  • Day Seven:
  • He when to sleep around 7:00am
  • 8:00am Cops are knocked out, two men tried to kill him.
  • [*]I knocked him out and took him and his tech to the drop point.
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