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    Zilvyl Hun'urdren Drow/F/Stkr/Hybrid Rogue/Warlock
    "If I have to tighten this strap one more time I'll just fight naked"
    Description:Zilvyl is a 16 year-old Drow female with bright lavender eyes. Her white hair is parted into two short, thick braids. She is petite and frail-looking, even for her age, but she moves with a hypnotic, cat-like grace. She has the typical gentle, pleasing features of her kind, but has no understa...
    Background:Childhood Zilvyl doesn't know her childhood name, or exactly where she is from. Of her early years she only remembers fragments of a normal childhood: other Drow, the underground (probably the Underdark) but mostly being on the surface with a caravan of traders, her family. Her first complete me...
    Details:Name Zilvyl - The Forgotten one Hun'urdren - The Sisterhood of the Darkness Personality Just shy of a loner, but always looking for a mentor, Zilvyl is not used to socializing and pleasantries in general. Trust and friendship have been rare in her life compared to competition and betrayal, ...
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    Ilikan Goliath/M/Def/Warden/1
  • Hexton_thumb
    Hexton Blightthorne Human/M/Contr/Wizard/1
  • Etrian_landsknechta_thumb
    Weiland Vander Human/M/Stkr/Fighter (Slayer)

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