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Orcs are easy!
Marpenoth 10th (still)

Standing on a wakway over the underground river. Nick flys out to explore the sources of three different streams feeding the whirlpool behind us. Each path turns off into the darkness. There is some sewage from the keep but the flow rate is not too high. Nick then flys down to the left. He hears a low dull sound every few seconds. A side channel has a large wok-like thingy with water dripping from the ceiling, striking the wok. Beyond the wok, the ceiling has caved in. The rest of us join him. The big wok, or cauldron as we're now calling it, is upside down on a pile of rubble but othereise empty.

Further down, the path veers to the right. Thirty more feet and another cave in. We search the rubble. Back to the cauldron, Nick checks underneath. Brandon has been in lion form. He has an idea but cannot talk in that form, so he plays charades to describe it. Donegal and I lift it while Brandon digs beneath it but nothing. So we go back to were the three streams come together.

Donegal checks the depth of the water. Only a couple of feet but as it flows towards the whirlpool, the water is a lot deeper. We decide to walk upstream. Well, Nick will fly and I walk on the water. Left path first. 40 or 50 feet past the first turn, there are stairs leading up. The water emerges from beneath the staris.

Orcs! They were waiting for us. We are kinda loud. Nick wussed out (he moved back). I manned up and whiff'ed. It's gonna be one of those kind of fights. Donegal stabbed with his spear that never misses giving me an opportunity. Swing and the first orc drops. There are more orcs beyond them. A big lion pounces past me and kills the enxt orc, then does a little victory dance. I leapfrog the lion, killing the third orc. At the top of the stairs, the passage opens up. There are three more orcs waiting for us. Donegal jumps us and kills another orc. 17 more wait for us. It is on!! Brandon pounces again but doesn't kill it but Donegal does. A few hits against the lion, hand axe and some large rocks. Nick casts a spell and four orc drop. I move up, standing on a fallen orc, and kill another orc. It's now Jason: 3, Brandon: 1. There is a gong going off in the background. Donegal hit another but Brandon finished it. I kill another. A few more orcs attack from the rear. Donegal turns and kill the first. Brandon kills another. Nick summons a large dire lion to attack a giant in the back - rips one apart. I solo kill another orc with a single blow. An orc who tripped on another orc, tried to stand up but Brandon bite him, killing him. Brandon strikes out - three attacks, three misses. The dire lion shreads another giant. I kill another with a single blow. A bunch of misses from the orcs. Donegal kills another. Orcs are fearless … or stupid, we're not sure. Brandon swipes another with a solid hit, killing it. I move up, attacking a giant, hitting it. Donegal take an opportunity to hit it as well. The I get another chance to hit it. Donegal finishes it off. Brandon coup-de-grace an unconscious orc. I kill yet another. Brandon takes another easy kill. A few pots of really stinky stuff flies into the room, nauseaing Donegal. The dire lion takes out one more before vanishing. I more down a hall and kill. yada yada yada. Braons kills another easy one. The room is done.

At the top of the stairs is an open door. The gong is still going off. The hall forks. The left passage has a stream of water. The hall narrows with an upright beam at the end. The left passage enters a cross passage. One leads to the gong room. Nick hits the giant with a pebble, slightly annoying it. Brandon moves up and kills an orc. I move up and kill another orc. Donegal attacks the giant. As we rain down blows on the giant, it finally falls. It was pretty useless. It never hit any of us. Beyond the gong are piles of crates of supplies. We begin pulling boxes down but orcs on the other side are piling them up just as fast. Donegal stabs a few times between the boxes, killing one. We're not catching up so I try to blink through the boxes. It takes two tries but I appear on the other side. I kill one of them. Behind me, the rest of my party continues to remove boxes so they can join the fun. An orc moves up and then goes down. A hand axe passes through me. They finally join the (orc-killing) party. I could document the specific events that follow but, honestly, it's kinda embarrassing for them. Boy, these guys suck! Let's just say we clear the room.

I've got a bad feeling the next party we encounter will be a lot stronger.
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