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Remember when... We played in June.
Kythorn the 15th

Our journey continues in search of the Lance we need to complete the armor set for Terisa.
Currently in Zazesspur we now need to be headed towards Breehome along the Alamir Mountains.
So we seek a charter ship that can get us on to our destination. We find one but it does have a few lay overs. We offer our services to the captain of our ship. He is willing to charge 10 gp a person but if there are pirates we are to act as security. If our services are required, we will get our money back.
The journey will take about 5 days the Captain says.

Kythorn the 16th

We set sail from Zazesspur, the first day goes uneventful with no encounter of pirates.

Kythorn the 17th

Pull into the docks of Calimport, the Captain then loads a shipment of Exquisite rugs. We take this time to resupply and needed goods, Calimport being the largest city upon our route. Jason Lee ask about any flying carpets, not can be found to his dismay.

Kythorn the 18th

We depart from Calimport and arrive in a town called Menshaka to drop off a shipment of iron ore.

Kythorn the 19th

We set off for Amraiven and arrive there on Kythorn the 20th.

In search of Breehome, we talk to the Captain to sail us as close as possible to the town. Never been there the Captain agrees to sail us as close as he can get near the town of Freepart where he has a shipment of ore and carpet rugs to drop off in trade for some Ebon wood.
We sail on and come on up a fishing boat or two. We offer payment for the fisherman to offer us a ride on into the town of Freepart. They offer us some fish, we take some and once the ride is done we pay them and thank them for their services.
We hurry on up onto shore and walk a few more hours towards town, Upon our arrival at the wooden gates, the guards inform us that today is Market day in town and to enjoy our day.
Exploring the Market of the town we inquire who we need to talk to about investigating the Mine.
We are introduced to Marcus Van Zont, Constable of the town who has visited with Mother Tolman twice, and offers to meet us up for dinner to discuss this later. He confirmed as well he had dealing with Freca.
There are 3 Inns in the town: The Reach, Silver Tavern, and the Lucky Strike.
We decide to meet up at the Silver Tavern Later. We continue to wander around and shop during the Market day and see a cow being taken out as a tribute with some gold to the dragon that is said to live in the Mines.
As it is now getting late we decide to head on up to the Silver Tavern to settle in and meet Marcus for dinner. Seeing him on the road himself we head him and his wife off, walking with them to the tavern.
Sitting now for dinner, Brand begins a quite conservation with Marcus inquiring about the dragon and other knowledge that may be needed for our endeavor. He recalls the curse of the giant and informs him that our adventures have leaded us all here in search of the Lance. Marcus then says that the dragon has not been seen in 3 months, but they keep paying the tribute in case he does return. They are uncertain if he is still in the mines, though he does let slip that there is a hoard of treasure there.
Durin smiles greedily at the mention of it, can’t blame him with that kind of money imagine all the research I can do! I may be able to get that 5th appendage I always wanted! The Inn keeper comes up and asks for our order. We offer him the fish from the fisherman and he agrees to cook this up for us with some of his own fixings as well. We then go about setting up a room for us for the night.
Once done we watch the lively entertainment that is upon us, Triplets! Singing and dancing. Not to mention Dallas our waitress isn’t a sight for sore eyes herself. Terisa looks uninterested. Well knowing this is one of our last nights to relax, I take and ale and enjoy the moment.
Brand, the others, and I offer to go and investigate the mines to determine if the dragon still lives within.
After the show is over we decide to settle in for the night. Our room is the Master suite this evening.
Before we can even think of bed however, a knock is heard at the door. A woman is there and it seems she knows that were going to investigate the mines and wants to come along. She keeps attempting the offer and our suspicions rise. Nick asks her “Why?”
She then introduces herself as Torim’s (Innkeeper) 6th daughter. The other five were the guards and the dancing Triplets. Her name is Lizbith. She then goes into telling us of her skills. Brand rallies us to accept the offer (Strange does he question Durin’s abilities?) Jason and the rest of us eventually agree and she departs. We plan on meeting up with her on the ‘morrow.

21st of Kythorn

Next morning is filled with fresh baked bread and baths prior to leaving. We then reenter town and refill any last minute items that we need or want for the trip. Heading northeast we eventually leave the market and up the path to the mines. Passing the tribute field where the cow and 2 guards are positioned watching the gold, someone says “your job stinks”.
Lizbith goes to the front and takes point and quickens the pace. Terisa follows next and the rest of us fall in line with Eldin and Durin trailing behind. Man is Terisa quite. No one had mentioned the mines were part of a Volcano did they? Sure looks like it as we approach. We travel and find a lava flow outcrop for shelter and rest for the night. We post watch and go off in to sleep.

Kythorn the 22nd

As we set off today we see a trail of dust along the trail. It appears that someone is following us! We move quickly trying to lengthen our distance from the people tracking us up the trail. We move from dawn to dusk with minimal breaks. Setting up camp for the night is our next priority.
Upon our second watch we are awakened by Giant Fire Ants! We watch in silence and hope they just pass on by not wanting a fight. They do move on ignoring us and after a bit we fall on back asleep.

Kythorn the 23rd

We hit the trail and move on up it. The entrance is huge! A 20’ stone boulder blocks it though! Dragon claw marks are seen all around it as well. Brand casts detect magic and a faint glow illuminates it. Nick wants to Stoneshape it.
We decode to try and move it first by strength. Terisa “Get the Armor” Jason then pulls it out and helps put it on her. When worn she will receive a strength boost. Hope it is enough.
Bull’s Strength potions and spells are used as well. Our first attempts appear to move it only slightly. All the while we can feel heat upon the stone, this is going to hurt. Terisa though getting frustrated puts in one final effort! She moves it 10’!
Brand not looking to good rests from exhaustion.
We hear metal clinking from down the trail. Our pursuers have found us! We prepare for an attack. Hey where’d Lizbith go? She goes running into the cave, I go after her!
The persuer’s appear to be Lizbith’s sisters.
I run on in the tunnel about 120’ with no luck in stopping her. I duck into a crevasse protecting myself from the heat/steam that’s blowing out the Volcano. With the heat “too hot to handle” I retreat on back to the others and report what I can.
The five women go on into the cave entrance after their sister, hope they have better luck.
Our party rets, heals, and casts resist energy in hopes of pursuit.

Kythorn the 24th

The next day we head on into the Volcano, only reaching where I had gone the day before the women are spotted with Lizbith in tow. She does not look happy. We walk along with them back on out to the trail. The triplets and Lizbith walk a bit away, out of ear shot. The two oldest sister Shama and Eldra stop to talk with us. They tell us they survive with use of a ring that provided protection with a Globe from Heat. It can protect up to 4 people if needed.
Shama then admits to a little of her family history. She mentions that Lizbith is a dragon in human form and that some of the other sisters are too, not naming a one. Lizbith wanted to return to the hoard.
Shama and Eldra then give us permission to enter the cave in hopes to collect the Lance and claim whatever you can carry only. The women then head on towards home Lizbith in tow.
With new resistance spells cast for us we enter the lair of the dragons and look for treasure. Durin takes point and peers down a ledge. Forever it goes into darkness he backs away and continues up the trail. Ascending up we go, Jason slips on up the trail. We catch him and keep going up. We approach a high ledge. Some of us muster our way up. Eldin then levitates the others and himself up. We enter the hoard. In our search we find the Lance! It’s was in the middle, that took some digging.

Turn out there is something magical about the lance. With the magic word “Phil!” it turns into a spear.

In the treasure we find:

3 Rings of Protection +1 (Brand, Nick, Eldin)
1 Ring of Spell Storing (1, 2, 3) empty
+2 Tower Shield, +2 Long Bow
Gauntlets of Strength +2
Necklace of Protection +2 (Barley)
Gold 100 gp each person
10,000 in assorted gems

7th Level!
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