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Yet another God wants to tell us what to do...
We enter the large cavern. it is dimly lit - and after some examination we realize the light there is comes from the large purple crystalline obelisks that are scattered throughout the cavern.

Brand casts detect magic and as far as the spell can reach, the only things glowing other than ourselves are the same purple obelisks that are creating the light.

We decide that since we're pretty well wiped out from battle and fatigued from opening the stone door; that we would rest the night here and proceed when full.

Nick casts remote viewing and examines the area around some pillars in the distance. He sees some coins, armor, a sword, a cat statue, a chest, and a body.

Durin is turned invisible by Eldin, and proceeds forward towards the area with the columns. Once he gets to a certain distance the light in the cavern increases and a further move also causes some kind of alarm to go off. Durin returns and reports that he mapped out the entire cavern completely and knows exactly where the alarm points are. Well, not really. He does know one point though. He moves along a different path and after he alarm goes off the next step causes one of the purple crystal obelisks to shoot him with an electrical shock. He's able to evade two attacks without taking any damage, but returns before trying his luck any further.

After some further experimentation we figure out that between the crystals is a sensor line that effectively covers the entire cavern. We try but cannot find a path around the outside of the crystals that doesn't run us into a wall.

We decide to try levitating one of us and floating towards the pillars. Durin bravely volunteers to be the victim ... er ... hero and get levitated. We determine that you need to stay above the crystals for this to work, but Durin is able to make it to the pillars and attach a rope that we can use to hand-over-hand back and forth to that area.

We bring Durin back and tie the rope to a stalagmite that leaves the rope above the crystal line. Durin goes back over and examines the area carefully, and finds a keyhole in one of the columns. He comes back to get the key and then proceeds to turn off the crystals by turning the key in the lock. It works! We proceed over and search the area. We find a book, no its a scroll, no its a book, no its a scroll, no ... whatever ... that contains the following entry:

My Love Terry,

Our daughter Teresa is at peace now by my own hands. I could not bring myself to utterly destroy her. I hope you understand. I will stay to ensure that the transformation does not occur and guard over her now and forever. I have activated the tomb. Live on with the knowledge that her last words were love for you. You were always the strong one. Live on for our children and the kingdom.


We have no clue what the transformation he refers to is. Searching the rest of the tomb, we find a key where the decaying body is. Moving his body further we find another keyhole opposite the first. Turning this key in the keyhole causes two sarcofagi to raise up out of the floor. One is pharoah shaped the other anubis shaped.

We open the anubis one first, which is empty. The second contains a body under a mask. As soon as the body is touched the dead body we found the key under animates as a wraith and screams "Noooooo.....". He moves toward the body and Nick who touched it but misses in his swipe at him. We implore him that she must be allowed to fulfill her destiny but he seems to ignore everything and just continues to scream No. Left with no other option, we must fight him. Nick channels positive energy and moves back. The wraith moves to continue to attack Nick, and drains constitution and causes some damage.

We continue to battle the wraith - those of us with magic weapons anyway.

Barley throws a bomb, missing the wraith and landing square on Jason, exploding as Jason starts yelling "Nooooo...". The wraith moves to continue his assault on Nick.

Brand goes around the pillar to attack the wraith -- and with a single mighty blow of his sword he dispatches the enemy. As he dies the wraith dissipates as the "Nooooo...." slowly diminishes into echoes.

Returning to the girl's body, we find that the body has a stake in it. We remove the stake and the body's flesh begins to reform. We put the stake back in and remember that we have a potion that we were supposed to give her. Barley pulls the potion out but instead of pouring it into her mouth, he drinks it intending to spit it back into her mouth but instead falls dead to the ground. Well, mostly dead. We grab his body and shake it over the body of the girl trying to get as much of the potion from his mouth into hers. Along with the little left in the vial. It does appear to do something as she reforms into a hot young girl (it's Bob's campaign of course...)

Jason is able to stabilize Barley at -9. And Nick is able to heal him further. Lucky bastard. What was he thinking!

As the body fully reforms we note that it has fangs and eventually wakes up. We nervously look around at each other wondering if this was a colossal mistake. She asks why she is awake and we relay our story to her over time. She notes that although she still appears to be a vampire, she does not appear to suffer from the hunger or have any desire to kill.

She tentatively believes us, but says she must consult the earth mother for further guidance. She dons the armor of the savior, but other than not being subject to its blurring effect there is no indication of what she needs to do. In addition she doesn't like the armor and puts her leathers back on. Hot chicks in Leather -- it is certainly Buff's campaign.

We leave the cavern with her and as we come out into the sunlight we see that the blue dragon we had encountered before is there waiting for us. To our surprise, Teresa says that the dragon is actually the earth mother. She approaches and begins to discuss her fate with the earth mother and we learn that our task is not complete. We must now:

1) raise an army
2) get the lance
3) find a good dragon to help us
4) defeat Arachne's dragon
5) drag Arachne back to our realm
6) win the game

Simple. We'll get right on that...

She says we should go after the lance to begin. And directs us that we will find friends in Brehome. We ask about Teresa, and she tells us that through the potion we gave her she has been converted into a "Daywalker". A Vampire that will not hunger for anything and is able to walk in the daylight. Good to know we won't be a snack come sundown.

We intend to head to Brehome next, not having any better ideas -- or a plan.

We go down the stairs on the side of the mountain to the valley floor and Teresa says that she would like to visit her family before departing with us. So we head to Cair Corwell to present them their new Vampire Queen.

After we meet with Queen Alicia and the heartfelt reunion of the Kendricks is over we tell her of our intent to raise an army and get her promise letter of three ships to join Gorgo's fleet once we enlist her aid. The Queen offers us transport to the mainland and we accept. They agree to take us as far as Zassaspur, where we can get overland transport east towards Brehome.
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