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The Black Jungle and the Gate of Gates.
Ches 11 1373

Still at the wine shop, drinking their "products". We're pretty sure we have to go into the Black Jungles. And we don't have a map. I'll have another drink.
We talk with Omar and Pasha about our mission. Omar finds a map and orients it to the land. We determine that the sword and boots are in the direction of the edge of the mountain pass. Pasha suggests we check the local library to try to find out about the last known owner of the suit of armor, Alicia Pantr.

The head librarian tells us the services the library offers. We will need to hire a special researcher, at 50 gp per day, to check the ancient archives. Goolar, the researcher, asks questions about what we're looking for. While we wait, they serve us wine and cheese. It's the least they can do at 50 gp per day.

While we wait, we go to the map section to make some copies of maps we think we'll need. Goolar gives us an occasional update. This is taking hours. This Goolar is no google. Brandon changes the search parameters to include religious leaders. Eventually we tell Goolar the full story behind the armor and other known owners.

Jasmine, a wizardess, may be able to provide us with a map.

Goolar comes back in the evening to give another update. Orc Gate wars were 2300 years ago. Most of the texts from that time were lost. Goolar will continue looking.

We get a room for the night at the local inn. The inn keeper is trying to rip us off. He charges us one gold each - five gp for the night. (There are only four of us.)

Omar joins us at the inn after dinner. More wine. He tells us that Jasmine is the one who made the dagger that belonged to his father - and we lost.

The Black Jungles are dangerous. Omar suggest we talk to a supply shop. There are mines in the jungles and some people go into the jungles searching for diamonds. Also the slavers are rumored to turn people into snake people for slaves.

Ches 12

In the morning we return to the library. Googlar worked all night.

Tas Brema was a colonel in the Tashlutar army during the Orc Gate wars in -1073. No mention of boot or sword. Be went into the jungle searching for "The Gateway - no mention of what that was. The entry implied he had a key. Neither he nor his men returned. Donegal donates an extra 10 gp to the library.

We're off to see the wizard(ess) - Jasmine. We find her tower. We knock and are invited in by an old man sitting, reading a tome. He asks Brandon what he can do for him today while holding out his hand. Brandon keeps repeating that we'd like to talk to Jasmine. But without "greasing the wheels", he just keeps asking. Finally, I offer 2 gp and the conversation continues. He has an opening in five years. We tell him we're the ones who found the dagger she made. That gets us in to see her sometime this year. He thinks we're pretty uppity to want to see Jasmine today. We talk about the armor and are willing to show Jasmine some of the items. After thinking it over for a moment, he agrees and crosses out someone's name and writes ours.

A few minutes later, we head up the stairs and are greeted by Alamine who directs us up another flight of stairs. She's the potion maker. Information is on the third floor. We are greeted by someone who looks like Claudia Black from our world. This is Jasmine.

We tell her our quest to find the armor and show her the grives. We finally reveal ourselves as outlanders. Jasmine tries on the armor. She tells us the "The Gate". The Gate connects to all the portals which in turn are used to without the help of wizards. Maybe even between worlds. Hmmm, interesting. The Gate is a myth. Portals are known.
She advises us to bring something to neutralize poison when we travel into the Black Jungle. She then provides us with four vials of neutralize poison, each vial has three uses. But is we're dying, then consume the full vial. She also gives us a wand of cure disease with ten charges.

We tell her some of our tales. She invites us back to tell her of our success in the jungle. (We couldn't tell her of our failure because we'd be dead - again.)

She wishes us luck and we leave.

Omar meets us for dinner and tells us to meet him at the warehouse in the morning.

Ches 13

We meet Omar. He gives us a letter of introduction to use when we arrive at his family's estate. We ride in the caravan. There are only three carts.

Ches 14


Ches 15


Ches 16

We arrive about 4pm. We give Alasandra the letter of introduction from Omar. We talk a while. We'l stay the night and leave in the morning for the jungle. The armor indicates southeast.

There are worse things in the Black Jungle then the yaun-ti. There are least three tribes of yaun-ti.

Ches 17

As we skirt the mountains, we take reading every day to try to get a good estimate of the location of the sword and boots. Still southeast.

Ches 18

A little more east.

Ches 19

Now is almost due east. Somewhere around the capital 'B' (for the black jungle) on the map. About twenty miles in. We'd be lucky to make six miles a day in the jungle.

We camp at the base of the mountains. At night we hear some noise coming from the jungle. Screaming, sounds like a fight.

Ches 20

We head into the jungle after breakfast - the last of our eggs, some bread. Donegal complains about the heat and the humidity. The forest canopy covers the sky. Donegal has a flashback to when he was an extra in that Vietnam movie. We go fireless at night.

Ches 21

We think we're still heading east. Not very stealthy.

Third watch. A snake descends from a tree. I use my stall the throw the snake out, away from the camp. The snake looks annoyed but slithers on.

Ches 22

We think we're still heading east. A slight course correction from the armor.

We come to a clearing with ruins. Walls are about knee high. The paths look like there haven't been anyone using them recently. Brandon casts Detect Magic and turns to scan the entire area. Nothing. Listen, only normal jungle sounds.

We take more readings with the armor. Still due east. As we walk around the age of the clearing, the direction changes to southeast. We're close.

Someone lived in the hut for a while, there are food containers, but it was long ago abandoned.

There are a few places in the ruins where someone dug, probably an archeologist.

As we walk in the direction indicated by the armor, I notice there is an area of quicksand. As we walk around the edge of the quicksand, we think we know the spot. It's fifteen feet out and fifteen to twenty feet down. Of course.


We come up with a plan. Nick casts airy water on Brandon. We tie two ropes to Brandon with about thirty feet of slack. Brandon casts Detect magic and jumps into the quicksand. After Brandon settles, we take up the slack. Nick holds the second rope in case Brandon tugs on the rope. If he does, Dongels and I pull him up.

Brandon finds a magic aura and finds bones with the boots. Eventually he comes to the sword and keeps digging at the bottom of the quicksand. There is also a scroll and a cylinder. He then tugs on the rope and we haul his ass out.

The Sword

The Scroll

Recovered from the depths of the quicksand

Back on solid ground, we examine what he found. The bones were probably Tas Brema. We don't understand the scroll. Maybe when we get back Jasmine can help figure it out.

We investigate a Mound few yards away. Nick digs through the sand and finds a pyramid, or rather the side of one. We dig out enough to see the top of it. The pyramid looks like a shape on the scroll we found in the quicksand.

There are more items that radiate magic. Nicks finds an block of stone and a set of rings, both of which match images on the scroll.

Nick casts Comprehend Languages. The cylinder has the word "key" written on it. The rings had three letters - A, B, and C.

The scroll opened

An we experiment, we determine that touching the letters causes the rings to turn. We line them up, pointing away from the pyramid. The rings raise up, seam opens in the center of the rings, and an obelisk raises up through the center. Brandon reaches into a recess in the obelisk to activate a control (like bringing a prism into focus) and a ray shoots out of the top of the obelisk to the pyramid. A smilier control on the pyramid adjusts the focus of the ray going back to the obelisk.

We adjust the a third control from the return ray and another ray shoots out of the obelisk through the cylinder and a gate opens nearby.

The Gate of Gates

We remove the cylinder and the full mechanism deactivates but the gate remains.
We take a reading of the next item of armor - northwest.

Of course we step through the gate. How could we not?!

Once through, the gate closes behind us. But if we touch the key to the solid wall, the gate opens back to the Black Jungle.

Marble steps down, dusty - no ones been here in a long time.

Twenty feet hallway which opens in a room worth six doors. Each door had a pedestal next to it with a "keyhole". Brandon picks door four (as we number them), and puts the cylinder into the pedestal. It becomes translucent and we see four more doors.

We go to each door and confirm that each door becomes translucent and has a number of door beyond. Two doors do not operate.

Each secondary room has a number of doors but only the door leading back to the "gate of gates" room has a pedestal next to it. The other doors each have a symbol on the door frame. When we touch a symbol, the door opens. These doors do not require the cylinder (the key) to operate.

In portal "A", doors:
1 (under water)
2 (cave)
3 (cave),
4 (cave)
5 (cave)

In portal "B", doors:
6 (pitch black)
8 (cave)
11 (cave)
13 (cave)
16 (people guarding who become aware that something is happening).

In portal "C", doors:
12 (cave)
15 (cave)
18 (cave)
17 (cave)

In portal "D",
doors 7, 9, 10, 14, each leading to a cave with some light.

We throw a torch through door 6. A room with stairs going up with crates.

We plan to step through door 2.
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