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You and what army? .... Oh, THAT army!
Flamerule 24

As we venture further into the bowels of this rank dungeon we twist and wind through the narrow passages and come to a T shaped intersection ahead. Several of the party stop and motion that they've heard something ahead. I quickly (and quietly) cast Ablative Barrier and I can hear Nick casting as well. He whispers that we all have the abilities granted by Blessings of Ferver, and we each can choose from

* increase speed by 30ft
* stand up as a swift action (no AOO)
* 1 extra attack as a full action
* +2 to attack, +2 to dodge AC, +2 to reflex save
* cast a single spell of 2nd oevel or lower as if it were enlarged, extended, silent, or still

I hear Eldin casting as well and as I prepare for combat and start to look into the corridor ahead, all of a sudden I am engulfed in a searing flame that burns me severely. I look around to see which of the opponents might have had line of sight to cast a fireball, and I look back realizing that Eldin has jumped the gun and cast fireball partially into his own party. And to add insult to injury the opponents, who look to be rock trolls appear completely unaffected by the fireball.

As I'm reeling from the pain of the burn, I sense an ease of the pain and realize that Nick must be casting one of his mass healings to undo some of the damage from the errant fireball. I sense Theresa moving past me and attacking one fo the trolls with her quick efficient sword strikes. Its amazing how deadly accurate her attacks are. As the trolls are now upon us I am able to attack the front rank without having to move out into the other corridor. I swing three times, feeling the quickness of the Blessing of Ferver allowing my arm to swing an extra time.

Jason sidles by between Theresa and me and positions himself on the other side of the opponents. I think they got a strike at him as he slipped past but I'm unsure if he was struck. He is attacking from the other side - I'll need to see if I can position myself to flank the opponent he's fighting and allow Theresa to concentrate on this one. I hear Nick chanting again - but I think he's just asking his god what any special weaknesses of these monsters may be. The trolls a moving through the group and I miss trying to hit one as he rushes past. Probably because I'm still reeling from the pain of the burns.

I hear more opponents showing up in the distance. Hopefully not more of these rock trolls I hope. As I move to flank, I see Eldin in the back firing magic missiles into one of the trolls who had moved into position to attack Nick. And Theresa begins swinging quickly showing bits of rock from their bodies in all directions. With the one opponent trapped between myself and Jason, I strick the creature solidly three times. But they seem very tough. Immediately after I see a flurry of attacks from Jason on the same creature and it falls to the ground.

Groups of Drow and what looks like another beholder moves in and attacks behind the rock trolls. This is looking rather iffy for us to make it through with all of these opponents.

Another surge of relief comes through but I hear Nick say that's all he has. It might not be enough. One of the drow moves up to attack me but I get the jump on him and hit him soundly with two blows and a charge of magic from my force punch spell and he goes down in a lump. Barley moves past into the fray and I see him launch one of his bombs into a group of the enemies - but they seem to dodge most of the spray and exhibit only a minor affect from the blast.

One of the opponents moves up and strikes at Barley, but it appears that Barley has developed a slew of large pustules and when he his hit they seem to burst and spray the opponent with acid. I've never seen anything like this.

Another fireball bursts amongst our group - I think we're getting pretty close to losing this battle. Theresa mows down another of the rock trolls, but still nobody seems able to get to the beholder. I'd like to at least fire a spell at it, but I can't get clear of melee to be able to cast the spell cleanly.

Finally, I'm able to get clear of the melee for a bit and get a chance to cast a lightening bolt at the beholder. It seems to hit it soundly but doesn't take it down.

The beholder keeps telling us to surrender. Obviously he doesn't know who we are. But all of a sudden Theresa seems to be saying we should surrender as well. Obviously she's been affected by some kind of mind spell.

I hear some cries from the back and see that Nick and Eldin have gone down. I hope they're still alive. Then durin is struck and goes down as well. I dispatch one of the drow and move to attack one of the remaining rock trolls. He takes some hits but has not gone down yet. After another exchange he falls, though. And I see Theresa come up beside me and pour a potion in Durin's mouth. I see some life there - but why doesn't she help defeat these so we can help everyone?

As we're continuing to fight the trolls that we defeat are coming back as they heal. We need to destroy them with something more permanently.

We dispatch a few more of the opponents but as we do dozens more drow show up and reinforce the opposing troops. Perhaps we will have no choice but to surrender, as much as it pains me to say.

As I'm moving to attack one of the revived rock trolls - I racked with pain from electrical shock. I think from the beholder. I get the feeling I narrowly avoided getting hit with the full brunt of that lightning bolt.

Then a bolt of energy goes by and hits Barley and he turns to stone.

Just as I thought we were getting somewhere when the Beholder goes down from Eldin's magic missiles, another shows up from the other corridor.

Jason is trying to negotiate a truce and eventually they demand that we give them our equipment. Jason and I refuse but the others give up theirs and are led off. I don't want to lose where the others are so I reluctantly agree and give up my equipment.

They lead us off to meet their "mistress".

After winding through a number of narrow halls and tunnels we come to a point where it opens up into a larger cavern.

We're led into the cavern. In the cavern there is a dais where there is a green dragon a throne with a woman upon it and a larger beholder next to what looks like a door covered with a tarp. Out in the cavern are two pilars one has a woman tied to it and the other has a gnome tied to it.

The woman comes down and applies a salve to Barley and he returns to flesh. Then the woman starts to pray above Nick's body. After a minute he starts to move and gets up but looks drained. Listening to her prayer I pick out some elements that indicate that she is praying to Lloth.

Afterwards she indicates that we are to be the entertainment tomorrow. And she refuses to indicate who the other prisoners may be. We're then led out an eastern corridor into an area with some cots. We go in and they lock a gate behind us. It looked like there might be a total of 5 cells total along here. We talk with some of the prisoners in the other cells and learn that whoever the previous occupants of our cell were, they were taken away and never seen from again.

We struggle to try and remember where we might have met the Elf and the Gnome that were chained in the cavern. But no luck.

After much cogitation and rubbing together of a few brain cells we recall that the Gnome and Elf are Charles and his wife - those that helped us in Taylorville when we first got to this world. Now it's all come together - these are the worshipers of Torm who we are supposed to rescue from this hell hole. But half dead and defeated, and unsure what the morning will bring - I wonder who they'll have to send down to save US!

...To Be Continued...
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Drow, Drow, and a Beholder

Flamerule 24

What a battle! At least I thought there was a battle. But my memory is fuzzy. As if the journal was never posted. But we were victorious. At least I think we are victorious. Wait, I’m still in this stupid world! We must have lost!!

It’s a beautiful sunrise. As we stand by the gates to Dragonspear fort, the Hand of Torm appears. Serena begins to communicate with the Hand of Torm. There are disciples of Torm that are in the tunnels below and they need to be rescued. Serena is not sure how disciples of Torm got into the tunnels.

Were the captured? No priests of Torm are missing.

The entrance appears to come from stairs to the original Dragonspear Castle.

Durin enters first and we descend to a 20x40’ room with a large opening knocked into the east wall.

The tunnel heads east and is clearly worked stone. We travel for a ways and reach a 4-way intersection and turn north. After a few hundred feet, the tunnel “Y’s”. We head northeast and then Y’s again and we head East. It Y’s and we head south.

We continue and spot an opening up ahead. Teresa, moves forward and hears the sounds of Draw’s talking. She peers around the just as an arrow fires past her head, and then rushes into battle swinging at the first drow she encounters.

Strangely the combat is masked from sound. A spell caster is here! Teresa rushes forth to combat the caster, but is confronted with a holy symbol and must back away and resort to bow. Jason attacks with a tremendous flurry, pummeling a drow to death!

The battle does not last too long before we are triumphant.

The drow came from a small camp off the main corridor.

After traversing through several tunnels we are fired upon again by drow. Deja vu!! We are better prepared for this battle, and make short work of the drow.

The tunnels wind about and reach another small outpost of drow and make short work of them.

Glass jaw Eldin gets scratched in the battle and yells for healing. What a wimp!

As Teresa beheads one of the drow with her vorpal sword, Nick yells out that more are coming down the corridor and they have a beholder with them! Barley reacts quickly and throws a tanglefoot bomb, slowing them down. Brand is able get a fireball off, as does Eldin.

The beholder retaliates with a fireball along with magic missile and lightning bolt. This thing does a lot of damage!!!
The battle is not going well as Nick channel heals for the second time as both Barley and Eldin drop.

Teresa takes deadly aim and pincushions the beholder with six arrows, killing it, and then fires 3 arrows at the remaining two drow before they were able to kill Jason.

Through the three battles we recovered:

5 x Drow
light crossbow
crossbow bolts
2 gold
drow poison

studded leather
light crossbow
10 odd crossbow bolts (cold iron)

6 x Drow
hand xbow
xbow bolts
rapiers (3 masterwork)
light shield
3 masterwork breastplates
drow poison
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The Missing Journal
Kythorn 23:
We arrive at Dragonspear in the morning while the air is cool. The guards welcome us to their camp and give us a tent right outside the walls. The party decides to wait overnight in the tent and go to the tunnels in the morning, and we all go to bed except for the designated watch. All is quiet during the night, until a couple of hours after dusk when there is a call from one of the watchman on the wall. "Trolls!" he calls and the others make their way to the gate. Shortly after, there are multiple figures out in the trees moving toward the camp.
The majority of the party is still asleep, so the watch has a hard time preparing for the attack. As the figures get closer we are able to make out some zombies followed closely by trolls and other larger creatures. The trolls charge the gate and climb over as we deal with the small army of undead. The group cleaves through the zombies as the men deal with the trolls. When the battle seems to be going well when there is a massive bolt of lightning from the trees making a hole in one of the camp's structures. As we look back to its origin, we see a rather similar looking figure. A beholder reveals itself as eldin uses fly to soar above it.
We storm the beholder and it goes down. The rest of the men stop the trolls and the battle is over, and to our surprise it seems this kind of thing happens all the time. The soldiers send us on our way in the morning after some briefing and we head for the tunnels.
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Trolls, Trolls, and More ...
Trolls, Trolls, and More Trolls
We begin by trying to remember who was supposed to post last Journal. We have no idea. So now we can't remember anything about last session.

Flamerule 16
We are at Waterdeep to find Gorgo for some reason. We ask around for her lead ship and find it after hours of searching. She is not there. Our best bet for some reason is to go the Temple of Torm. We buy a few cabbages along the way and walk into the temple. In there we see a large chamber and a priest with a crowd worshiping Torm. We wait until the ceremony is done, then we greet the priest and ask him where Gorgo is. We take out the letter that is proof that we know Gorgo. The priest said that she left a month and a half ago to Dragonspear. He also mentioned that groups resupply her every two weeks, and that the next one will happen on Flamerule the 20th.

So now we just have to wait a few days. We head over to an inn across the street called the Double D (Drunken Dwarf). Inside we buy four days worth of rooms and food. We also take bath. I don't remember last time I took a bath...

Flamerule 20
We eat at first light and head out, only to be stalled (no pun intended) by Nick overflowing the outhouse. We follow our guide to where the resupply group is; only to find out they're not there! Ug. Thanks Nick. We head out after them on foot, and later meet up with them. A few hours later, we camp for the night. Even though the caravans have a guard set up, we follow our usual routine for watch.

A bit after midnight, on my watch with Nick, we hear one of the guards yelling, “TROLLS, TROLLS, WAKE UP!!” Nick and I wake up the rest of the party, and join in the battle. Well, some of us put on our armor (because you need armor before you can shoot a bow). After a few solo kills by me, we burn the trolls. Barley takes out pig grease, and pours it on the trolls to get a fire going. And I thought he was crazy carrying that around...

After a few seconds, more trolls invade (because you roll twice in one watch). We continue to fight them, as Durin continues to put on his armor. After a few more seconds, the trolls are on the ground burning, thanks for the help, Durin. We heal up, and go back to bed.

Flamerule 21
We arrive at Daggerford. After a nights' rest there, we head out.

Flamerule 23
We finally reach Dragonspear. Inside, we ask about Gorgo, and her cleric, Serena tells us that she is patrolling, but she is glad to take us to her.

We later meet up with Gorgo and she tells us that the enemy (trolls, ants, orcs, etc). She tells us that they seem to be attacking Elturel, but have not succeeded.

To be continued...
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We didn't start the fires! They were always burning since we were returning.
Kythorn 24

Where are we? You are all you people? Seems like it's been months since we last saw each other.
We sit here discussing what items each of us gets and what spells the casters should memorize.

Finally figure out what the spear does
Spear of black dragon slaying :: +20 vs black dragons, +10 vs acid

And a half hour later…

Still on a raised rock formation, it's very hot in here. Then again we are in a volcano.
We have to keep together because we only have a few rings to protect us from the heat.
It's been an hour now so we'd better get out of here. Slowly, we make our way out of the cavern.

On the narrow stairs, a beetle comes out of the wall. I react first but because I'm in the back and it's too hot to leave the area of protection, I'm forced to wait. Brandon casts a cold spell which kills the beetle. Five more large insects come out of the wall. Durin gets bit. Nick hits one followed by Durin. Theresa jumps down and moves around front to hit the creature. I move up to the beetle, past the others on the narrow stairs. I still cannot reach the beetles so I take out the spear of black dragon slaying. I'll be able to stab between my own party. Some beetles crawl on the wall. Now we're surrounded. Only way to go is back into the large cavern. Nick casts resist fire on me. Now I can leave the ring's area of protection. Nick kills a beetle. A fire elemental creature emerges from a crevasse. I move up to engage it. I hit it once but the heat in intense. Nick's protection is just barely balancing the heat of the environment. Another fire beetle emerges from the wall. The rest of them kill the beetles eventually. While I fight the fire elemental, a second one emerges. I take a beating this round. I was near death for a moment but Nick provides some healing. Theresa joins me fighting the elementals. The rest fight from a ranged position.
yada yada yada … we kill them.

Two hundred feet before the exit, we see two more fire elementals down the main passage towards the heart of the volcano. Luckily, that's to the left and we wanna go to the right.

Outside! We roll the boulder back to cover the entrance. Down the mountain, we find our horses still alive. We ride back towards town.

First night, second watch, we got trouble!
We hear what sounds like a group of people running towards town. A band of orcs and goblins! Nick votes to let the town fend for themselves.

Kythore 25

We arrive in town to find the orcs and goblins pointing spears at some townspeople. Eldin turns invisible and moves closer and casts a fireball at the orcs/goblins and sets at least four buildings on fire. So he does it again and sets another building on fire. Yes, we saved the town! And yet a third fireball. I expect the town's people to be thanking us any minute now. A fourth fireball from Eldin. The smell of charred orc and goblin fills the air as several building are engulfed in flames. The town is going to be so grateful to us for saving them. Never mind the burning buildings. The town is mostly intact. Then Eldin comments that maybe we should have left one orc alive so we can question him. Brandon casts sleet storm to quench all the fires we started.

We go back to the bar to return the rings of fire resistance. The owner is not there. We order lunch. Sure we just set a bunch of buildings on fire and left several dozen orcs' and goblins' charred bodies in the streets, but we're hungry. The owner eventually arrives. He remembered us from a few days ago. We ask about his daughters. We have to return the rings to them.

Later we pay for several rooms. The mayor comes in. We discuss the days events. We're all at a loss to explain the fires (wink wink). The owner's daughters come down and see us. They seem surprised. Did they not expect us to survive? Or maybe not honor our word to return the rings? But they accept the rings back.

So we have the complete suit of armor, the spear of black dragon slaying, and the savior who will wear the armor and wield the spear against the dragon who threatens the north. Our job is done. Oh wait. We still need to raise an army. We ask the daughters about joining our army. They are currently in the town's militia.
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Epic × 3!
Remember when... We played in June.
Kythorn the 15th

Our journey continues in search of the Lance we need to complete the armor set for Terisa.
Currently in Zazesspur we now need to be headed towards Breehome along the Alamir Mountains.
So we seek a charter ship that can get us on to our destination. We find one but it does have a few lay overs. We offer our services to the captain of our ship. He is willing to charge 10 gp a person but if there are pirates we are to act as security. If our services are required, we will get our money back.
The journey will take about 5 days the Captain says.

Kythorn the 16th

We set sail from Zazesspur, the first day goes uneventful with no encounter of pirates.

Kythorn the 17th

Pull into the docks of Calimport, the Captain then loads a shipment of Exquisite rugs. We take this time to resupply and needed goods, Calimport being the largest city upon our route. Jason Lee ask about any flying carpets, not can be found to his dismay.

Kythorn the 18th

We depart from Calimport and arrive in a town called Menshaka to drop off a shipment of iron ore.

Kythorn the 19th

We set off for Amraiven and arrive there on Kythorn the 20th.

In search of Breehome, we talk to the Captain to sail us as close as possible to the town. Never been there the Captain agrees to sail us as close as he can get near the town of Freepart where he has a shipment of ore and carpet rugs to drop off in trade for some Ebon wood.
We sail on and come on up a fishing boat or two. We offer payment for the fisherman to offer us a ride on into the town of Freepart. They offer us some fish, we take some and once the ride is done we pay them and thank them for their services.
We hurry on up onto shore and walk a few more hours towards town, Upon our arrival at the wooden gates, the guards inform us that today is Market day in town and to enjoy our day.
Exploring the Market of the town we inquire who we need to talk to about investigating the Mine.
We are introduced to Marcus Van Zont, Constable of the town who has visited with Mother Tolman twice, and offers to meet us up for dinner to discuss this later. He confirmed as well he had dealing with Freca.
There are 3 Inns in the town: The Reach, Silver Tavern, and the Lucky Strike.
We decide to meet up at the Silver Tavern Later. We continue to wander around and shop during the Market day and see a cow being taken out as a tribute with some gold to the dragon that is said to live in the Mines.
As it is now getting late we decide to head on up to the Silver Tavern to settle in and meet Marcus for dinner. Seeing him on the road himself we head him and his wife off, walking with them to the tavern.
Sitting now for dinner, Brand begins a quite conservation with Marcus inquiring about the dragon and other knowledge that may be needed for our endeavor. He recalls the curse of the giant and informs him that our adventures have leaded us all here in search of the Lance. Marcus then says that the dragon has not been seen in 3 months, but they keep paying the tribute in case he does return. They are uncertain if he is still in the mines, though he does let slip that there is a hoard of treasure there.
Durin smiles greedily at the mention of it, can’t blame him with that kind of money imagine all the research I can do! I may be able to get that 5th appendage I always wanted! The Inn keeper comes up and asks for our order. We offer him the fish from the fisherman and he agrees to cook this up for us with some of his own fixings as well. We then go about setting up a room for us for the night.
Once done we watch the lively entertainment that is upon us, Triplets! Singing and dancing. Not to mention Dallas our waitress isn’t a sight for sore eyes herself. Terisa looks uninterested. Well knowing this is one of our last nights to relax, I take and ale and enjoy the moment.
Brand, the others, and I offer to go and investigate the mines to determine if the dragon still lives within.
After the show is over we decide to settle in for the night. Our room is the Master suite this evening.
Before we can even think of bed however, a knock is heard at the door. A woman is there and it seems she knows that were going to investigate the mines and wants to come along. She keeps attempting the offer and our suspicions rise. Nick asks her “Why?”
She then introduces herself as Torim’s (Innkeeper) 6th daughter. The other five were the guards and the dancing Triplets. Her name is Lizbith. She then goes into telling us of her skills. Brand rallies us to accept the offer (Strange does he question Durin’s abilities?) Jason and the rest of us eventually agree and she departs. We plan on meeting up with her on the ‘morrow.

21st of Kythorn

Next morning is filled with fresh baked bread and baths prior to leaving. We then reenter town and refill any last minute items that we need or want for the trip. Heading northeast we eventually leave the market and up the path to the mines. Passing the tribute field where the cow and 2 guards are positioned watching the gold, someone says “your job stinks”.
Lizbith goes to the front and takes point and quickens the pace. Terisa follows next and the rest of us fall in line with Eldin and Durin trailing behind. Man is Terisa quite. No one had mentioned the mines were part of a Volcano did they? Sure looks like it as we approach. We travel and find a lava flow outcrop for shelter and rest for the night. We post watch and go off in to sleep.

Kythorn the 22nd

As we set off today we see a trail of dust along the trail. It appears that someone is following us! We move quickly trying to lengthen our distance from the people tracking us up the trail. We move from dawn to dusk with minimal breaks. Setting up camp for the night is our next priority.
Upon our second watch we are awakened by Giant Fire Ants! We watch in silence and hope they just pass on by not wanting a fight. They do move on ignoring us and after a bit we fall on back asleep.

Kythorn the 23rd

We hit the trail and move on up it. The entrance is huge! A 20’ stone boulder blocks it though! Dragon claw marks are seen all around it as well. Brand casts detect magic and a faint glow illuminates it. Nick wants to Stoneshape it.
We decode to try and move it first by strength. Terisa “Get the Armor” Jason then pulls it out and helps put it on her. When worn she will receive a strength boost. Hope it is enough.
Bull’s Strength potions and spells are used as well. Our first attempts appear to move it only slightly. All the while we can feel heat upon the stone, this is going to hurt. Terisa though getting frustrated puts in one final effort! She moves it 10’!
Brand not looking to good rests from exhaustion.
We hear metal clinking from down the trail. Our pursuers have found us! We prepare for an attack. Hey where’d Lizbith go? She goes running into the cave, I go after her!
The persuer’s appear to be Lizbith’s sisters.
I run on in the tunnel about 120’ with no luck in stopping her. I duck into a crevasse protecting myself from the heat/steam that’s blowing out the Volcano. With the heat “too hot to handle” I retreat on back to the others and report what I can.
The five women go on into the cave entrance after their sister, hope they have better luck.
Our party rets, heals, and casts resist energy in hopes of pursuit.

Kythorn the 24th

The next day we head on into the Volcano, only reaching where I had gone the day before the women are spotted with Lizbith in tow. She does not look happy. We walk along with them back on out to the trail. The triplets and Lizbith walk a bit away, out of ear shot. The two oldest sister Shama and Eldra stop to talk with us. They tell us they survive with use of a ring that provided protection with a Globe from Heat. It can protect up to 4 people if needed.
Shama then admits to a little of her family history. She mentions that Lizbith is a dragon in human form and that some of the other sisters are too, not naming a one. Lizbith wanted to return to the hoard.
Shama and Eldra then give us permission to enter the cave in hopes to collect the Lance and claim whatever you can carry only. The women then head on towards home Lizbith in tow.
With new resistance spells cast for us we enter the lair of the dragons and look for treasure. Durin takes point and peers down a ledge. Forever it goes into darkness he backs away and continues up the trail. Ascending up we go, Jason slips on up the trail. We catch him and keep going up. We approach a high ledge. Some of us muster our way up. Eldin then levitates the others and himself up. We enter the hoard. In our search we find the Lance! It’s was in the middle, that took some digging.

Turn out there is something magical about the lance. With the magic word “Phil!” it turns into a spear.

In the treasure we find:

3 Rings of Protection +1 (Brand, Nick, Eldin)
1 Ring of Spell Storing (1, 2, 3) empty
+2 Tower Shield, +2 Long Bow
Gauntlets of Strength +2
Necklace of Protection +2 (Barley)
Gold 100 gp each person
10,000 in assorted gems

7th Level!
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Yet another God wants to tell us what to do...
We enter the large cavern. it is dimly lit - and after some examination we realize the light there is comes from the large purple crystalline obelisks that are scattered throughout the cavern.

Brand casts detect magic and as far as the spell can reach, the only things glowing other than ourselves are the same purple obelisks that are creating the light.

We decide that since we're pretty well wiped out from battle and fatigued from opening the stone door; that we would rest the night here and proceed when full.

Nick casts remote viewing and examines the area around some pillars in the distance. He sees some coins, armor, a sword, a cat statue, a chest, and a body.

Durin is turned invisible by Eldin, and proceeds forward towards the area with the columns. Once he gets to a certain distance the light in the cavern increases and a further move also causes some kind of alarm to go off. Durin returns and reports that he mapped out the entire cavern completely and knows exactly where the alarm points are. Well, not really. He does know one point though. He moves along a different path and after he alarm goes off the next step causes one of the purple crystal obelisks to shoot him with an electrical shock. He's able to evade two attacks without taking any damage, but returns before trying his luck any further.

After some further experimentation we figure out that between the crystals is a sensor line that effectively covers the entire cavern. We try but cannot find a path around the outside of the crystals that doesn't run us into a wall.

We decide to try levitating one of us and floating towards the pillars. Durin bravely volunteers to be the victim ... er ... hero and get levitated. We determine that you need to stay above the crystals for this to work, but Durin is able to make it to the pillars and attach a rope that we can use to hand-over-hand back and forth to that area.

We bring Durin back and tie the rope to a stalagmite that leaves the rope above the crystal line. Durin goes back over and examines the area carefully, and finds a keyhole in one of the columns. He comes back to get the key and then proceeds to turn off the crystals by turning the key in the lock. It works! We proceed over and search the area. We find a book, no its a scroll, no its a book, no its a scroll, no ... whatever ... that contains the following entry:

My Love Terry,

Our daughter Teresa is at peace now by my own hands. I could not bring myself to utterly destroy her. I hope you understand. I will stay to ensure that the transformation does not occur and guard over her now and forever. I have activated the tomb. Live on with the knowledge that her last words were love for you. You were always the strong one. Live on for our children and the kingdom.


We have no clue what the transformation he refers to is. Searching the rest of the tomb, we find a key where the decaying body is. Moving his body further we find another keyhole opposite the first. Turning this key in the keyhole causes two sarcofagi to raise up out of the floor. One is pharoah shaped the other anubis shaped.

We open the anubis one first, which is empty. The second contains a body under a mask. As soon as the body is touched the dead body we found the key under animates as a wraith and screams "Noooooo.....". He moves toward the body and Nick who touched it but misses in his swipe at him. We implore him that she must be allowed to fulfill her destiny but he seems to ignore everything and just continues to scream No. Left with no other option, we must fight him. Nick channels positive energy and moves back. The wraith moves to continue to attack Nick, and drains constitution and causes some damage.

We continue to battle the wraith - those of us with magic weapons anyway.

Barley throws a bomb, missing the wraith and landing square on Jason, exploding as Jason starts yelling "Nooooo...". The wraith moves to continue his assault on Nick.

Brand goes around the pillar to attack the wraith -- and with a single mighty blow of his sword he dispatches the enemy. As he dies the wraith dissipates as the "Nooooo...." slowly diminishes into echoes.

Returning to the girl's body, we find that the body has a stake in it. We remove the stake and the body's flesh begins to reform. We put the stake back in and remember that we have a potion that we were supposed to give her. Barley pulls the potion out but instead of pouring it into her mouth, he drinks it intending to spit it back into her mouth but instead falls dead to the ground. Well, mostly dead. We grab his body and shake it over the body of the girl trying to get as much of the potion from his mouth into hers. Along with the little left in the vial. It does appear to do something as she reforms into a hot young girl (it's Bob's campaign of course...)

Jason is able to stabilize Barley at -9. And Nick is able to heal him further. Lucky bastard. What was he thinking!

As the body fully reforms we note that it has fangs and eventually wakes up. We nervously look around at each other wondering if this was a colossal mistake. She asks why she is awake and we relay our story to her over time. She notes that although she still appears to be a vampire, she does not appear to suffer from the hunger or have any desire to kill.

She tentatively believes us, but says she must consult the earth mother for further guidance. She dons the armor of the savior, but other than not being subject to its blurring effect there is no indication of what she needs to do. In addition she doesn't like the armor and puts her leathers back on. Hot chicks in Leather -- it is certainly Buff's campaign.

We leave the cavern with her and as we come out into the sunlight we see that the blue dragon we had encountered before is there waiting for us. To our surprise, Teresa says that the dragon is actually the earth mother. She approaches and begins to discuss her fate with the earth mother and we learn that our task is not complete. We must now:

1) raise an army
2) get the lance
3) find a good dragon to help us
4) defeat Arachne's dragon
5) drag Arachne back to our realm
6) win the game

Simple. We'll get right on that...

She says we should go after the lance to begin. And directs us that we will find friends in Brehome. We ask about Teresa, and she tells us that through the potion we gave her she has been converted into a "Daywalker". A Vampire that will not hunger for anything and is able to walk in the daylight. Good to know we won't be a snack come sundown.

We intend to head to Brehome next, not having any better ideas -- or a plan.

We go down the stairs on the side of the mountain to the valley floor and Teresa says that she would like to visit her family before departing with us. So we head to Cair Corwell to present them their new Vampire Queen.

After we meet with Queen Alicia and the heartfelt reunion of the Kendricks is over we tell her of our intent to raise an army and get her promise letter of three ships to join Gorgo's fleet once we enlist her aid. The Queen offers us transport to the mainland and we accept. They agree to take us as far as Zassaspur, where we can get overland transport east towards Brehome.
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Short spears
Throwing ax
chain mail
light steel shield
Clothes of Talos
+2 ring of protection-Jason
1000 gold
3 rubies-200 gold each
+1 dagger
+1 longsword
statue of Talos (Evil)
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Two Blue Dragons
10th of Kythorn

We spend the first two hours after the battle, looking for Jason. He seems to have disappeared. Looking carefully we find and pull him from maw of the beast.

After a short rest, we hear rustling. A small blue dragon enters the cavern and breaths lightning at us. We fire spells and Jason rushes in to battle the warm. It launches into flight again, and the battle continues. Another lightning bolt from the dragon and more spells from us along with the furious fists of Jason, the dragon flies.

Having used all of our spells, we decide to rest the day and recover.

11th of Kythorn

As we proceed further down the corridor, we reach an opening to the outside. As we step out we are confronted by a gigantic blue dragon. Jason and Barley approach the dragon. It asks for the vial Blood we were given for Savior. Jason places the vial in it's claw. The dragon hovers it's other claw over the vial of blood and it begins to glow.

Strangely, on the cliff face is a door???

Durin opens the door and locates a few footprints. He casts a spell and determines that it was left recently by a human. There were other prints, but nothing more discernible. A bit further we come across a door that opens into a living area with nothing of interest. A bit further we come across another door that opens into another living area.

Continuing down the corridor, Durin discovers a trap -- past which is a lever on the wall. Durin is certain that he has it disabled. However, Brand notices a lever on the wall past the trap and decides to make sure by using a mage hand to push the lever up.

We move forward and Durin triggered an Indian Jones Boulder trap. Durin jumps out of the way and Jason leaps over the boulder. Barley courageously sacrifices himself and jumps in front of the rolling boulder. However, in contest of mass, Barley looses and is flattened by the boulder. Eldin was squished as well. I move to the side but it still clipped me. Brand yells, "Watch this" and leaps gracefully over the boulder -- or at least that was the plan. Instead he lands on top of the boulder as it falls into the pit.

Durin's technique for trap disarm is a bit unorthodox, but does seem to be effective.

Well maybe not… As he moves forward, he triggers another trap and blades puree him -- leaving him like swiss cheese.

We pull Durin off the blades and I heal him. As we move forward, we here a clicking sound as we see a giant scorpion moving towards us. Jason moves forward to attack as we all ready for battle. Behind the scorpion are three humans. Suddenly an electrical creature appears behind Jason and next to me.

Filled with the power of Athena, Jason strikes the scorpion twice, killing it and then turns and strikes the electricity creature.

Barley steps up and throws a bomb that explodes into our opponents. Surrounded by foes, I thrust with my spear, missing the electrical beast. The beetles move forward and belch fire at Jason.

Another whirlwind of electricity appears next to Jason. We need to get to those spell casters!!!

Brand steps up and attacks with his sword that hits and bursts into flame, destroying one of the electrical beasts. Jason steps up and pummels the beetles to death, and I spear one of the electrical beasts -- seriously wounding it. It dies as Durin moves up to swing.

Eldin says, "enough is enough" and casts a fireball into the spellcasters - destroying two.

A beam of bright light strikes out and hits Barley. Eldin retaliates with another fireball killing another of the humans. Jason moves up and brings down another. Barley charges forward -- ignoring the damage from the electrical elemental.

The mage steps around the corner and creates a wall of wind in front of him. Strangely we are unable to move pass the wall of wind. This is a spell unknown to me (or in the Pathfinder books for that matter).

I channel healing for the group and after a few moments the wall disappears.

Jason rushes forward and after entering the chamber beyond is attacked by the mage. We rush forward to help Jason in the battle. However, before we can attack the mage, Jason attacks again and is able to kill the Priest of Tallos.

Searching the enemy we find:

- Mundane Equipment (hon magical swords, etc.)
- Ring of Protection +2

Brand notices that the wall looks "strange." Opening the secret door we discover a chest. Durin triggers the poison trap in the chest.

1,000 gp
3 - rubys 200gp each
+1 dagger
+1 Long Sword

The statue is to the god Tallos.

The next room we find appears to be a storage room. After some calculations, Brand is able to determine that we are near the original tunnel to the tomb. Using two stone shapes, I am able to create an opening to allow us to reach the tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel is a large boulder. I cast bull strength on Jason and the rest of us drink the potions of strength. After several attempts we finally coordinate and are able to push the stone up revealing the chamber beyond.
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The Way of the Wielder
Tarsak 22
We put on the armor and it points to the Moon Shae Isles. Ugg we were just there! We ask Gorgo for a ship to the Isles, and she says it will take a few days.

Tarsak 26
They begin packing up the ships. Gorgo says the Moon Shae Isles are ruled by High Queen Alicia. She lives in Caer Calidyrr. At dusk the three ships begin heading out. Gorgo gives us a letter and tells us to show it to Alicia.

Dear High Queen Alicia
I request that all aid that can be given should be given to these gentlemen. I find them of stout hearts and of doing of good deeds for the land. They are on a quest that is of upmost importance for the mainland that ultimately could involve your islands if not resolved forth with. At the time of the writing of this letter it is unknown what they are searching for on the Moonshae Isles. They believe they are looking for the Savior. May the Earth mother guide you in your endeavors and grant these gentlemen insight.
Your Servant
General Gorgo.

Tarsak 29
We begin closing in on the Moon Shae Isles. The Captain asks where we are headed. We put the armor on, it points to Caer Corwell. Does anyone else get the sense of déjà vu? We arrive at Caer Corwell give the sailors some money, and proceed shopping. We sell tridents, gold bars, jewelry, and a small strongbox. With the money we got we visit the shrine of The Earth Mother. We pay our respects and buy three cure moderate potions. We then spend the night at the inn.

Tarsak 30
We wake up, stretch and put the armor on. It points to the fort. We go to the fort and the assistant regent asks how can he help us. We ask to speak with High Queen Alicia. (This is her home town) He ssays she is not here, but can send for the regent. After an hour he comes back and says the regent is ready. We head in and find the regent sitting in a chair next to the throne. He welcomes us and introduces himself as Tanee. We and him the letter and we ask if we can put on the armor, and he doesn’t care. We put it on and it points to the throne, and slightly down. We ask if we can inspect the throne. He says sure, in a confused manner. We head to the throne and he stands near by watching. He says Alicia sits in the throne when she visits. Incrested on the throne is a rose. Tanee tells us it is the symbol of The Earth Mother. Which we know, the people here are followers of her. I sketch the symbol on a piece of parchment, and we put on the armor and it still points to the throne. We search again and this time Durin spots a small drower. He pulls it open and inside lays a key. We believe the drawer was made for the key. Tanee says he does not know anything about the key, but he will get his uncle. About an hour later an old man comes in and introduces himself as Oscar Putin, Tanee's uncle. He tells us he does not know anything either. We ask who built the throne, and he says the architect, but he is dead. He says he has a son and he will ask him if he can look for information in his father’s notes. We spend a few nights before he summons us.

Mirtul 3
We wake up, stretch, have a cup of coffee before he summons us. We arrive back at the fort and he announces the key is the key to High King Ulsten’s tomb. He tells us he has no clue where the tomb is located. Ugg. We ask around town and they say they don’t know where it is. Although we believe some are lying. We agree we have no other choice but to wait for the queen when she visits.

Mirtul 20
We once again for like the 30th time wake up, stretch, pick our nose and get summoned by Tanee. We arrive at the fort and find sitting on the throne an elderly woman. To her left sits her son, to her right sits an old man. She says the tomb holds the Ulsten and his daughter the savior, Teresa. For the location is unkown to her so she sends for the aunt.

Mirtul 21
For the millionth time we wake up, stretch, scratch our butt and get summoned. We arrive at the fort and find her aunt Regira and three others behind her. She says the Earth Mother has spoken to her and said she may breath life back into Tresa. Then Tanee hands us a map of the tomb and said the architect’s son found it. Regira tells us she had a vision and in order to successfully enter the tomb we need the following for potions.

12 Batwings
1 Piece of blue ice
1 The ash from a tree burnt by Fire Beetles
1 The subbark from a tree struck by lightning
3 Giant Ant legs
3 Skins from large toads

Mirtul 24
We head to a well known cave full of bats. Brandon quickly casts Fire Breath and that takes care of the bats quickly. Next on our to do list is to get Blue ice. We head up the mountain and find a some Blue ice. Brandon whips out a dagger and begins chiseling the ice. We put the ice in a vial and proceed back down. Two steps later out comes a ROAR! An ice Dragon slams down and blocks our path. Durin fires an arrow, with nothing else to do I let a Fireball rip. Now its his turn. He opens his mouth and shouts. FUS RO DAH! Barley and Brandon turn white in fear and run the other way. The Dragon thinks he did the job and flies away. Not sure if he was faking it we hide in the trees. We wait awhile and satisfied we get up continue moving, collect the subbark, and make camp.

Mirtul 25
Next on our list is the toads. Our guide tells us she knows where a swamp is, so we head in that direction. We arrive at the swamp and find a giant toad there. As soon as we kill it another pops up. And then another. We skin them and by then it is already evening and some of us are wounded so we make camp and go to sleep.

Mirtul 26
We decide we need the healing so we rest all day. Durin comes back with not dead game but a wolf companion.

Mirtul 27
We follow our guide, collect the ash and spot a giant ant hill. Nick conjures food. Four ants come out. Barley mixes a tangled bomb and throws it. With them tangled I cast Fireball. They die immediately. We quickly grab the legs and run. Looking behind us we see the Queen ant crawling out. We run even faster.
We arrive back at the fort and give Regira the ingredients and she tells us it will take a week. (Ten days)

She hands us potions.
1 Fly +20
1 Resist Cold
1 +20 Resist Fire
1 +30 Resist Lightning
3 +10 Resist Lightning
3 +5 Strength
Big Jar of Acid
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Epic × 2!
Potions Created
Potions Created

Golden - Fly (used)
Bluish - Resist Cold +20 (used)
Red - Resist Fire +20 (used)
Bluish w/Silver Flecks - Resist Lightning +30 (used)
3x Light Bluish w/Silver Flecks - Resist Lightning +10 (used)

5x Green - Strength +5
Jar of Lightish Green - Acid (to destroy rock)
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Traps, traps, and more traps ... did I mention the traps?
8th of Kythorn;

We are given potions made from the items we found to help us to get through the tomb, and she tells us hesitently that the tomb is not only the High King's,
but also The High Queen's Aunt, Theresa's. Because when Theresa died, he was so distraught that he buried himself with her in the tomb. which is when we head off
to the tomb. We travel along the ocean to the tomb, a stone wall with a small keyhole in the middle. Durin inserts the key, and turns both ways only to hear a stone
sliding, yet no movement. he turns the key to the right multiple times, and the door slowly opens upward. A landing is shown, and the party all steps onto the landing.
We look down a long hallway, we hear running water, and a light wind when Brand goes forth, tapping the ground with his bow until the floor falls away to reveal the
gorge. The party believes that the gorge is very deep, and 10 feet long, so Jason attempts to jump with a rope that we are holding, misses once and tries again only to
miss again. He falls and swings a little ways down the pit. He climbs up and attempts again with the help of Elden's levitate spell, except this time he crawls across
the wall while levitating. As he is crawling he springs a trap, which causes him damage. Now Barley takes the fly potion, but spits it out with his ability, and Brand
will also take the potion. They both try to pry the trap off of Jason in flight, but are unable. Now they pick up others in the party to try again to get the trap off
of Jason, and succeed. They then fly back and grab both Nick and Durin, and fly over the gorge.

We then see a bridge going upwards a little ways down the hall, which we believe to be the underground river. Durin makes his way down the hall checking for traps
after we all tie ourselves together. after a little while, he finds a wet area on the floor and in the distance, just above the water, there is a body that looks to be
dead. He was a priest of Talos, who died of Hypothermia, because the only way to go is a hallway that is filled to the brim with cold water, which is so cold that we
wouldn't make it far. So the party rests in the tomb for the night to try again.

9th of Kythorn;

Barley and Jason take the resist cold potion, and Nick cast air bubble on them, so
they go into the hallway, and are able to drain the water. when the party gets to the end of the hall, they all go across the bridge. with Durin checking for traps, when
he gets to the edge of the next cavern, he detects the trap, then, Barley and Durin take the fire resistence potion and go through the hall. after the flames come on
they sprint to the end of the tunnel right into yet another trap, Durin takes lethal damage and Barley no too far behind takes some damage. They message back to the party
that they're not dead, but still hurt. After many many tries, they both break loose and insert the key in the keyhole and disable the fire. the party gets back together
and moves onward down the hall. they eventually reach a part of the tunnel that is completely caved in, with a little hole in the middle. Durin crawls through, and when
he gets to the end, he sees a large, vast cavern, and hears something moving, which sounds like it's very large. Barley crawls to the end of the tunnel to look out
a little, and sees a large object in the cavern with what looked to be tantacles moving around. We rest in the hallway for the night.

10th of Kythorn;

Barley and Jason take the big lightning resistence potion, and Durin, Brand,and Elden take the small lightning resistence potion, and Nick casts bless on the
group. And we make our way into the cavern. We go in in pairs when the creature notices us and breathes lightning at us, but not before Nick throws a number of coins
that he cast light on, so now we may see. Brand makes his way toward the beast to cast fire breath to cause some damage. Elden then backs up to cast fire ball on it.
As we are attacking, barley proceeds to throw a bomb which explodes a head. The Hydra attacks again with lightning breath on Jason as he attempts to strike it but misses,
Brand then swings his vorpal sword at the beast and cuts off another head.

The battle continues as we do more and more damage to the hydra, it does not seem to be at death yet, but we know we are doing some damage. The party has killed
three heads, and it is almost dead. After the final head dies, the Hydra falls over in its defeat.
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Magic, Mirrors, and a Medusa!
Tarsakh the 21st.

Inside the fort, the priestess of Bane had just run away from her writing desk and down the hall. With that being done we enter the Pentagram Chamber. We do a search of the room and I locate 3 reagents I can use to restock my wares. We also find find a jar of some strange liquid. Curious, and against my better judgement I stick my finger in it, in an attempt to examine it.

Ahh! Once I made contact, it begins to crawl onto my skin! It climbs up my arm! I'm told to calm down and Bran Tries to freeze the ooze in place.
Jason want to see if alchemical fire will slow it down or neutralize it. This is one experiment I want no part of! I roll to the ground to extinguish the flames and inadvertently roll in to the pentagram tiles on the floor. Oh dear. Hurt I pass out.

The Pentagram fades as I roll into it, but the floor is scorched and burned. Acid is then thrown on the ooze killing the oozing blob.Nick grabs my arm(the one not in the pentagram) and pulls me out Channel healing everyone. Apparently the guys argue to grab my stuff, while I'm out. Instead they check both secret doors for any other "visitors".

Exhausted, we rest for the night having 3 watches. Eventually we do hear voices of the others looking for us. Bran and the other draw their weapons and listen quietly so as not to be heard.

After fruitless searching the others depart, not finding us.
Trying to revive me once again, Eldin and Nick try something new, He grabs for my ale! With A start I'm clutching the bottle! "What are you doing?" Realizing I was being healed, I give Nick some.

Tarsakh the 22nd

Durin , the first about checks the last secret door, thinking he disables it. Detecting magic, glyphs begin to glow on the door.
Eldin makes for Dispelling it and Durin proceeds to enter, confident in Eldin's abilities.
Durin Runs through the Pentagram in the floor and through into the other room in terror! His face has gone pale and white. He runs into a wall and knocks himself out, wounded.

Nick now hears voices approaching once more as we all move into the chamber again to check on Durin. Once healed we enter the next room. It appears to be a luxurious bed chamber! Adorned in silks and highly furnished with wardrobes, dressers, and a stand up mirror(currently covered by a sheet) this room lightens our hearts with hopes of heavy pockets! We search and locate a wand of magic missiles, a pouch of invisibility dust and locate a chest under the bed.Still searching we look behind the bed headboard. Durin then moves the bed and begins to examine the panel. He disables the trap and then sets one off! This guy needs more practice, that's twice now he's been hurt.

We find the mother-load! 3000 in gold bars! a ruby necklace(1400gp),
earrings 600gp, and some scrolls cure serious and a darkness.
The chest contains 1000sp.
Cautiously after we check out the mirror. Suddenly the walls moves! It reveals a narrow hallway.Jason peaks in, Durin follows. Voices can be heard as they approach the end.

Killing time Eldin talks to his Kitty Meow Meow. Can't believe we're both from the Meerlock Veil,(outside Moonshae) maybe he was adopted.

Meanwhile Durin at the other end of the hall opens up the door slowly with Jason. It begins to creak and scrape on the stone floor as they do. They stop and closing it now they re-latch the door. Durin takes front and checks the other door, more glyphs! We're lost I knew it!

Jason, Putting the armor on, tries to locate the next piece. Determining our direction we head back into the mirror tunnel. We enter the room, no longer hearing noises, and close up door. We head on down a corridor towards an open pit! Where the heck are we? Durin check and locates another trap a pressure plate. Durin set's it off once more, we come to his rescue.Worried about Durin, we are ambushed! Fighters in the hallways coming right for us!

We attack the fighter! or the one's not stuck in the pit do anyway.
Jason attempting rescue drops the others and the rope slips! I throw a bomb. Doh! I missed and dropped my bow to the pit!
Eldin single handily blasts them with magic missiles, fending them off as we rescue the others.
A bomb hit! BOOM! We take out the first group of fighters. Alas the guys are still slipping down the rope, this is not working!
Ahh I'm hit! There is more!
Eldin distracted by the battle says! Oh wait! I can Levitate you guys on out, cover me!
Jason moves on out to join the fray. Nick helps Eldin.
I jump over the pit, throwing another bomb. I hit two more attackers.
Flanked I'm hit from the side! Crap! it's the Priestess.
Durin and Bran make it out of the pit. Terrorized by the priestess, I turn and run! I fall in the pit.Ahh!
Bran,Durin, and Jason move over the pit and advance in attack formation, stay on target!
The Priestess emerges and so does her guard! The guard in the lead takes on Jason and Durin.
Is it possible? a stinking cloud is entering the pit! I'm dying!

Durin kills off the guard, running from the stinking cloud of Tim.

The priestess turn and assaults Jason with her mace! Jason falls.
Eldin Jumps the pit to give Jason a potion.
Terrified of that evil Priestess and dying of gas vapor, I exclaim "Close the door,Close the door"! Save me!!!
Revived Jason attacks and hits the priestess, The battle rages on to and fro go the blows. Wait where did she go? She just vanished.

The battle over Nick gets within range and heals us all. Durin comes back opening the door, no longer in terror, I grab my dropped bow and climb up the rope they have sent down. I climb on up.
Asking what happened, I am given the update of the fight and how the Priestess may have teleported. Going to the summoning room we rest.

Tarsakh the 23?
3rd day in the fort dungeon.

Reentering the pentagram room, we examine the amulet we had forgotten to do earlier. Using Mage hands we gather it from the shelf.
It's a protection from evil amulet, gold too. "Shazbut" need I say more?

Jason acquires it. Once more we venture off to locate the last piece of the armor. Durin leads us to a chasm, Durin disables the rock trap. Ever so carefully we make our way across. Whew! It worked! We walk on down to a door way. It's a prison cell. Without opening it we question the prisoner, It's Sandra the Medusa! I quickly put on my smoked goggles!
She is chained to the chest containing the armor. Working out a truce we offer to free her in exchange for out non stone-like lives. However she is frightened of Ikar and Markesa, the blonde woman. Ikar seem to be the 2nd in command strong type.
Sandra had served Ikar. Remembering the mirror in the bed chamber and realizing it's protective uses we go and gather it, bringing it back to the prison cell hallway and set it up.

Jason, Durin and Barley are chosen to free the Medusa.
Durin for his lock picking, Jason and our Muscle, and Me Cause with my Goggles I can see better to guide the others.
Blindfolding the other to we enter. I direct Durin to work telling him not to look up at her. Jason heads for the chest and stands watch. The Medusa free, she parts with "Goodbye my Pretties". I move to the hallway to watch her through the set up mirror as she departs peacefully. Hears Durin ask for Help I head over to assist on the lock and the chest.
We have the Helm!

Clearing out the area and waiting a bit for Sandra the Medusa to pass through we venture slowly on out the way we had come. We make our way on out of the fort with no other encounters, Barley guiding the way. The other fighters were either petrified to stone or were concentrating on the direct assault of the fort by General Gorgo!. Making it through the tunnels we arrive back on the beach, escaping!

Taking in the view, we see the keep ablaze and under siege. Time for some Ale!

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It took forever to get through the front door
Tarsakh 21

Someone is looking around the corner then disappears. Nick runs up and shoots his crossbow. Barley runs up too. They notice a trap and avoid setting it off. We hear yelling from down the passage. Durin tries to disables the trap and fails to not set it off. A wall of spikes comes swinging around the corner hitting Durin, Barley, Nick, and Brand. Durin ducks and it hits Barley full on. Brand almost jumps out of the way.

While the others try to move past the trap and enter the fight, I'm trying to hack into the DM's wireless router so we can all get Internet access. No spell will provide the password so Jason moves to surround the enemy (with Brand's help.) As he flees, Jason attacks and kills him. SOLO-KILL!! Several arrows hit me. Just a flesh wound.

Brand casts Burning Hands and gets four of them. Eldin uses Color Spray, stunning some of them. Durin misses. Barley whips up a bomb and whips it, taking one out. The splash from the bomb takes out another. I jump on a barrel and kick the front guy; he goes down. SOLO-KILL!! Nick does a Sound Burst and stuns one. Another attack on me (shouldn't be standing on this barrel.) Ouch!

Spells… arrows… bombs… flurry of blows… swords… yada yada yada…. The bad guys who are still alive (two of 'em) retreat. From around the corner we hear "release the hounds!" And here come the puppies. Brand does a Burning Hands and catches the wolves, killing one. Durin downs another. Not wanting to hurt the dog, Jason moves past to attack the guard but he nips me.

The hot, evil, female priestess of Bane attacks me but I resist her terror. Bob won't let me use my elixir of love on her. The wolf turns to attack me from behind - another bite. Brand flanks the dog and kills it. Barley throws a bomb and kills her. Jason finishes off the wolf guard. SOLO-KILL!! And another SOLO-KILL for me!!

Ah, the priestess of Bane is not dead, she stands up and summons more puppies. More attacks back ad forth. Jason withdraws for Nick's healing burst. She retreats down the passage and is gone. The dog runs away. Nick heals everyone.

We continue through the tunnel. We take the left passage. Durin is suppose to be with Jason so he can look for traps but he decides to let Jason go ahead on his own. Jason falls into a pit with spikes at the bottom. His monk training helps him to slow his decent so he takes minimal damage. Jason climbs up the other side of the pit. Durin tries to jump across and falls in. Nick falls in when he tries to jump the pit. Once we're on the other side, there is a door. We hear someone writing furiously inside the room. Durin opens the door while Brand casts Color Spray. A female elf looks up and claims to be on our side. Apparently her purpose is to be Markessa's double so that we'll think she's dead. When we tell this elf that the guards are dead, she leaves the dungeon. We search the room. There is a large mirror that gives Nick a funny feeling, like someone may be watching. We cover it with a blanket. Brand and Jason find a secret door in the back of the room. Durin checks for traps but finds none. Brand opens the door. Durin goes in first, followed by Brand and Jason. Once again, Durin fails to detect the trap and springs the blade. That's two now, Durin. There are two door here. Durin is absolutely convinced these are not trapped. As he pushes the door open, we hear a smack on the other side of the door. Opening the door knocked over a board. The room is musty, there is a pile of leaves in the corner. We close the door. The other door leads to a simple bedroom. This room is Markessa's room. There is a strand of blond hair on the bed.

Back to the musty room. As Durin goes through, he's attacks by a minotaur. Barley move into the room and shoots an arrow. The minotaur attacks Barley. Nicks casts Battle Rage on Jason. Jason says "I'm so angry" and hit the minator (for some extra damage.) At this point the minotaur is well flanked by four of us. Durin does manage to kill the minotaur but only after the rest of us do great damage to it. Nick provides some healing.

One door leads out. Durin finds the trap this time. He moves the board that's in plain sight out of the way. The hall opens in a "Y". This area is dusty. No one has been here in a long time. Back in the minotaur room we find a secret door. Durin checks for traps and then sets it off while opening the door. He's knocked unconscious and is down to one hit point. Nick revives him. Beyond the door is a pentagram on the floor, in the center of the pentagram is an amulet. Both are magical. There is a white candle (unlit) at each point of the pentagram, also magical. Shelves on the wall with jars. A bin on a wall contains something magical.
Session: Game Session - Friday, Nov 16 2012 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Chess 23

We review our options for future. We can (1) attack the pirates to try and recover the helm (and die again...) or (2) check with general Gorgo to see if she needs help preparing for her attack of the pirates, or (3) go back to the tower and reconnect with the sage, or (4) map out the portal network further.

We know that once we recover the helm, we will need to find the wielder of the armor (rumored to be a woman, as its always been a woman that wears the armor). Perhaps we can do some research to find her.

We spend the night in portal A - after which Nick prays for spells in the morning, and asks for divine guidance at the same time. He asks Athena "what do we do next?" and in true godly fashion she responds "that depends...". But a vision of soldiers boarding ships appears to him and we decide that apparently Athena wants us to help Gorgo in the attack on the slaver pirates.

Chess 24

We take portal number 2 - to Meerlock vale in the Moonshae Isles of Gwynneth. Heading south past Gwynneth Lake (and stopping for a fresh seafood lunch, compliments of Brand), we proceed towards Caer. We camp at the south end of the lake but nothing happens. Fish again for breakfest and we we reach the gates of Caer Corwell.

Chess 25

We head to the wharf and find a ship leaving tomorrow for Lantan. The captain wants 10 gold each, which seems very steep. Barley happily pays him the 60 gold for our passage, and we plan for our luxurious sea adventure to Sanbar. The ship is transporting hardwoods, and does not provide the level of service we were hoping for considering the price.

As we plan to leave Caer Corwell, Donegal informs us that he has decided to go his separate way and pursue his love of musical theater.

Chess 26

We spend the first day and night at sea uneventfully. Brand and Barley had a spell of sea sickness but are better now.

Chess 27

The evening of the second day we sight Lantan, but the captain is cautious and waits for morning before making the turn into the channel to Sambar.

Chess 28

The next morning we head in and pull into port in Sambar around noon. We head to see general Gorgo, but she is busy so we wait for her to free up. After about an hour Padme comes to get us and leads us to Gorgo. She informs us that she will be ready to attack in a couple of weeks, which is ahead of schedule. She warns us that when the attack starts the pirate leaders may flee and take the helm with them and we may want to plan for that possibility.

Tarsakh 18

The preparations for the attack are complete and we join the General on her flagship, the Titanic, headed for Drachensberg and sweet sweet victory.

Tarsakh 20

The ships reach Drachensberg and the battle begins. The troops disembark and quickly take the shorline. We remain on the Titanic with Gorgo until the battle is well under way and we can sneak around to the back door into the keep. The army gathers on the shore and plans to move out the next morning.

Tarsahk 21

The army moves up the road towards the fort and runs through a hastily constructed blockade to take positions with their seige engines and begin to lay seige to the fort.
We split off and proceed to sneak in through the back door. We find the wharf and the road that continues on the other side but is very hard to see. We head up the trail to the opening into the mountain. As we approach we see guards near the opening, but we note that they've seen us as well. There are four guards and Eldin starts the battle with magic missiles striking one of them. Brand hits one with an arrow and Barley prepares a bomb to hurl. Jason sprints up the remaining fifty feet to the barrier in front of the guards and hurdles the barrier into attack position. Meanwhile, Barley hurls a bomb and hits one. Between some arrows, spells, and Jason's fisticuffs we defeat the foes, but unfortunately not before one of them scampers back down a tunnel in the mountain.

We follow down the tunnel, but the escaped combatant is nowhere to be found. So we regroup and proceed cautiously into the vaguely familiar group of tunnels back towards where we know the keep is.

After a while we come to a fork in the tunnel and far above us is an opening to the outside. It is described as a "big-ass hole with bush all around it". After about a half-hour of laughing we're finally able to continue forward. Durin and Eldin proceed with a confused look on their face -- while the rest of us are winded from all the laughing.

As we pause under the hole a giant bee flies down through the hole and proceeds down one of the tunnels. We decide to go the other way.

Another ways into the mountain and we come to a sort of cross-roads. We recognize one of the tunnels as leading to the giant ants we encountered before, and decide to take the tunnel further south and hope for a better path back west towards the keep.
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