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    Description:Brand is 6'2" tall and 205 lbs. He has a somewhat gruff but commanding presence, but lives by the talk softly and carry a big stick philosophy. His short cropped brown hair and gotie complete the picture.
    Background:Brandon is an airplane mechanic working mostly freelance associated with the corporate jet terminal at Dulles airport in Washington, DC. He has a BS in mechanical engineering, but finds that he enjoys working on planes more than he would any desk job. After high school, Brandon enlisted in th...
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    Donegal Fry Human/M/Rogue/5
    "Everything changes, might as well live with it."
    Description:At 5' 10" with an athletic 180 lb build and Saturday matinée idol looks (never a hair out of place and a perfect smile), Donegal would seem to be quite the ladies man until he opens his mouth. His vanity and swagger can make him hard to get along with. At 46 years old, his chance to be a star...
    Background:A professional actor by trade, Donegal Fry blames some of his lack of success on his agent for giving him a pseudonym from the menu of an Irish restaurant. Skilled but undiscovered, Donegal toils in off off Broadway productions, traveling play companies, and in small parts in TV and film. He can ...
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    Nickolas Propos Human/M
    Description:Nickolas is 26 years old, 6' 1" tall, and 177 lbs. Taking after his father, Nickolas has a relatively dark complexion that gets darker in the summer. He prides himself in his clothing and appearance, always ensuring that he is appropriate attired. Usually very sure of himself, Nickolas can...
    Background:Nickolas Propos is the concert cellist for the New York Philharmonic. He is the only son of Nickolas (Professor of Mathematics at Columbia University) and Mary Propos (Violinist, New York University). From the age of 5, Nickolas showed a talent in both mathematics as well as music. He playe...
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    Ryan Duncan Human/M
    Description:Male Single 35 Handsome Sometimes fascinating at parties at other times can suck the life out of them.
    Background:CIA Research nerd. Spends all his spare time pouring over CIA intelligence data Reads obscure books about governments, people, and countries Has written several equally obscure books Reads Travel novels and books Vacations is wierd unknown places Has a knack for picking up languages Flu...
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    Description:Half-American, half-Chinese, 27 years old, international martial arts film star. His father was in the marines. While stationed over seas, he met Jason's mother while visiting Hong Kong. Growing up, Jason had access to various martial art masters in Okinawa and China. Attended college in the US ...
    Background:Ok, he's more of a supporting actor, usually a henchman who dies early in the film but he should have the leading role. His agent is trying to promote him as the next big international action file star but while he is recognized in pop culture his popularity in the US is minimal at best. Although...
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    Barley EnHopps Elf/M/Stkr/Alchemist/8
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    Eldin Elf/M/Sorcerer
    "The mind is the best weapon you can ever have."

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