THE LEGACY OF LAW CHAPTER 2: Welcome to the Lands of Mists and Veils.

The world has changed and evil sits on the throne of good. The heroes of time destiny has now come, save the world and return it to its original glory or let the people of Glorian face the dread of MARKOV. Will a once good world ever be that again? It is up to you hero and you alone to fulfill the Legacy of Law and rewrite history the way it is suppose to be!

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The new quest on top of another quest and another

This adventure is really starting to turn, wind, and bend like it ain't no body's business. New people are appearing and joining the group so fast I can barely keep up with it all. The newest character to the bunch seems to be a redneck scientist with a kick ass gun that virtually destroyed a young adult red dragon. Luckily I was able to deliver the killing blow with my arrows and now Bane, Damak, and me are going to feast on the beasts heart. This scientist also has a funny way of dealing with magic too, for example he tried to throw a bomb at a wall and wouldn't you know went right through...amazing, it really felt and looked like a real wall. As for learning how to control the power side of me, that might take a while. The barbarian Bane went into rage again when we were fighting the dragon and I felt myself almost being able to go into the rage myself but I was unsuccessful for the feeling left as fast as it came. I will figure it out one day, hopefully in the near future. After killing the young adult red dragon we continued up the mountain where we encountered a cavern and Aramius was able to pull off a very gutsy move. He was able to sneak in and out of the cave, while he was in the cave he saw another red dragon that looked to be twice the size of the one I just killed. Thank the gods he was very very sneaky and was able to get the treasure and get out of the cavern without waking up the sleeping dragon, otherwise we may have been screwed. At any rate, we have one piece of a three piece broken amulet and we are off to find the next two pieces. It will be interesting to see what adventures lie before us.
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Thoughts of the Mind

Nothing seems to be making sense. I have met up with this new crew of very interesting individuals and suddenly my whole life as I know it seems to be changing. Everything I once knew and thought was set in stone, and has suddenly turned upside down. In the beginning I was working for Marcoff, now there are apparently two Marcoff’s. One of them is purely evil and trying to take control of the city, which I can totally see him trying to do. The other Marcoff we found old and captured somewhere below the temple district. When we were able to release him he vanished and suddenly he was gone, with his mysterious ring now on the finger of Reylan Greycloak’s.

I must get back to the roots of my original quest. I must take vengeance for the murder of my father, even though I killed the vampires that murdered him. I got close to it once when I was in the New Azlanti City, however not close enough. I must go back and find clues leading to the real Azlanti City so that I may find the ancient vampire Sir Unious Macuva.

I wish I could stay, having made some new friends. One in particular is my favorite [insert Stephanie’s character here] and I will miss her greatly. We click great together with her humor and sweet disposition and my fiery temperament. I will return to her soon, but alas for now I will go to where I found the Tale from the old text about the Azlanti City and avenge the death of my father. I am torn because it is possible in their blind and crazy staggering this group may just stumble on other clues to help me, so I will have to check in on them from time to time.

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Session One: A city in Peril
Our heroes heard aid was needed in a new city of the world. The pathfinder society requested the aid of the following pathfinders: Artamis, Damak, Trigg, Jardan, Carin, Kreevas, and Zeek. They traveled from the great city of Eradar in to the Mhagni jungle, days past, before they reached the golden magical city of Saventh-Yhi.

They immediately were ushered past customs, finding out that guns were illegal within the city walls and coming into there first encounter with Malidius, captain of the Sargaven government.

They then arrived into the goverment district and let inside the Emperors palace, and there sat in front of the the emporer of Saventh-yhi, Yanos Adrin. Yanos spoke up and offered them a contract to eradicate the city of the crime it had encountered for the past three months. With this agreement would give them parts of land surrounding the city, and also 5000 gold.

They all accepted the agreement, and moved on.

They went to obtain a city watch license soon finding out almost any license in the city could be obtained for 10g from one person Caligula a small dwarf woman. Trigg obtained an engineers license ontop of her city watch license.

Learning of the three ins and the fact that there room and board would be given back to them the gnomes decied to stay at the "Lonely Maiden" which apeared to be a brothel, which is illgall in saventh-yhi. Why, how and who was allowing this to go on?

Everyone else stayed in the broken shoe. There nights rest was uneventful intill some thugs decided to shoot up there rooms.

The chase was on as a few thugs were caught turned in, and the hunt was on for the next two days. Finding out of an alchemist shop that is a drop box for weapons. Drugs, and such.

It was time to help someone they went for a thugs family, and ended up in the residental district being surrounded by an unwelcoming amount of thugs. As they went inside the house drugs where piled up on the table. Didnt take much talking and the kids came out from the basment. The fighting began and drugs flew through the air and everyone ended up high and fighting. They took a brothel girl who was running the show as a prisoner, some stayed behind and learned, that the mercanaries, and the sargaven gov, were working for a certain individual. Who was this mystery man?

Then the most tragic of event happened... Its uttered through the steets... Yanos had died.
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