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Imagine: A Brave New World;.. Imagine a mythic land, with an ancient history, rich in lore and legend. The land of Olderth. Ravaged by arcane magic and aeons of civilizations long forgotten. A new age is beginning; The age of mortals.

The spark of creation has ignited again, as new races are borne. The young human race has been around, for but a blink of an eye, in relation to the lifespan of Olderth. Now, races; ancient and modern, set forth to brave the new frontier. What will happen, when worlds collide? You have been humbly invited to decide the future of Olderth.

Your spirit is called, from across the Ether, through the Plane of Astral existence, to this thriving material tapestry of life. Will you be a stranger, in a strange land, embodying an ancient race, like the observant, tree-dwelling, elven-kind, or their deep dwelling drow cousins? The Dwarves of legend have come forth from their mountains, and for the first time in history, dabble with humans, realizing the potential, for greatness and destruction, of this newborn race. Perhaps you may decide to embody a Dwarf? Or will you embody a younger race, that of a halfling? The down to earth river-folk, whom get a along well with most homid races. Nay, perhaps the Lizardmen are your calling? Ravaged by thousand of years of conflict with the Serpentines and Dragonfolk , their tribal clans are scattered, and seek new beginnings, in new lands.

Mayhaps you come from the realm of the true fey (fae). A Nixie, Pixie, Farie, or Gnome. A Redcap, Troll, Dryad, or Faun? These creatures dance in two worlds at once, unweaving the divide, between dreams and and waking life. Maybe you care not for their bad puns? Ahh, maybe the bastard life is the life for you? A half-bread; half-human. Half-Orc, Half-Elf, Half-Halfling ;) or otherwise.

Maybe a mythical race is your true calling. The Minotaur, The Animen (Animal Headed Humanoids, or legged, why the hell not?) The Centaurs, The Tremen (Tree folk, saplings of The Ents), The Niomus (bat-winged humanoids that dwell on windswept peaks), The mysterious Merfolk, Harpies or Sirens? Or do you like the idea of, Ogres, Hobgoblins, or Bugbears? Perhaps not.

Perhaps you wish to embody a creature touched for the Outer Planes? A Tiefling, An Aasimar, A Genasi, or Para-genasi. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe you wish to lead the simple life of an animal, or maybe a shape-shifter, of whatever sort you can imagine. Perhaps the idea, of being a Goblin or Kobold, whom am I to say no? Maybe your a strange one, (yes I will hold it against you) and want to see the world through the lens of an animated object, a Candelabra, a Backpack, a Sword lamppost or stool, or otherwise. Haha, Maybe a Golem of sorts sounds fun? Rock, clay, mud or obsidian? Maybe an intelligent skeleton?

Of course, you don't have to embody a demi-human. The newborn race is a very special one. Humans come from many different backgrounds. The main choices, so far in this campaign, are The Norse; with pagan blood, and Viking lineage, the Norsemen, are the first of borne of the humans. Hailing from the Northern lands, where their many tribes do conflict. Some are bloodthirsty savage and rape and kill, whilst others seek to flee their blood strewn tundra, for new lands, and new beginnings. The Native humans are the second borne. Nomads and hunters, whom worship the land and mother nature. They live peacefully amongst each-other, for the most part, avoiding man whom would no sooner kill their own brother, for a bag of gold or, plot of land. They do not understand such ownership or greed, pure of heart, the land gives all they need. The Southern humans, are third to the list. Their oriental culture is rich, and their knack for survival is part of their heritage. Alas greed has struck some, in the desert, raiders and slavers become. Some flee, but more stay, under the hope of better days, when am uprising will free their states. But not all rulers of the desert are heartless. Many traders and merchants look upon the land with fondness. The humans from the East are, yes, Asian in culture. In many forms they come, but first comes their honor. More on them soon enough, if you are interested, do not be afraid to ask. And of course their are the amazons, the people of the far off jungles and swamps. And the (Conan-esk) barbarians of the rich fields. Herders of horses, and long distance runners. All these races human or otherwise, come from every walk of life, in every shape colour and size. Lastly their is the European-Esk Humans, whom inhabbit the kingdom where the campaign begins. There culture is rich, with castles and knights, lords ladies, wenches and peasants. A superstitious breed, whom has promise for excellence.

Whensoever you feel, that you can't decide, let me know and we can go over what you like. On a final note of races, if you have an idea that isn't covered above, do let me know, for your imagination is the limit. Again you have been humbly invited, to join a world, to be shaped by your choices.

My homebrew Campaign, (Estimated start date; End of February, Beginning of March) Using the rules light Castles and Crusades system. All are welcome. The game is actually 1/2 over skype and 1/2 face to face. As my main group in real life, is taking part in this game. So players will be plenty, don't be surprised to come across other groups of players, from time to time. New players are welcome, even if you've never role-played, for it is my job, nay my duty, to open the game, as a hobby, as an art to all generations, just be warned that I expect you to put in just as much as you expect in return, and over time we shall have a wonderful world to explore. Don't mind my odd rhyming, I got carried away while writing, please do excuse my lousy timing. And do spread the word if your are interested, do not hesitate to invite your friends. Send me a message, And, I will write you back within the day, that's a promise. I aim to be ready by the beginning of March, but I have much preparations to do, so you have time, to decide your part. I am using many house rules, which shall be posted soon. Some of which are relevant, to creating your goon. The only restriction that I must impose and forewarn; I need only mature players, who will buy in to the story and give back just as much. Also some of the content, requires a mature mind. From dealing with explicit descriptions of blood and gore, to nudity and sexual themes, as well as cultural issues. I do not wish to offend anyone, all words are that of the character spoken and not my own opinion. If you wish to hear my opinion of any philosophical subject, their is much time before and after session to discuss such riff-raff. So if you know you can deal, with mature issues, that enhance the story to become that much more richer and believable than you are welcome, send me a message, if your interested, and welcome, to A Brave New World...

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