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Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot.
'Quick' recap since last session:

  • Thorgar blessed himself, sundered his warhammer, and cast Spiritual Weapon. He beseeched the Mother to let him control the holy sword Gwydain, up on the ship.
  • This failed, but instead summoned Gwydain to him. He can now wield it, and it has taken the following form:
  • Gwydain Lightgiver / Lighttaker: +2 Short Sword; treated as a (lawful) demon for purposes of spells; in presence of Chaos, glows as if just pulled from the forge (brighter depending on how powerful the Chaos) - while glowing, +1d3 damage; on a natural 20, severs a being's tie to the world (ie: banishes/slays it).
  • Clive drove off the minion of Shiraz which was attempting to negotiate with us.
  • Thorgar cast Holy Sanctuary. On the first attempt, he only got a 15, but on the second attempt, he got a 32. He used the resulting 10,000 square foot area to incorporate the fleeing ship (then just a speck on the horizon), making it a permanent holy sanctuary (and stopping Shiraz' minions if they attempt any further hostile actions vs. Jack or Jake).
  • Clive then flew off to Mountaintop with the elf chick, while Thorgar and Adric began to fly off after the ship. The ship soon pulled away from them due to it's superior speed. Thorgar cast Second Sight, and got a general idea where the ship was heading (towards Shiraz's tomb).
  • Thorgar and Adric needed to rest part-way there, and found a safe-seeming place high up on a sheer cliff. They both dropped off to sleep, and woke up in the Contillion of Somnus (god of dreams). Specifically, they could move around and had all their stuff, but could still see their bodies, sleeping on the cliff face.
  • They were invited in, but were stopped by guards, who said they needed to be wearing masks... like the rest of the guests. Adric asked for a bird mask (like one of the guards)... which appeared in his hand. Thorgar asked for a faceguard as on a war helmet, but seemingly made of fine, brittle light-blue crystal. They put on their masks and entered. Adric tried taking his mask off again briefly, and sensed he would wake up if he continued.
  • In the foyer, they saw many vaguely familiar people milling around, and overheard snippets of conversation. They were informed that they had until thirteen chimes ('dings') to find Somnus, and be granted their heart's desire. As they passed through later rooms, 'dings' would sound when passing a door, or interacting with various encounters. They saw three doors, and took the west one. Conversation: "T Rex's name is Thule: once a mighty sorceror"
  • They entered a room of dancers, with musicians playing up on platforms. Thorgar strode out into the room, attempting a dance like a military march, but stumbled, and fell through a floor seemingly like quicksand. The wall of the room turned into a demon's face and sucked him in. Adric let himself be sucked in as well, to follow (a 'chime' sounded for each of them being sucked in). Conversation: "Azagoche will tip the balance of the coven back".
  • They found themselves in a hallway stretching left and right on into infinity. Thorgar tried flying some ways, but saw no apparent difference. He tried again with his eyes closed: no luck. He then turned around and walked backward... another ding sounded, and a peephole appeared in the wall. They both drank gaseous form potions and went through the peephole, after spying out the room first.
  • They found themselves in another room of dancers... this time with swords, and performing dangerous-seeming maneuvers. Still in gaseous form, they crossed the room & tried to pass through the door. Adric turned back to normal (another ding sounded), while Thorgar was able to pass through. Adric then opened the door and followed. Conversation: "The angry are angriest before the end of an age"
  • They found themselves in a large room with an outside and inside section. In the outside section Thorgar chatted with a female dwarf... and afterward turned into a female dwarf himself. They found their way blocked by locked double-doors to the north.
  • In the inner section, they spoke with a cat who gave them the following riddle, and disappeared: "mouse and moth, hare and frog: name each to each, and turn back time". This corresponded with animal statues in the room... Thorgar touched each statue and said the corresponding name: "Cat - Mouse", "Owl - Hare", "Heron - Frog", "Bat - Moth". This 'good' ding signaled time turning back... basically countering one of the previous dings.
  • They read some writings on some of the doors in the room, and passed on to the east. Conversations: "Korpu have served the toad fiend before, and shall again"; "The Falling Star sails still"; "You're Agzag"?; On doors: "Here passed I, en route to unknown - CAD., RC., 1927"; "I dreamed in this place, Rand Cart"
  • They passed through another room of dancers... this one a complex group dance that they were unable to pass properly... they ended up shoving their way through the dancers and taking a 'ding'.
  • They arrived in a feast-room, packed with many exotic dishes. An emaciated man led the feast, and bid Adric to try the 'pixie wings'... they're delicious, said he. Adric ate the, and got +1 Luck, but also a ding. Thorgar at some Dragon Tail, and also got +1 Luck (but no ding). They asked the man about a silver key on an adamantine necklace he was wearing. He asked them to name the sleeping giant... Adric luckily remembered it written on the wall of the peephole they passed through, and they got the key. Conversations: "Megalon is a house-shaped beholder"; "The shadow-rats worship a ruby the size of your head"; "Severak watches Lucky - his chance will come"
  • They returned to the locked double-doors, and used the key to pass through. They entered a room of dancers passing from east to west... along the way turning from infants to dead bones. Thorgar had a bad feeling about flying over a dark pit, so they flew up the east stairway instead, and met Somnus. He bid them to step forward and state their wishes.
  • Thorgar wished to rescue Lucky Jack and Blind Jake - recovering the ship and foiling Shiraz's minions in the process. Somnus told him: "The deamon's name is "yyraggxag", command him"... he then woke up. Presumably Adric wished for something as well, then woke up.
  • In the aftermath, it sounds like we may be able to return later, as we had a few 'dings' left, and hadn't yet explored all the rooms.
  • Thorgar and Adric flew away from a large, strange creature (size of a horse, cross between an alligator and a bear?) watching them where they lay, and arrived at the tomb (using Second Sight to help home in on it).
  • Thorgar got close enough to call 'yyraggxag' (the daemon on the ship's prow), and command it to "bring the ship to us, and then free Lucky Jack"). After a short delay, it did so... with Shiraz's minions nowhere in sight (fled? destroyed?)
  • Thorgar healed Jack from his wounds sustained on the rack, and they found Blind Jake with a nasty wound on his chest... and turned into a Vampire! Thorgar pondered his fate... the Mother surely would not suffer a vampire to 'live', but if there were a way to save him? He also pondered the nature of Shiraz's minions... What power allows them to teleport around in this way? How much do they know about our ship? What were their plans for Shiraz's belongings, and for Blind Jake?
  • The group flew the ship back to Mountaintop, to chat again with our 'monk' friend over a hearty dinner. Thorgar plans to regale him with tales of the dream world, to see if any of the conversations mean anything to him... or if his reactions to any of them reveal anything about himself.
Session: What? I said I Got Your Ship...... - Wednesday, Jul 31 2013 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Epic × 2!
The things below...
The unholy garden has been taken by the Mother as hers. What remains still stinks but has a more organic feel. At least we have a place to retreat if need be. A few rods further demonstrated that this is a very good thing to have.

I noted that if I never saw or smelled the sea again I could be content for the rest of my life. This goes for anything with tentacles as well. The Mad God we work against must hold these things holy because time and time again they seem to be springing up in the oddest places.

Thorin's armor worked well, too well. When two of the tentacled things grabbed him they nearly became his mill stone. Another horror "cursed" him to breath water, which was fine until he again was in the air. Jack had a temporary similar affliction.

Adric was lucky not to be dragged to the depths. It is good his bow returns to his hand as well. I am not sure anyone would really have wanted to fish it out of the water.

Jack was able to convince the horror, or at least the remaining horror, that its continued existence depended on it leaving us be. Between the garden, the pit trap and this "little pond" we are bridging I am beginning to appreciate the lack of persons returning to tell the tale.
Session: Knock Knock, Who's There?, Shiroz... - Wednesday, Jun 19 2013 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Finally a time to rest....
The will of the Mother has guided my companions hands so we are free of one of the traps and with enough baubles and trinkets to perhaps lure a deserving fool to free Tessel once the Mother's will is fulfilled and the taint beneath this city is once again checked.

We rest short rods above where an abomination remains bound. Called here by a wizard unwilling to embrace the final gift of the Mother it now remains trapped in a form different from the one the mace blessed by Miranda's child found. Still "alive" enough to count for the original trap.

With the beast sealed below and other creatures unaware of or at least not in an actively seeking us we seem to be in as safe a sanctuary as this forgotten place seems likely to offer. I have time to meditate on the tasks at hand, perhaps time to run with the pack in my dreams. In the darkness I already have seen a brief vision of the pack defeating a band of bears too bold for their own good. In that vision a son of Nymar gave the leader of the bears quarter after having his teeth at his throat no less than three times, perhaps four, this puzzles me some. Still I find the mewling of that bear amusing and a fair omen of things yet to pass.

Both fox form Jack and the woman from the glass slumber close by. May Jack find the fates guidance for the coming tests ahead. I for one will wrap myself in Talda's cloak and dream until it is my turn to take the quite watch.

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Losing our way....
We now know how to free Ojanen but we will now need a more deserving lot to take Tessels place. Promising wealth or wisdom will likely do the trick, provided we either clear the way of the spider or find an "easier" path.

But now we need to find two!

This place is full of traps for the too curious or greedy. Sometimes I think my friends and companions have too ample supply of both. Still it is not hard to understand why servants of the unnamed one would seek shelter here. From what we can here from their muffled shouts it seems that our two mages and our soft footed burgler have found another "jar" to be pickled in.

If what we heard is true perhaps a more unwitting "living" creature might serve to free the one the magic will supposedly retain. Perhaps a rat might do. If the spider weren't so clever perhaps she might be duped into a different web.

We will need strength to do the Mother's will. Our follies seem to be only removing available vessels for her strength.

Session: Sezraken the Mad! - Wednesday, Sep 12 2012 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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What a day!
So we killed the lich, or re-killed him, or whatever. We followed Jack and Tessel, just in time to fight some crazy shadow versions of us. I got to finish off the shadow me, at least, so hopefully Valicus will get that out of his system. We weren't able to save Jack, but we finally got to catch some shut-eye (not helped by the crazy dwarf's nasty fur pile, or the dead Jack nearby).

Anyway, we got back to town, and something was clearly wrong. I mean, we were already attracting more attention than I preferred last time, but now we're like the circus or something. We had no luck finding Azagoche, but we found a cookie lady... which is better to my mind.

Next, we moved on to the temple to call in a favor for Jack. I saw more of the temple's labyrinth than I've ever had the opportunity before... makes me glad we never went ahead with that crazy caper Eddie had planned there. They started preparing for the ritual, and everyone got really nervous all of a sudden. No idea why... how often do you get to see that sort of pageantry up close? I did feel bad for the slaves, of course... again, REALLY glad we didn't go ahead with that caper.

Sure enough, once the whole mess is over with, nobody is dead but the slaves (due process and all, I'm sure). Best of all, Furry Jack! He's apparently got this whole super-cold thing going on now, which brings up interesting possibilities for pranks involving water flasks.... later!

Finally, I'm dealing with a perfectly normal shakedown by the guards when suddenly Jack and Adric are starting a fight. Before I know it, I'm encouraging the last one to take a nap, and we're hustled off to join La Revolution. I'm not really sure what the whole thing is about, but I never really liked the Overlord anyway. If the people have spoken, then the law must change, I suppose.
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Jack's Blessing

We had a bargain with the knights. Hold the sword to its lawful use for the a few lesser favors plus the promise of the return to life of one of us should we need it. Jack needed it. Jack respected the Mother to a degree but his magic sprang from forces that I, nor I suspect Jack truly understood. The Mother had held me in check and then let me be a tool of her will.

As we brought Jack's lifeless husk back to the city I pondered the meaning of the events of the last day. As the priests of the temple called upon the God's of other places to return Jack's life in trade for the lives of five criminals I cleared my mind of all but the Mother's meaning. When Jack awoke an omen of her will sat before me. Jack's mind was his but his body was clearly touched by the Mother.
Session: In The Shadows Of Spiderhaunt Spire. - Tuesday, Jul 03 2012 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Is it Over?
Naked to this place, faced with a heathen alter atop a man made mountain. Capped with a madman chanting to some false hope to Solos or whatever. I closed my eyes and silently called on the Mother to guide me to her will.

I thought the Mother had forsaken me earlier, her presence seems to flow through me. Perhaps she was angered by the heathens false prayers. Bones rise only to seek eternal rest as the Mother fills my mouth with words to command them. She blessed the half man so he might not die through my hands.

It seems Adric remembers her as his arrows made quick work of the heretic. Then with the quick recovery of our possessions taken from us as a sacrifice came to my hand an unholy vessel. I doused it with holy water and then with one swing of the grand daughter's blessed mace Tessel spilled the vile contents, the corrupted soul of what I would soon learn was the dead wizard atop the alter.

When the dead wizard began to emerge Jack ran, yelling "Lich, its a Lich, run!" Tessel followed Jack. But the Mother's will has strange ways of showing itself. Our travels have taken us to many an odd place, the Mother's will seems to me to be leading us. So let Jack and Tessel run.

Adric, the half man, the elf woman and myself steadied ourselves to meet our fate. I thought about running too but only with the others. If this is where I joined the great pack so be it. The elf woman had her life drawn away by the dead wizard, stealing a moment more for him at the cost of another. Still her sacrifice may have allowed us to rally. It truly must have been the Mother's will in the next few moments.

What should be dead needed to be convinced to finally give into death. Where the bound bones seemed to know the truth of the words the Mother inspired, this dead wizard gave little heed at first. But through the Mother's blessings guiding the arrows and blows of sword while her wards blunted the wizards fading magic it, whatever its name was, is now but a devil's plaything.

With it finally accepting death, so it seems this vault will as well. Fitting for such a corrupted use of the Mother's gifts. Adric, the half man and I now dash to the place where Tessel and Jack were last seen before we are claimed by the falling stones. If she were not being entombed by the falling stone we might have used the bargained resurrection for our new elven companion. From what I know of her people she has left this world far too soon. Lets hope we will not join her where ever this portal takes us.
Session: Pyramid Top Showdown! - Wednesday, Jun 20 2012 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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I thought...
I thought I was just here to support my new friends: to pick locks and disarm traps, and leave the glory to the glory seekers. I was content to follow behind Clive as he scatters skeletons left and right with a stern word; to watch in awe as Adric brutally skewers a dangerous maleficar with his arrows; to pull Jack out of the mess of a miscast spell (ok, not every day can be glorious).

We finished the fight, retrieved our gear, and I heard talk about a phylactery. I saw Tessel smash it, and nearly fled in fear at the roar of rage that went up from the crypt atop the pyramid. My friends rallied against the new threat, and I took my customary place to the rear... the better to hide and toss a dagger or three.

Then he pointed a bone finger, and poor brave Talaithla was snuffed out like a candle in a whirlwind. I'm not sure what came over me, but I found myself actually in agreement with Valakis... this murderer must die! My nervousness cost precious seconds, and the monster continued his feast on the elf maid's life while I fumbled with my armor's straps. Finally, I centered myself and struck true... which hurt me more than it injured him! He turned, raised his finger, and I could do nothing to escape my doom.

His fel ray struck, I fell, and the world dimmed as I felt my memories, hopes, and dreams being stolen. I'd forgotten so much of my childhood that I never would've expected this, but when my lost family came to mind, I just couldn't let go. The happiest time in my life, and he wanted to steal that from me? NO!

I opened my eyes, saw the blazing spectre before me (a burning arrow in one eye socket) and thought... "so it can be hurt!" I hucked an oil flask at it before sliding back down the pyramid... desperate to catch my second wind. His ray broke off, and his attention shifted to my allies. More crazy ideas began to run through my head:
  • He's around the corner! Quick! Throw Valakis at him! A solid hit!
  • More arrows are striking home! He's tossed the sword aside and gone after my friends!
  • His hand sizzles at Valakis' touch! Pick it up and throw it again! Another hit! He's reeling!
  • He's vulnerable! Sneak behind him and drive the blade home! Again, and again! He's down!

I thought I was just here to support my friends, but I was wrong. We've slain a great evil, we've recovered the second half of the rod, and we're all of us heroes. Wait a tick... where are Jack and Tessel? Through the teleporters; more heroics await, no doubt!
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Dear Valakis and all my stuff... how are you? I am fine.
So I'm naked as a jaybird, huddled under a shield, doing my best impression of a pile of rocks. These skeletons probably have rocks rattling around in their skulls anyway, so I don't imagine they can tell the difference. Speaking of which, do I have enough rocks? I have a feeling I'll need a fair number of rocks before this is over... or maybe something resembling a blackjack.

I'm waiting for Reverend Doubletree to make his way over and ask his Lady to please knit me up yet again. Seems like it would be easier to cut out the middleman, but I'm not really on a first name basis with any divinities... that I know of. I will say that his sermons are interesting… vaguely nostalgic, though I surely don't remember much of what worship was like in my old village. I don't really know what to think about it, but it's not an unwelcome sort of thing. It's common courtesy to listen respectfully, anyway.

Considering that I've already been brought back from the brink twice more than my guildmates would have done, I'm inclined to think over my loyalties for a tick. I've always taken comfort in the structure and order of the guild… giving thrill to my life, with slightly less risk of the noose… but maybe mercenary work with a small group like this is a better fit. I seem to have fallen in with a goodly enough lot, so that's a start.

I think back to those children slain in the street by the local 'authorities', and while I don't thirst for those guards' blood like a certain pointy implement, I wish I could have at least considered doing something about it. The fact that I accepted it as a matter of course… not something I was afraid to oppose, but just the way the city works… bothers me. I'll have to listen a bit harder (no, not to you... to that holy stuff), and see where my conscience takes me. Maybe I should just tender my resignation and see if my new comrades would take me on full time… always assuming I'm still breathing at that point?

After all, they clearly need someone to spring traps for them, and get around where they can't. I can't imagine we would've gotten through that room with the rats so easily without my little dance through the vorpal pendulums, and that trick with the rope bridge. True, it took me two tries to find the 'safer' path out of the room with the demon-doors, but no one actually got squished by the falling ceiling. It's certainly not my fault everyone else is so tall!

I guess you could say the room with the ochre jelly was my bad also, but it was quite heartening to see the others come down after me. I certainly wasn't having much luck with my rocks. I think I need an enchanted sling, or a dagger that comes back to me when I throw it… or a sword that doesn't hate me… but I digress.

Anyway, I hope you're doing well. Maybe you're off enjoying yourself, murdering folk who murder other folk, stopping them from doing any further murder upon the persons of others. Tell my stuff I said hi, and I miss them; especially Lucy… she's my favorite knife.
Session: Mists of Madness Part 2. - Wednesday, Jun 06 2012 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Big Cities....
Pulu lies sleeping in the bed next to the small desk where I write this. Her dark brown skin makes an interesting contrast with the white linen on the bed. She is from a village not too unlike the one I call home, clearly warmer and sunnier but small folk going about the business of gathering or growing food, raising children and living life. She admitted being hopeful that the stirring she felt was mine, and aghast when finding it was something else. The parasites that had infected her and her companions purged by the oracle, for that I am glad. She looks forward to a new stirring that will be ours.

We have talked of many things. She talked of the passing of the great leviathans near her home as a girl and about the boys who tried to hunt them and their kin without proper reverence. One lived to tell the tale of how the others had drowned for their insolence. Her life like mine is one of living in close balance with the world around you.

Her people know Mera well as so much of their lives is connected to the cycles of the seas. She is curious to see the cycles of the land as unlike home hers knows little change in weather across many moons, except the side of the mountains the rain falls on. She never has seen the leaves fall together or snow. We also talked of our hostess.

I told Pulu of Grandmother ‘s tales of the oracle to the south. Sometimes a crone, sometimes a temptress, like the Mother’s faces an old wise woman from the day’s most men had forgotten or thought it best not to remember is how she described her. Wise until she fell silent. I remember her telling father to advise Old Man Robert’s not to seek her council as some of the other landlords had. I am sure grandmother would be gladdened by news of the oracle regaining her voice.

Pulu told me tales of the long lived ones on a distant island that her grandfather once met on a matter of great importance. She told me of the wise one’s great canoe, the type of boat her people used to travel from place to place. Now that we are here within the oracles house Grandmother’s tale of the oracle of many places seem to make much more sense.

The place the cave opens to is a great city. Much like what I imagined the city we first set our sights on would look like. So many different people here in these walls all trading or trying to etch a living from the cities stone. I can’t say I am completely comfortable walking about. Things just have too much dust of neglect, nothing that stirs my spirit.

When the oracle said the knights sword was enchanted against the eyes of the Mother I knew we simply could not sell it to a common merchant. I would have been comforted if I had been allowed to cast it to the sea where the leviathan would watch over it. Still in the times even the watchers needed to cleanse themselves of the corruption who would use the Mother’s gifts for their own purposes. My the order that holds it now use it justly.

I would like to ask the oracle if perhaps I could briefly return to my father’s house to deliver the common coin needed to tend the crops for the year. Not gold, but silver and copper. It would be nice to tell grandmother the tales and give her my writings as well.
Session: How now brown cow? - Wednesday, May 09 2012 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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