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Hope for Home
The old witch told us she would send us places where we would learn and gain the knowledge and experience we would need to free our small valley from the abominations. Through the will of the Mother we have all grown to a degree and may live to see our home before it is corrupted or our bones lie bleaching in the spoor of some horrible creature.

We have it seems completed the first of the witches tasks, cutting abominations off from a well spring of magic they had turned agains't the will of the Mother. Other fool elder gods may have seen it fit to poke magic well springs across the land but only the wisdom of balance of the Mother persists in its power to this day. We have claimed a temple of a grand daughter back for her.

This great city is a masterpiece of stonework, something the Mother must smile upon. Good use of the Mother's gifts is never frowned upon. I remember my grandmother showing me the carvings that my grandfather made before his passing. Animals, small wolves and bears, the small carved wolf I wear around my neck is so much second nature I seldom if ever take it off. It is a work of my elder brother, he learned to carve from grandfather. I wish I would have known the man.

She told me how it was a great offense to the Mother to take wood or stone that spoke to you and make it into simple kindling or smash it to gravel. Burn only dead wood let her hand guide you in finding the purpose to things. That is what grandmother taught me.

We have found the women we rescued. Two are with child including the one I lay with before we found ourselves many leagues away. Could this be my child? Will she take me as her alpha if this is my pup?

That is something grandmother also said, if you take a girl to bed with you be prepared to make her yours if the Mother lets your seed take root. I hadn't thought I would have the opportunity with my younger brother being all the charm of the valley and my elder brothers viewed as good matches before I the third son. Grandmother had said that the order would find me a match when I joined them, as the order of the forest allowed its holy men to wed, not like some other orders.

I am worried that the babies might be the spawn of some abomination not mine. If so what will they think when the un-child is born? I must call on the Mother for wisdom in this matter.

Session: Alone in Black Stone City. - Wednesday, Apr 25 2012 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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