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The Hunt is on...
When we entered the city I knew things were odd. I thought it might be the damned object in my pack so I asked Adric to take it from me. Still the eyes watched me.

We returned to where the shop of the oracle only to find it changed. With one of her servants, an acolyte, holding the space where the place once was I doubt many in the city even remember this ever being the shop we left several days ago. The old woman’s baking is wonderful and I cannot think but she may be a vision of Pulu some years in the future.

Revitalized by the keepers cookies we brought Jack to claim the bargain we struck in the temple of the knights. The knights are holders of hard bargains but make good use of the Mother’s gifts, so I bided my time as the priests of the knights orders completed their work. When they finished before me was the first omen, Jack had taken on the visage of a fox, one of the Mother’s many eyes.

Cloaking Jack to conceal his nature we made our way back towards the shop. The thugs of the Overlord confronted us. I heeded the half man’s advice; the ways of the city are more to his knowledge than mine. I was sore to part with more coin than we might see through several harvests, knowing we had more and trusting the half man to claim some or all of it back by other means. Jack would have none of it. The fox tried to strike but with his new mouth and paws he started the stag running.

The men fell quickly. I reclaimed the gold myself. The wraith of the mob fell on the men who tried to come to the aide of the fools trying to collect tolls. A man beckoned my companions and I to follow him, which we did. Into a shop for people who want hats of hair and into the backroom he led us. Referring to me as “my lord” he produced a garment, a cloak. At first glance it might have been a wolf pelt but when he thrust it into my hands I could scarcely believe my eyes.

This was no pelt of a sheep killer, but the cloak of Tadla, woven by Mara as a gift to the warrior who led the first men to run with wolves. A gift given so she might lead the pack and the tribe against the vex and demon spawn in common cause. The Mother’s second omen was in hand.

I donned the cloak and my mind flashed to the place of the dream of the hind. A great stag bolted from the brush before me and with a howl a dozen or more wolves began the chase. I turned to get my bearings in time to see Mara’s smile morph into the panting muzzle of the great she wolf of my dream. As Nymar assumed his place at her side her voice called to me.

“The old stag who dishonors my Mother has been flushed from his bed. It is time to give chase and wear him down. Lead your pack Clive as Tadla did hers, we will be with you for the kill and the feast." With that I felt the irresistible urge to join the chase but her voice carried with me as I joined the trail of the driving pack.

"Tell your pack to give my sister her due as she was the first to call to men to make ways in cities such as these. Keep the ways safe so the pack may run and move as it will. The stag may be old and vulnerable but he does not yet know his time is done save for his final run. She is with you too and smiles upon the chase from every corner as I smile from above."

The first sprinter gave way to the second as the stag began to weave. Still her voice stayed with me.

"Remind your pack the chase is not a sprint to the throat but a long run that ends with the stag offering his throat to the pack willingly to offer a final quick release. Each must run the stag in turn, as one tires another must take his place so the stag never rests. Each must turn the stag into the next pack member and delight in passing the chase from one to the next. As the stag turns his horns on one, another must bite the stag’s flank to draw his attention. The ways of men and wolves are not so different, only cooperating will the stag fall with the health of the pack mostly intact. Chase well child of the hunt and good hunting Clive Doubletree.”

With that my mind returned to the back room of the shop. I turned to the man who had handed me the cloak.

“Get word to every cell. The Mother and her daughters are with us. The strength of Nymar will be with us all but we must be smart about this and remember to be like a pack pursuing the fading stag. Harry the Overlord’s men from every shadow, kill when you can but keep the Overlord and his minions ever guessing and ever moving. Hit and fade as the advantage of surprise and numbers turn. If one cell is cornered another must rise elsewhere to draw away the Overlord’s men away."

I briefly paused and turned to gesture towards my companions.

"Tell them as well to make a dozen straight and true arrows, with a sharp killing point, ready in every corner of the under ways and dark corners of this city for this man," as I pointed to Adric.

“He welds a bow thoughtfully made from the gifts of the Mother in a manner that will keep fear in the hearts of the Overlord and his men. For each those arrows will be like two from any other and for each arrow he lets loose an Overlord’s man falls or gives thanks to the Mother to still have his life."

As I turned my attention to Jack I realized how I was seeing the world was more akin to the dream than what I had known before. Every shadow was lit as if in daylight. Every scent was complex like I remember from my dream.

"Jack, the gift of the Mother has been seen, in your new form you will likely be marked, let’s make good use of that. Let the Overlord’s men see you but not for very long. Let us build a tale among them of a magic welding walking fox who shoots fire arrows from the shadows. I would think that will not play well with the morale of the Overlord’s men."

I then turned my gaze on the half man. While not as faithful as our former companion he certainly was better with a sword. If he remembered Miranda as his people did his cause would truly unite with our destiny. Still the path his life had taken gave him a knowledge of the ways of this city that are immediate and trustworthy. His knowledge of the ways of the men even more important.

"Belrin we will need your help as well to convince the weasels, skunks and badgers of this city that it is better to feast with the wolves than die with the old stag.”

I hoped he would take the meaning of my words and take the Mother's metaphor as a compliment.
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