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I thought...
I thought I was just here to support my new friends: to pick locks and disarm traps, and leave the glory to the glory seekers. I was content to follow behind Clive as he scatters skeletons left and right with a stern word; to watch in awe as Adric brutally skewers a dangerous maleficar with his arrows; to pull Jack out of the mess of a miscast spell (ok, not every day can be glorious).

We finished the fight, retrieved our gear, and I heard talk about a phylactery. I saw Tessel smash it, and nearly fled in fear at the roar of rage that went up from the crypt atop the pyramid. My friends rallied against the new threat, and I took my customary place to the rear... the better to hide and toss a dagger or three.

Then he pointed a bone finger, and poor brave Talaithla was snuffed out like a candle in a whirlwind. I'm not sure what came over me, but I found myself actually in agreement with Valakis... this murderer must die! My nervousness cost precious seconds, and the monster continued his feast on the elf maid's life while I fumbled with my armor's straps. Finally, I centered myself and struck true... which hurt me more than it injured him! He turned, raised his finger, and I could do nothing to escape my doom.

His fel ray struck, I fell, and the world dimmed as I felt my memories, hopes, and dreams being stolen. I'd forgotten so much of my childhood that I never would've expected this, but when my lost family came to mind, I just couldn't let go. The happiest time in my life, and he wanted to steal that from me? NO!

I opened my eyes, saw the blazing spectre before me (a burning arrow in one eye socket) and thought... "so it can be hurt!" I hucked an oil flask at it before sliding back down the pyramid... desperate to catch my second wind. His ray broke off, and his attention shifted to my allies. More crazy ideas began to run through my head:
  • He's around the corner! Quick! Throw Valakis at him! A solid hit!
  • More arrows are striking home! He's tossed the sword aside and gone after my friends!
  • His hand sizzles at Valakis' touch! Pick it up and throw it again! Another hit! He's reeling!
  • He's vulnerable! Sneak behind him and drive the blade home! Again, and again! He's down!

I thought I was just here to support my friends, but I was wrong. We've slain a great evil, we've recovered the second half of the rod, and we're all of us heroes. Wait a tick... where are Jack and Tessel? Through the teleporters; more heroics await, no doubt!
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