An Eisen fairytale...

The Schattenmann and the Willful Boy
What I am about to tell you happened many years ago in the town of Seeufer. There was a young boy who did not like to listen to what his parents told him. His mother, a wise woman, warned him to always make sure that he was home before dark, because the Schattenmann roamed the area in those days. The boy paid no attention to his mother, of course. A few days later, he went fishing in the Sudlache and fell asleep on the shore in some reeds. The other fishermen did not see him when they left for home, and by the time he woke up, it was already near dark. He was preparing to leave when he noticed the biggest fish he’d ever seen swimming in the water. The fish
was so big that he felt he couldn’t leave without at least trying to catch it. So the boy stayed and cast his hook near the fish, but it ignored the bait and just stared at him. Frustrated, he tried again and again as the sun disappeared below the horizon, but the fish ignored him until the very last ray of sunlight faded away. In that instant, the fish took the bait, and the boy jerked hard to set his hook. Suddenly, a column of water shot up into the air, and the boy felt himself pulled off his feet. There, holding him up by his fishing pole, was the Schattenmann itself. It peered into the boy’s eyes and said, “I’ve got you now, little boy. I’m going to enjoying gutting and filleting you.”

The boy started screaming at the top of his lungs for help and some nearby soldiers heard him. Grabbing their lanterns, they ran to where the scream had come from, but they weren’t quite quick enough. By the time they arrived, the Schattenmann had fled their lights, leaving nothing behind but bloodstains on the shore behind.

That’s not the end of the tale, though. A few days later, a fisherman came across a fishing pole braced against some rocks on the shore. The pole was bent, as though a large fish was hooked on it, so the fisherman pulled in the line. When he did so, his hair turned snow white, for there on the end of the line was the boy’s severed head. The fisherman was so frightened that he never spoke again. As for the boy, that's what happens to children who don't mind their mothers - the Schattenmann gets them!

So, let that be a preview of darker things to come...

Pulled from "Eisen" Nation Book, by Alderac Entertainment

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