• Dwarf1_thumb
    Azaghal Shieldsplitter Dwarf/M/Fighter/Cleric
    "I'm too cool to be smitten..."
  • Rudyard_thumb
    Rudyard Rugburn Human/M/Gunslinger
    "Call me "Rude". I don't much deal in hypotheticals. World is vexing enough."
  • Van_thumb
    Dae'naur Aldori Elven/M/Stkr/Rogue/Magus/9
    ""Aha! I bet you didn't think I'd have that on my sheet!""
    Background:Vanwa Laeruin Aldori 'Lost Song of the Red Flame' Van's birth name may be forever lost to the annals of time as his kin were lost to fires of Choral the Conqueror's campaign against Rostland. Born to elven parents sometime in 4499He was found under his mother's still-burning corpse on the ban...
  • No_img_thumb
    Qudaris Mordant Spire Elf/M/Wizard - Conjuration/12
    "Get me out of here!"
  • Fantasy-woman_thumb
    Savryn Human/F/Wizard

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