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A fortuitous disaster
     When I first found myself shipwrecked on Smuggler's Shiv I thought this business venture would prove unprofitable at best. However it would seem that Abadar and Desna smile on me as I was able to recover my belongings and most importantly the spyglass, that I have come on this trip to deliver, on the wreckage the Jenivere . I have also obtained armor and a dagger that are of high quality, a magic cutlass and a nice sum of gold during my time here and there is bound to be more treasure to be found. Thou, it won't do me much good if I don't find away off this island...staying alive is an issue as well.
     Most of the other survivors of the shipwreck seem to be capable fighters but there are many dangers we have to contend with. Poisonous animals and plants, undead , cannibals and there traps and gods known what else lives here. By Desna's grace we have found some potions and Viper thorn berries that will help us deal with some of these and it seems getting food won't be much of a problem.
     While most things here want to eat us...and we want to eat them... we have found a friend. Pezock, a Tengu that has made the island his home after being stranded here two years ago. Thou his time alone seems to have effected his mind I can't help but to like him. We will be moving are camp to where he lives as he welcomes the company and we'll be a little safer with another capable fighter around. It will also be a better spot for Catherndil, Ragnar, Samuel and I to go exploring form.
     Despite the perils of Smuggler's Shiv I don't mind it here. The treasures waiting to be found may be worth the trouble of finding them and at lest exploring the island is more entertaining than being on the Jenivere.
     May Abadar make my time here profitable and Desna make are search for a way to Eleder successful.
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Washed Up
Deciding to travel the world for life experience, Catherndil boards the merchant ship Genevere in his home city of Magnimar as a hired hand. Using the ship as transportation and a means of income was Catherndil's best opportunity to achieve his goals.
Everything was going well enough until the Genevere was suddenly wrecked on the shores of Smuggler's Shiv. Catherndil is young but wise for his age and believes this shipwreck was more than an unfortunate disaster. He remembers having a better than average meal the night before and when he awoke on the beach he was feeling very ill. Strangely enough everyone else that washed up on shore was feeling ill as well.
Illness is not the only danger as this isolated island is believed to be haunted and home to vicious cannibals as well as exotic beasts not found anywhere else. With some of the crew missing and no signs of rescue, Catherndil's martial, mental, and spiritual abilities are put to the test as he is forced to trust people he barely knows to find a way off this island with the ever present suspicion of foul play...
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