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Session One: Recap
Zert, a paladin of The Church, was hunting Rosfino, a heretic, and tracked him to the town of Ardara. The vile creature was able to overcome the paladin in the back alleys of the town. Zert was given a hero's burial for his defense of Ardara against the heretic. His rest was not peaceful, however, as it was disturbed by a demon offering to send him back as a death knight in the demon's service. Zert refused. He then found himself back in his body, apparently buried alive. And his battleaxe glowed with a dark power.

Pandoas, a thief in good standing with the guild, found himself in the bad graces of The Church after his sale of some religious artifacts. Although the recovery and sale of the items was completely legal, some Church officials frowned on it and tried to make life difficult for the thief. So, Pandoas decided to lay low in an out of the way place while the Church cooled off. He heard rumors of a holy relic in Ardara and when he found out that it had been used as a coffin, the temptation was too much and he set out to retrieve it. Much to his surprise, the occupant was not dead.

When Zert did not report, The Church sent Raphasia, an invoker, to find the paladin and discover if there was a problem.

Vistra, a cleric, was a friend of Zert's and joined Raphasia in order to help find her friend. There was also a friendly rivalry between the two women and Vistra did not want to let Raphasia have all the glory. After roughly a week, the women were able to track down Zert to the small town of Ardara.

Sally Tette, a warlock, was putting down some ruffians in the local tavern when Vistra and Raphasia arrived. The two women of the church were impressed with her fighting prowess and Tette agreed to some training later.

That night several people disappeared from Ardara and our heroes awoke in a wooden pen in the middle of a slaver's camp. There were roughly twenty others in the pen all apparently from Ardara and all of them had identical golden armbands, including our heroes.

Pandoas was able to unlock the gate to the pen, working through the pain of the ring burning his arm as he reached through the slats of the gate. The guards were then alerted to his presence, but he was able to convince them that he was merely stumbling around, still groggy. The guards did not notice that the gate was unlocked.

Raphasia, sitting near the gate with Vistra, noticed what Pandoas was doing and staged a fight with Vistra. She "fell" through the gate and surprised the guards. Zert realized what the women were doing and charged the guards as soon as the gate was open. With that, all the heroes sprang into action. Except for Pandoas who was "guarding Zert's back."

One of the guards went for help and the rest of the prisoners started running every which way, trampling Zert at the gate. Vistra was eventually able to rally a few of the townspeople to her, but not before many were killed. The heroes, including Pandoas now, were able to take care of the rag-tag slavers and escape with the few townspeople that were left.

No one knew where they were, but with Pandoas keen eyes they were eventually able to find their way back to Ardara. They came through the farm of one of the townsfolk, whose wife was overjoyed to see her husband again. Word began to spread and soon locals were showing up to see if their lost loved ones had returned, and also to see the hero Zert returned from the dead. Zert, not wanting to reveal his dark predicament, managed to convince them that he was not who they thought he was. Soon, the heroes made their way back to where they had been staying.

Vistra and Raphasia went to visit the site of Zert's grave in order to fill it back in, but when they arrived they discovered that it appeared to be undisturbed.

Tette decided to visit the wizard's tower in hope of finding a way to remove the golden armband and met Zert and Pandoas, who had the same idea, along the way.

Oscar, the only apparent occupant of the tower was odd, but offered to help. He ran many tests, but was not able to determine what kind of magic the bands were or how to remove them without harming the wearer. He promised to continue his research. He also offered to buy one of the rings buy cutting off the arm and giving them a potion to regrow. No one took him up on his offer.
Session: Session 1 - Friday, Nov 04 2011 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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