Star Trek Universe, Continuum System.

The Department of Temporal Investigations. Throughout the Federations history there has been some kind of organization by this name, whether it be the simple monitoring and rule-setting organization of the early 23rd century, whose power was limited to record-keeping and stern warnings, to the 25th century's incarnation, which had significantly more power to punish those who violated the temporal accords of the Federation.

But none of those can hold a candle to the Department of the 27th century. Tasked with ensuring the integrity of the timeline, of their own past, the agents of this century's DTI have the unique ability to go and deal with problem areas, to physically travel through time to incursions and fix them.

And now, as a new recruit, so do you. You each come from different walks of life, different Federation species most likely, and you all are now members of the Department of Temporal Investigations. It's your duty and privilege to deal with incursions, wherever they may be.

Good Luck.

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