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The Trog-pocalypse
Aletha had met one of the Mages of Saruun at the customs house earlier who had offered a job to GoHAC and set up a meeting for the evening to discuss it further. Aletha got ready for her date and waited for the man at Rothar's Taproom while Varis sat inconspicuously at the bar and Gyrghl waited outside with his huge lizard friend, Jason Freddie. The mage arrived with two bodyguards, Brugg the Ogre enforcer seargent, and a Bronze Warder. The mage left his guards outside and joined Aletha for a private drink.

He introduced himself as Paldemar and apologized for his earlier rudeness and need for anonymity. The two of them got along rather well and eventually he got around to describing the job. He seemed to know about GoHAC and their earlier exploits in killing the Bloodreavers and looting their hideout. Usually the mages would take a cut on any treasure removed from the Labyrinth, but he was willing to waive that right if Aletha could convince her allies to do a task for him.

A cult of Troglodytes were planning on performing a ritual which would weaken the pillars of the Seven Pillared Hall which would collapse the cavern and also a sizeable chunk of Punjar above. Paldemar said that they had discovered an artifact which could give them enough power to succeed. He wanted them stopped and the artifact brought back to him for safekeeping. Aletha agreed as long as they could keep whatever other treasure they found in the future. Paldemar agreed and said he would send his apprentice, Vadriar to accompany them on the mission.

Meanwhile, Brugg had made friends with Jason, but accidentally broke his removeable tail off. He tried to hide it and then Paldemar came out and they left together with the Bronze Warder in tow.

Aletha, Gryghl, Varis, Snarl, Surina, and Vadriar set off to the Cisterns deep below e Seven Pillared Hall. Vadriar was a nervous man with a bad stutter, apparently an effect of a curse from his earlier encounter with the Troglodytes. He led them to a great underground lake and while they were following the shoreline they were attacked by a group of Troglodytes. Varis had also spied something in the water following them which joined the fight. The creature was a strange wormlike thing with tentacles and a squidlike beak. They killed the Trogs and then Gyrghl had Jason swallow the worm, but them made him vomit it back up so they could kill it and take its glands.

Later they found the cultists hideout and confronted their leader. A long fight proceeded in which many Trogs were slain and their leader taken captive. They destroyed the altar, found some hidden treasure and the artifact and freed Vadriar from his curse, although he was immediately plagued by a bad case of hiccups. They returned to the Seven Pillared Hall and Vadriar took the artifact and the Troglodyte back to the Tower of Mysteries.
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Asking Around Abit
Aletha, Regnor, Snarl, Narrindi, Dawn, and Lorne Taog spent some time asking around the Seven Pillared Hall for anyone who knew where to find the Grimmzhul Dwarves or the Gnolls. They met and were joined by some new allies, Varis, Gyrghl, and Surina. After some initial disappointment they eventually got some info pointing them to the Horned Hold and the Well of Demons. They also learned about a missing guide, named Terrlen, who was last seen leading a wagon train into the deeps.

While searching the Labyrinth they came across the abandoned wagon supply train. There were many dead, but Terrlen was not among them. While they were searching the area they were set upon by Gnoll ambushers. The pack leader had a Goblin on a leash for some reason. GoHAC defeated the Gnolls and kept the Goblin alive. His name was Modreg, and he agreed to act as a guide when needed.

After defeating the Gnolls, as many of the wagons that could be recovered were returned to the Seven Pillared Hall for a reward from Bersk the Wainwright. Dawn, Regnor, Narrindi, and Lorne Taog had to go take a rest after that.
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