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Though any would give the benefit of riches, exploring the Temple, The Temple of the Wind, offers the most advantages...

Since spring is just arrived, the swamp will be safe to cross, and it's proximity is favorable also, since we are unsure of the exact location of the River Pirate's Lair. Since the TrollCliff is all the way to the Swordcoast, this would be an inefficient trip, and since the shrines to Eldath are numerous and somewhat unknown, this too would be inefficient.

The Temple of the Wind will certainly be dangerous, but it seems like the most logical choice...anyone oppose this?

Explore The Temple of the Wind
possible riches
close proximity, but dangerous

Find Skelly Rothbet's River Pirate lair
possible riches
not sure which location

Free the Shrines to Eldath
knows location of 4 of the 7 shrines
no idea what treasure we would find

Find the lost items of Dugan the Grey
know the vague location
three items, three quests

Follow Slavers to TrollCliff
hunt down the slave lord Blacktooth
find Vigun's father?


OK, I don't know much of anything about any of these options except the temple. Let's share the information we have.

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End of the Line
After the battle you rush to check on Azgaran..’s bad...

The harpies had already done their damage long before.
Many of his organs are exposed from his abdomen.
You do not have the healing ability it would require to save him
but you try anyway.

He stops you

There is no time for that. You must listen!

They are coming for you.

They have already taken your family’s land, their keep..

Your uncle..
all gone!..

They fought as long as they could..
cough.. cough..

The curse! It is claiming all of you!

The gypsies.. they are known as the Rarghano..

They exist throughout all these lands..
All around the Sea of Fallen Stars..
In Mulhorand.. in our lands of Damara and Vaasa..
In this land where I will be laid to rest..
They are everywhere..
There are hundreds of them..
Damned Rarghano .!..

Your uncle spent many years researching their clan and the curse and found very..
<spits up blood>
Very disturbing information…

Their clan is strong into necromancy.

They worship some spirit or demon that is somehow connected to the fallen Witch-King, Zhengyi..
the lich who reigned over Vaasa and poisoned all these lands til he was vanquished.

In the past century, their curse was problematic,
But recently they have joined with necromancers..
The two groups have been battling your family and their allies for the past two years.

They have many monsters at their disposal..
Undead, gargoyles, and the gypsies..
don’t underestimate them..

Some use magic, some blade, some are shifters..
some far worse..

They have another target in this area..
..COUGH.. cough…

In the land to the southeast...

In the land to the southeast..
I heard them say they were coming for you and Hurzog Traus Leihulk ..

there is one last thing..

He pulls out a silk linen, stained red with his blood.
From within shines a bright silver medallion


This is the Felmont Cross..
Your great great grandfather and his two brothers
each lead a force and fought alongside many other armies
in the battle versus the Witch-King.
There were many heroes that day.
Many men gave their lives..
His brothers, Ruaver and Delvben, were on both of those lists

After the war was won..
The king handed up much reward..
That is how your family acquired most of their lands..
Your grandfather was also given this..
What we call the Felmont Cross
It was given by the king in memory of the service that his bothers did by leading their forces against unwinnable odds.
The two crosses represents their sacrifice..

Your uncle’s dying wish was for you to have this..

It will aid you in your fight..

Kill these bastards Sims..

His life force the fades..
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