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Journal days 142-179
Day 142 Not a day goes by that I don't think of my home land. I have found some employ as a findsman. I feel as though my skills are lacking although I train daily I find myself lacking somehow.

Day 157 a red beard kill some guards to day I attempted to capture him and found some help, only one of the guards is alive, and she is lucky. We got some help from a ship crew that just arrived at port. During the fight I saw him break a pendant causing him to teleport
away. I was invited to join them. I feel that the only way to capture him is to go with him. I don't know how much I can trust them so I will keep to using Esien for communication not allow them to know that I understand Castillian.

Day 158 ... The "Captain" just bought a zoo... to eat, not as pets but as food. Fortunately the First mate is more than capable of handling him... I must admit since returning to sea I feel calmer I must remember the words of my master "Be like water" I must meditate further on these words

Day 159 Only a fool wishes for excitement, what I am doing here? Maybe this is what the magistrate meant by "may your life be interesting". No, we did not have lion last night.

Day 163 So it seem that the "Captain" has some sort of spell cast upon him and the crew and I are going out into the desert to a shaman to find out what sort of magic was placed upon him.

Day 164 No bandits, both the "Captain" and the first mate are inside the shaman's hut.

Day 165 Well the shaman is gone he must have been taken during the sand storm

Day 166 Back aboard the ship I'm still meditating on the words of my master" Be Like water" And I have yet to see any of my colleagues practice with their weapons yet they manage very well in combat they have no style.

Day 170 as part of my meditation today I took a glass of water and to my mind came "Be shapeless, be formless" I must think more on this.

Day 171 a ship is sighted, I'm told it is the red beard from the market. I knew that if I stayed with them that we would meet again. ... The "Captain wants him over for dinner, I'm pretty sure he doesn't mean to eat him, but does he realize he is a pirate?

Day 172 We have arranged a parley??? The ship is busy getting ready for combat. And the First mate has a job for me I am to hide in the long boat in case anything goes wrong.
Ok bullets HURT!!! I think I got their doctor with a poison dart. And their ship was sunk.

Day 176 I was below deck when the storm hit I am still meditating on the words of my master And this comes to me, "water can flow or it can crash"

Day 177 Every one is sea sick from the storm. This storm has been teaching me to flow. My movement is more sure

Day 179 The sea is quieting, the damage is severe Our main mast is damaged and the rudder was also damaged. The crew is well other than being tossed about from the storm. And we're in luck we have spotted an island. We should be able to fix the mast.

Day 179 That guy has huge. I hit him dead on and all I did was piss him off. That guy crushed two of our sailors who were trying to get a replacement mast. I do admit that the first mate is a brave man sacrificed himself to allow us and the sailor to get away. I must say this; the second mate is a coward I have never seen anyone run from a foe as fast as him. Later we tried to sail around the island, and found another one of those huge men. We tried to talk to him his language was familiar but different like my own native language but not. After which we landed the first mate asked me to scout ahead. Something is wrong here, one legged piranha rats! And wall made of skulls I really don't like this place.
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