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First Mate's Log - Ghost Hunting
I have always believed in ghost ships. After all, we of Avalon live aside the fair folk, so who am I to say that wonders do not exist. But I have never before seen one, nor even known a man who has. Always the tales come from "a friend of a friend."

Today that is no longer the case. Not being able to read the map myself, I apparently chose a massive one. Towering decks and massive guns dwarfed our own ship and sent the crew into a panic. Eldritch green and translucent like spun glass, the ancient warship rose from it's death bed, to do battle for all eternity. It was awe inspiring and humbling. Who knows, perhaps one day I too shall be resigned to such a fate, and wage war until Thea ends the world.

We watched as the ship sailed off, and then set a new course to the marker that the captain had placed. Upon the way, we spotted a red sailed ship in our wake. It became clear it was following us, but when I ran up the flags for communication, it left.

I had little time to ponder this, as a storm was on the horizon. With no chance to find shallows, we dropped the sails and prepared for the furies. It was a fierce, but by no means threatening storm, and though it sent many of our men to the rails, our ship was no worse for wear. Which was good fortune, as the next ghost ship was soon upon us.

As ethereal as the last, but smaller, we saw it rise and attempted to do battle. But as suspected, our volley past straight through it. The captain was incapacitated from the storm, so I decided to attempt to unravel the mysteries of our ship, and while they were impressive, they did not aid us in fighting vapors. Fortunately the captain rose enough to reveal more secrets.

Lacking a proper term, I shall call it Eldritch Iron. A greenish metal that appears to affect both the spiritual world as well as our own. Cannonballs fired a volley and crippled their ship, while their countervolley went straight through us. We didn't even need a second volley. Our ship was fast enough to overtake it.

Eldritch hooks to heave and eldritch boots to board, I lead the charge of myself, Estaban, Yuri, and our stalwart navigator.

Upon the ship, we were attacked by ghosts, flitting from the sides of our vision. My beloved sword Oathkeeper could strike through them, but no other weapon could. But just as with the cannonballs, they could not harm us either. While Estaban amusingly attempted to fight one with a boot on his hand, I took control of the ship, steering it with my booted foot.

As day broke, the glowing green ship solidified. No one would believe the miraculous origin of this ship. To make matters worse, it quickly began to decay, rotting into nothing within hours. We had done the impossible, but had nothing to show for it.

Our Captain was not deterred. Recovering from his sickness, he set a course for the Crescent Isles, to partake of their splendor and exotic nature.
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First Mate's Log - Dark Departures
First Mate's Log:
Although it normally falls upon the captain to write the log of the ship, I feel with his otherwise unusual situation, he might be remiss in writing such logs. Even if he is not, his unique view of things might not be quite detailed enough - nor accurate in the trivialities of the ship - for anyone wishing to read the transcriptions of our voyage. Thus it falls to me, First Mate Edmund Norrington, to write of our journeys.

I will not bore you with the details but after my fall from grace, I was approached by Lord Arthur Turnsdale. His son, Captain Edward, had taken it to himself to captain a ship and sail as a Sea Dog, a privateer for our illustrious queen. Edward, lacking in experience, would require a fine crew, and Lord Turnsdale felt he could do worse than a former captain of the Queen's navy, dishonored though I may be. Seeking both a chance to redeem, and the sea air again, I took the job.

On the docks I met with some of our crew. I was pleased to find that my fellow officer was an old friend of mine, Lord Estavan, from Castiel, a fine fellow and a good man to have my back. I also encountered an Ursain by the name of Yuri. A simple, but straightforward man, he quickly became a close ally, a bridge-gap between me and the rest of the crew, and my first pick on any away mission.

Captain Edward is a very unique man, full of spirit and trust and confidence. I will not speak ill of my captain, but I must put into words my concerns. Not of Edward's character, but of his nature.

To put it bluntly, our captain is under an enchantment. He can see what others cannot. Specifically, he has a map that to all others appears to just be a slightly out of date map, but to his eye shows him the location of ghost ships and Thea only knows what else.

Attempts to learn more about this enchantment have been in vain. Captain Edward himself does not appear to be aware of the enchantment, and whenever he is questioned about anything unusual, such as the nature of our ship, our unique supplies, or the origin of the map, he becomes incredibly tight-lipped. Since my duty is to safe-guard him, I sought out a glamour witch. She attempted to discretely discern the nature of the spell, but it was too powerful for her, and instantly put her into a timeless stupor. Upon awakening from it and hearing of her lost time, she decreed it must be the work of Fae. My attempts to test this theory indicate that it might be something even more powerful. I will not rest until I learn the truth of our Captain's fate.

For now, I end this log. We set out to see our first ghost ship. Captain Edward has chosen a remote ship for our test run, but I spoke with the navigator and convinced him to steer us towards a closer marking on the map, to confirm if they are true or not. At this point, we can but wait and watch.
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