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Black Jack Davey Meets Death
(Excerpt from "Kissed by the Fey: Notable Folk Heroes of Avalon" printed 1769)

One day, Davey grew bored of the Avalon Isles and decided to travel the world. The thought of his enemies looking for him in vain, amused him, so Davey quietly awayed on a simple transport. It was here that he met two of his most famous allies: the mischevious Tobe Ornotobe (sometimes nicknamed Tobe Half-fey, due to debates on his heritage) and the daughter of Inismore and the sea, a powerful witch who was born fully grown not four days into the journey. Not having a name Davey christened her Maddy.

But there was something else lurking on that ship. Death himself was aware of Davey leaving Avalon, and decided that the young theif's time had come. But rather than sink the ship, Death decided to play a game, and disguised himself as an Eisen nobleman, and boarded the ship as well.

Upon the ship, Death took one life, then two, then three. Fear swept through the crew, and all were striken with panic, except for Davey and his allies. Maddy asked her sisters, the waves, who whispered that Death was on the ship, and was playing a game.

So Maddy called out, so all could hear, that she knew their foe and his name was Death. And she issued Death a new game. The next night he must kill the man of her chosing, and Davey would stop him. If any others were to fall, then all would know he was a coward. Meanwhile, Tobe looked for Death's secret.

Through a drawing of straws, Maddy named Don Carlo as Death's next victim. Don Carlo looked quite afraid, as any should, and beckoned to Davey to protect him, and to speak councel to him in his private quarters. What was said in there was never known to any, for Davey never spoke of it.

Sure enough, Death came after Don Carlo, but Davey fought him to a stand-still, pinning Death's cloak with a silver dagger, until daybreak forced him to withdraw.

Tobe called out in the language of the trees and asked for Death's name. The timbers, though old, remembered what it was to be a tree (for what is a decade or so to a tree?) and called back.

Maddy called the Eisen noble's name and Death knew he was beaten, because he could not kill himself.

He revealed his true nature to all, billowing and black and Final. "You may have beaten my game, but that does not spare you, Black Jack Davey. I shall depart this ship, but you will come with me. Make your final good-byes, for we shall leave at dusk."

Davey and his friends hatched a plan. They scoured the ship for a container that could hold Death. Finally they found a grog barrel that was made of seven oaken staves, and bound with three iron hoops, each one braced with seven iron nails.

That night, when Death returned, he found Black Jack waiting for him on the deck.

"You face me, well, Avalon. Are you ready to depart this world?"

"Before I do," Davey said, "I believe I am entitled a last request."

"Within reason," Death agreed. "What would you have?"

"I would like a final drink," Davey said simply.

"Then let us to the galley."

With his boney hand on Davey's shoulder, Death lead him below deck. But they found the galley empty. Maddy had drunk every drop of grog, rum, and brandy on the ship. All save a single drop of grog in a barrel made of seven oaken staves, and bound with three iron hoops, each one braced with seven iron nails.

"Aha!" Death cried out. "There is but one drop of grog left, Davey's. You shall have your drink, and then we shall away." But when Death leaned into the barrel to retrieve the last drop, Tobe - who wore the shadows like a cloak - stepped forward and with a kick, shoved Death into the barrel. Maddy used her Innish strength to hold the lid down, while Davey sealed it with seven iron nails.

Death howled for aid, and his wife, the Storm answered. She sunk the ship, and tried to drag everybody down with her.

But Davey's friends prevailed. Tobe sang in the language of the turtles, and low a monstrous one did rise and offer it's shell as a land. Maddy called out to her sisters the waves, who carried them forward, and Davey charmed a mermaid to tell them where land was.

From this adventure, Davey walked away with two prizes. One was an iron chest that was - until that day - never apart from Don Carlo. Many say that Davey moved Death to that box, so it might never chase him, while others say that Don Carlo had a horrible secret within. What was in that chest, nobody knows, for Davey said it must never be opened, and indeed, it never was. The second item was the silver dagger that was used to stall Death, and would cause Davey no end of trouble.
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