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Retire Your Characters!
I am going to be retiring this page till we kick it off again after the upcoming games, be sure to retire your characters so you wont have any trouble.
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Maddy has been learning etiquette. Why? I’m not entirely sure, but I suspect Davey didn’t want to be saddled with a complete ditz for months on end. That would explain the lessons during the less exciting parts of their adventure. But then Maddy discovered that knowing social cues could lead directly to an increase in free booze – and now we may see the results of this extreme self-motivation.

How could anyone have guessed that poor, disturbed little Maddy might be useful to Davey or anyone else? Could this be the frightful beginnings of intelligence in our stocious heroine? Find out next week (or two weeks from now) when we return to...

Our campaign session?
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I have an Auntie! And I got to meet her. And she’s super nice. And she knows my Mom. And I have a Mommy! But I haven’t met her yet. And Uncle Phililp met Jack. He’s our new friend. I think Uncle Philip likes Jack. That means it must be OK for me to like him. Jack’s kinda weird though. He keeps blushing for some reason. He has a really pretty horse though. But she’s kinda weird too, I mean what kinda horse doesn’t like treats and scratches? And Jack made me look all different. Davey too. I kinda like it but I can’t figure out how to do anything with these long nails though. How am I supposed tackle Jack to the ground for sex if I can’t even make a fist to hit him first?
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I am sooo devious! I can’t believe how fun that was! And Davey helped—I mean, played along… and that Diamond guy …why is named after a gem if he obviously doesn’t have any? Anyway, this really poor guy with an expensive name believed me when I made him think that things happened that didn’t (hadn’t?) and got all weird and sad-looking and stuff. And Davey and I dropped him back in that room the evil church guys put us in so he couldn’t get out again. And Davey and I got away from all of them even though he said we couldn’t take our horses. And I miss the cute little monkeys that seemed to know Davey but that’s OK ‘cuz that sexy guy that talks to me when my other friends are busy told me he’d take care of them (he’s sooo nice like that!). And I haven’t seen Tobe for a while, I really hope he’s OK ‘cuz I miss him. And—

Wait a minute! Why did that guy get so upset when he thought we’d—

Yes, I know! I think the trees are sooo pretty today too…
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Who’s my Dad? And why is he…
oh look! More tequila!

…Why do I want beads???
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Black Jack Davey Meets Death
(Excerpt from "Kissed by the Fey: Notable Folk Heroes of Avalon" printed 1769)

One day, Davey grew bored of the Avalon Isles and decided to travel the world. The thought of his enemies looking for him in vain, amused him, so Davey quietly awayed on a simple transport. It was here that he met two of his most famous allies: the mischevious Tobe Ornotobe (sometimes nicknamed Tobe Half-fey, due to debates on his heritage) and the daughter of Inismore and the sea, a powerful witch who was born fully grown not four days into the journey. Not having a name Davey christened her Maddy.

But there was something else lurking on that ship. Death himself was aware of Davey leaving Avalon, and decided that the young theif's time had come. But rather than sink the ship, Death decided to play a game, and disguised himself as an Eisen nobleman, and boarded the ship as well.

Upon the ship, Death took one life, then two, then three. Fear swept through the crew, and all were striken with panic, except for Davey and his allies. Maddy asked her sisters, the waves, who whispered that Death was on the ship, and was playing a game.

So Maddy called out, so all could hear, that she knew their foe and his name was Death. And she issued Death a new game. The next night he must kill the man of her chosing, and Davey would stop him. If any others were to fall, then all would know he was a coward. Meanwhile, Tobe looked for Death's secret.

Through a drawing of straws, Maddy named Don Carlo as Death's next victim. Don Carlo looked quite afraid, as any should, and beckoned to Davey to protect him, and to speak councel to him in his private quarters. What was said in there was never known to any, for Davey never spoke of it.

Sure enough, Death came after Don Carlo, but Davey fought him to a stand-still, pinning Death's cloak with a silver dagger, until daybreak forced him to withdraw.

Tobe called out in the language of the trees and asked for Death's name. The timbers, though old, remembered what it was to be a tree (for what is a decade or so to a tree?) and called back.

Maddy called the Eisen noble's name and Death knew he was beaten, because he could not kill himself.

He revealed his true nature to all, billowing and black and Final. "You may have beaten my game, but that does not spare you, Black Jack Davey. I shall depart this ship, but you will come with me. Make your final good-byes, for we shall leave at dusk."

Davey and his friends hatched a plan. They scoured the ship for a container that could hold Death. Finally they found a grog barrel that was made of seven oaken staves, and bound with three iron hoops, each one braced with seven iron nails.

That night, when Death returned, he found Black Jack waiting for him on the deck.

"You face me, well, Avalon. Are you ready to depart this world?"

"Before I do," Davey said, "I believe I am entitled a last request."

"Within reason," Death agreed. "What would you have?"

"I would like a final drink," Davey said simply.

"Then let us to the galley."

With his boney hand on Davey's shoulder, Death lead him below deck. But they found the galley empty. Maddy had drunk every drop of grog, rum, and brandy on the ship. All save a single drop of grog in a barrel made of seven oaken staves, and bound with three iron hoops, each one braced with seven iron nails.

"Aha!" Death cried out. "There is but one drop of grog left, Davey's. You shall have your drink, and then we shall away." But when Death leaned into the barrel to retrieve the last drop, Tobe - who wore the shadows like a cloak - stepped forward and with a kick, shoved Death into the barrel. Maddy used her Innish strength to hold the lid down, while Davey sealed it with seven iron nails.

Death howled for aid, and his wife, the Storm answered. She sunk the ship, and tried to drag everybody down with her.

But Davey's friends prevailed. Tobe sang in the language of the turtles, and low a monstrous one did rise and offer it's shell as a land. Maddy called out to her sisters the waves, who carried them forward, and Davey charmed a mermaid to tell them where land was.

From this adventure, Davey walked away with two prizes. One was an iron chest that was - until that day - never apart from Don Carlo. Many say that Davey moved Death to that box, so it might never chase him, while others say that Don Carlo had a horrible secret within. What was in that chest, nobody knows, for Davey said it must never be opened, and indeed, it never was. The second item was the silver dagger that was used to stall Death, and would cause Davey no end of trouble.
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Epic × 3!
Quest wikis are working!
So the quest wikis are working properly again, they will be updated over the next few days.
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Now where was I? Eh...
  • below decks is BAD – it’s where I kept getting mummified
  • above deck is GOOD – it’s where I don’t get mummified
  • sober is worse than I thought – bad stuff happens when I am
  • whaling ships are good – they keep me not sober
  • Davey is good – he said I’d be OK even though I had to go below decks and I ended up in a room full of grog (good thing I had most of it drunk before the ship went down!)
  • Tobe is good – he cares about me and pays for the gargle in this pub now that we’re on land
That’s right! I’m busy stayin' ossified!

"Eh, hold your hour Tobe, I'm not ready to go yet. Lookit her over there... maybe she'll warm ya tonight?"
"No? Well maybe I can get that ride over there to buy me a naggin..."
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Session Recap 2/2/14
It was a dark and stormy night…wait that’s not how this recap starts! It was a bright and sunny day that found our two beginning characters, the infamous gadabout Black Jack Davey and the lovelorn Tobe Ornotbe and a pier in Avalon. Both were leaving the glamour isle for various reasons, Tobe to find his fortune and win the hand of his beloved, and Davey well, lets jus say his all monkey production of the bards Much Ado About Nothing didn’t do exactly as he had hoped.

Davey, while walking down the pier to the ship the Emerald Princess, literally ran into a large Eisen woman with a very deep scowl on her face. Davey decided not to push the issue; after all he might have slept with her sister. Tobe proceeded to claim a hammock for the 3-week journey to Castille both their destinations.

While below Tobe managed to see 4 of his beloved’s family members, Thomas, her father a short round man with piercing eyes and a keen mind. Mary, her mother who retained her beauty even at her advanced age. Owen and Bowen; her two dense but, very large brothers. Tobe wisely chose not to see them and instead hid out on the ship until they left.

Meanwhile Davey had paid a deckhand to inform him when the large woman returned. A few hours later he did just that. While on the deck the Woman came over to Davey and this time instead of trying to intimidate him as she did before, she grabbed him and planted a kiss on his lips and said, “I want to apologize for what is going to happen.” This of course unnerved Davey who was weary of her the rest of the voyage, and despite her warning she did nothing as of yet.

The first two days of the voyage were uneventful for everyone expect Maddy, who woke up in the bowels of the ship among the pigs. She had now idea who she was or how she got there, but that didn’t bother her much. She had this aching feeling that she didn’t like being sober, and spent the rest of the voyage trying to get drunk.

Maddy and Tobe became friends and had a friend Innish fist fight, with Tobe squeaking out a win and costing Davey 5 guilders. It was the first night that Maddy was aboard that the trouble started. A scream above deck awoke almost everyone who tried to go to it; they were quickly stopped by the crew who said everything was under control. Reluctantly they returned to bed. The second night the same thing was repeated. On the third night the screaming came from the common sleeping quarters.

A man in one of the hammocks was mummified, but no one saw anything. The ship turned on edge, with the common folk blaming the nobles. It was dark magic for sure. There was little evidence of what happened, just a mummified corpse. The PCs had nothing to go on, all they could do was wait.

The 4th night saw a new set of events unfold, a Montainge noble woman was found just like the others in her bed. Davey, taking advantage of the situation convinced a Castillian roving Don to hire him as a bodyguard. During his stint with the Don, Davey grew curious about an iron box the Don kept with him at all times. On the 5th night, Davey saw a mysterious figure in the hallway outside his room after it attempted to knock him out with a door. No murders took place that night.

The next day saw Maddy claim she was to be the next victim, and true to her word that night to the horror of both her and Tobe her clothes started to disintegrate. Neither knew what to do, and Davey was locked away with his Don employer. After all of the clothes had disintegrated and hair her started, Maddy took off running to the top decks.

When she got to the top deck the disintegrating process had stopped. Still no one knew who or what was the cause, but the term ancient magic was thrown about, but no one knew if that meant someone was practicing it, or an ancient spirit had been awakened.

Two of the remaining 4 nobles (both Vendel), hired Daveys as their bodyguard, only the Esien and the remaining Montainge noblemen declined his services. Davey took an opportunity that night to sneak into the Vendals empty room, where he found himself trapped. Someone had rusted the lock from the outside, forcing him to climb out the window. Tobe discovered that Maddys bow and Maddy were both magic thanks to his thumb. The Montiane nobleman was killed the same way as all the others and Davey learned he was next.

The night Davey was to be attacked by the mysterious entity, he locked himself in the room with the Don and two vendals and a bucket of water and waited. Sure enough his clothes began to disintegrate before his very eyes. Davey dumped the bucket of water over him and ran out of the room, catching a glimpse of the mysterious figure, the yelled and everyone came running.

Davey had by this time figured out that Tobe could sense magic around him and being used on him. They now knew it was coming form the Nobles quarters, but didn’t know who. The devised a plan to let all the remaining nobles pass before them on at a time to see who made Tobe thumb go off, all but one went by them the Eisen, but things didn’t go quite as planned as the Crew blamed Maddy for the deaths and tried to kill her. Tobe defended her and Davey talked them out of it, but they did lock her up below deacks.

When the Tobe and Davey figured out it was the Eisen he was nowhere to be found. Maddy had been locked in the grog room and at first she thought things were looking up, that all changed when her clothes once again began to disintegrate.

She screamed unable to get out, Tobe raced down stairs to help and Davey rounded up the marines on board to charge below decks. They managed to release Maddy who ran back to the top deck, Tobe thwarted the magic being worked on him. All of them raced back up stairs, while planning their next move the ship began to come apart.

It sank quickly, with the captain going down with it. It had only one longboat, and was reserved for women and children, Davey fast-talked the 17 year old Tobe on the Longboat. They were only in peril for a few hours when a whaling vessel picked them up and transferred then to an Montaige frigate which bore the rest of the way to Castille.

Once on dry land Davey set about pawning a silver dagger which he had manage to steal form the Don. With dagger in hand a strange man approached him and said. “I see you bear the silver dagger, we meet tonight at midnight at the fishing wharf.” Then slipped back into the crowd…

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A Few Notes...
The epic words site is acting up in many ways. The Quest wikis are not working properly and links fail to open in new tabs etc. I have no idea when this will be fixed.

I am going to try out something new for the story line. Instead of having an overall adventure that concerns everyone, with the smaller group, I am going to make everyone's background the main part of the story.

The secondary adventures might help or hinder the PCs main story, or might just be filler adventures, you wont know until it comes up in further adventures.

For those of you with Foul Weather Jack, whenever you finish a current story, I will give you the names of some new stories that you have created during the game, but not let you know what they are( of course with the way I name my adventures, some are going to be easy to figure out) and then go from there.
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First Mate's Log - Ghost Hunting
I have always believed in ghost ships. After all, we of Avalon live aside the fair folk, so who am I to say that wonders do not exist. But I have never before seen one, nor even known a man who has. Always the tales come from "a friend of a friend."

Today that is no longer the case. Not being able to read the map myself, I apparently chose a massive one. Towering decks and massive guns dwarfed our own ship and sent the crew into a panic. Eldritch green and translucent like spun glass, the ancient warship rose from it's death bed, to do battle for all eternity. It was awe inspiring and humbling. Who knows, perhaps one day I too shall be resigned to such a fate, and wage war until Thea ends the world.

We watched as the ship sailed off, and then set a new course to the marker that the captain had placed. Upon the way, we spotted a red sailed ship in our wake. It became clear it was following us, but when I ran up the flags for communication, it left.

I had little time to ponder this, as a storm was on the horizon. With no chance to find shallows, we dropped the sails and prepared for the furies. It was a fierce, but by no means threatening storm, and though it sent many of our men to the rails, our ship was no worse for wear. Which was good fortune, as the next ghost ship was soon upon us.

As ethereal as the last, but smaller, we saw it rise and attempted to do battle. But as suspected, our volley past straight through it. The captain was incapacitated from the storm, so I decided to attempt to unravel the mysteries of our ship, and while they were impressive, they did not aid us in fighting vapors. Fortunately the captain rose enough to reveal more secrets.

Lacking a proper term, I shall call it Eldritch Iron. A greenish metal that appears to affect both the spiritual world as well as our own. Cannonballs fired a volley and crippled their ship, while their countervolley went straight through us. We didn't even need a second volley. Our ship was fast enough to overtake it.

Eldritch hooks to heave and eldritch boots to board, I lead the charge of myself, Estaban, Yuri, and our stalwart navigator.

Upon the ship, we were attacked by ghosts, flitting from the sides of our vision. My beloved sword Oathkeeper could strike through them, but no other weapon could. But just as with the cannonballs, they could not harm us either. While Estaban amusingly attempted to fight one with a boot on his hand, I took control of the ship, steering it with my booted foot.

As day broke, the glowing green ship solidified. No one would believe the miraculous origin of this ship. To make matters worse, it quickly began to decay, rotting into nothing within hours. We had done the impossible, but had nothing to show for it.

Our Captain was not deterred. Recovering from his sickness, he set a course for the Crescent Isles, to partake of their splendor and exotic nature.
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Journal days 142-179
Day 142 Not a day goes by that I don't think of my home land. I have found some employ as a findsman. I feel as though my skills are lacking although I train daily I find myself lacking somehow.

Day 157 a red beard kill some guards to day I attempted to capture him and found some help, only one of the guards is alive, and she is lucky. We got some help from a ship crew that just arrived at port. During the fight I saw him break a pendant causing him to teleport
away. I was invited to join them. I feel that the only way to capture him is to go with him. I don't know how much I can trust them so I will keep to using Esien for communication not allow them to know that I understand Castillian.

Day 158 ... The "Captain" just bought a zoo... to eat, not as pets but as food. Fortunately the First mate is more than capable of handling him... I must admit since returning to sea I feel calmer I must remember the words of my master "Be like water" I must meditate further on these words

Day 159 Only a fool wishes for excitement, what I am doing here? Maybe this is what the magistrate meant by "may your life be interesting". No, we did not have lion last night.

Day 163 So it seem that the "Captain" has some sort of spell cast upon him and the crew and I are going out into the desert to a shaman to find out what sort of magic was placed upon him.

Day 164 No bandits, both the "Captain" and the first mate are inside the shaman's hut.

Day 165 Well the shaman is gone he must have been taken during the sand storm

Day 166 Back aboard the ship I'm still meditating on the words of my master" Be Like water" And I have yet to see any of my colleagues practice with their weapons yet they manage very well in combat they have no style.

Day 170 as part of my meditation today I took a glass of water and to my mind came "Be shapeless, be formless" I must think more on this.

Day 171 a ship is sighted, I'm told it is the red beard from the market. I knew that if I stayed with them that we would meet again. ... The "Captain wants him over for dinner, I'm pretty sure he doesn't mean to eat him, but does he realize he is a pirate?

Day 172 We have arranged a parley??? The ship is busy getting ready for combat. And the First mate has a job for me I am to hide in the long boat in case anything goes wrong.
Ok bullets HURT!!! I think I got their doctor with a poison dart. And their ship was sunk.

Day 176 I was below deck when the storm hit I am still meditating on the words of my master And this comes to me, "water can flow or it can crash"

Day 177 Every one is sea sick from the storm. This storm has been teaching me to flow. My movement is more sure

Day 179 The sea is quieting, the damage is severe Our main mast is damaged and the rudder was also damaged. The crew is well other than being tossed about from the storm. And we're in luck we have spotted an island. We should be able to fix the mast.

Day 179 That guy has huge. I hit him dead on and all I did was piss him off. That guy crushed two of our sailors who were trying to get a replacement mast. I do admit that the first mate is a brave man sacrificed himself to allow us and the sailor to get away. I must say this; the second mate is a coward I have never seen anyone run from a foe as fast as him. Later we tried to sail around the island, and found another one of those huge men. We tried to talk to him his language was familiar but different like my own native language but not. After which we landed the first mate asked me to scout ahead. Something is wrong here, one legged piranha rats! And wall made of skulls I really don't like this place.
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First Mate's Log - Dark Departures
First Mate's Log:
Although it normally falls upon the captain to write the log of the ship, I feel with his otherwise unusual situation, he might be remiss in writing such logs. Even if he is not, his unique view of things might not be quite detailed enough - nor accurate in the trivialities of the ship - for anyone wishing to read the transcriptions of our voyage. Thus it falls to me, First Mate Edmund Norrington, to write of our journeys.

I will not bore you with the details but after my fall from grace, I was approached by Lord Arthur Turnsdale. His son, Captain Edward, had taken it to himself to captain a ship and sail as a Sea Dog, a privateer for our illustrious queen. Edward, lacking in experience, would require a fine crew, and Lord Turnsdale felt he could do worse than a former captain of the Queen's navy, dishonored though I may be. Seeking both a chance to redeem, and the sea air again, I took the job.

On the docks I met with some of our crew. I was pleased to find that my fellow officer was an old friend of mine, Lord Estavan, from Castiel, a fine fellow and a good man to have my back. I also encountered an Ursain by the name of Yuri. A simple, but straightforward man, he quickly became a close ally, a bridge-gap between me and the rest of the crew, and my first pick on any away mission.

Captain Edward is a very unique man, full of spirit and trust and confidence. I will not speak ill of my captain, but I must put into words my concerns. Not of Edward's character, but of his nature.

To put it bluntly, our captain is under an enchantment. He can see what others cannot. Specifically, he has a map that to all others appears to just be a slightly out of date map, but to his eye shows him the location of ghost ships and Thea only knows what else.

Attempts to learn more about this enchantment have been in vain. Captain Edward himself does not appear to be aware of the enchantment, and whenever he is questioned about anything unusual, such as the nature of our ship, our unique supplies, or the origin of the map, he becomes incredibly tight-lipped. Since my duty is to safe-guard him, I sought out a glamour witch. She attempted to discretely discern the nature of the spell, but it was too powerful for her, and instantly put her into a timeless stupor. Upon awakening from it and hearing of her lost time, she decreed it must be the work of Fae. My attempts to test this theory indicate that it might be something even more powerful. I will not rest until I learn the truth of our Captain's fate.

For now, I end this log. We set out to see our first ghost ship. Captain Edward has chosen a remote ship for our test run, but I spoke with the navigator and convinced him to steer us towards a closer marking on the map, to confirm if they are true or not. At this point, we can but wait and watch.
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Bullet Points For 3/31/13
  • The Mysterious Island-What secrets is it keeping?
  • The Wrecked Ships-Why were they stripped of all usable equipment?
  • The Strange Creatures-They seem to be guarding the Island, Why?
  • The Abandoned Village-Were those the bones of the sailors from the ships?
  • The Wall of Skulls-Well, you know now where the heads went!
  • The Dukes Sword-That explains why there hasn't been a Duke of Caerleon there past years.
  • The Dracheneisen Armor-What are all those strange symbols covering it?
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A palatial estate, i like the sounds of that!
after speaking with professor puerte about his need for a secluded place to hide while he researches his new artifact i have decided to offer to show him where a secret island i know of is located. It is protected by a coral reef that will ground any navigator who does not know its secrets. we had the good fortune of encountering a pirate vessel filled with riches and what we can now call a new crew. i hope the captain can keep these scurvy dogs in line. i look forward to seeing the enchanted island again. i also can't wait to get as far as possible from the captain and those accursed cold iron explosives. the captain should know better. i should know better. i should have cast them into the sea as soon as i had a chance. curse my foolhardy mouth. we can only wait and see though i fear what may come.
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