Retired Characters

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    Lewis Piper (Retired) Avalonian/M/Def/Treasure Hunter
    "Let me tell you a story..."
    Description:Lewis Piper is a slender man of average height. His brown eyes match his brown hair. He wears a beard that has tinges of red in it in the fashion of Captain Berek because it looks so good. He dresses in fine silk garments of black with gold embroidery bearing his family crest; a raven with a gold...
    Background:Lewis was raised by his nanny since as far back as he could remember. When he was old enough to wonder why he had never seen his parents his nanny became very serious. she left him alone for the rest of the day until supper when she returned carrying a small chest that was locked with a large bla...
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    Stelio Kontos (Retired) Human/M/Stkr
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    Cacky Noryss (Retired) Human/M/Stkr/Fighter/1
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    Black Jack Davey (Retired) Montaigne/Avalon/M/Master Theif
    "Famous or infamous, what's important is to be remembered."
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    Mongo (Retired) Russian/M/Stkr/fighter
    "can I smash them now "
  • Mc9_thumb
    Edmund Norrington (Retired) Avalon/M/Ldr/First Mate
    "Thea bless Avalon, and Thea bless the Queen"

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