• Aragorn_by_finangel_thumb
    Wraithgar Human/M/Def/Ranger/6
    "Let's hunt the scum!"
  • Mikmek_thumb
    Mikmek Kobold/M/Rogue/7
    "Schneek Attack!!"
    Description:Mikmek Male Kobold Rogue (Trapsmith) 7 LE Small Humanoid (Reptilian)
  • Ghost_boy_by_sakimichan-d3797ml_thumb
    Pho Halfling/M/Oracle of Life
    ""Why do dead people keep stealing my socks?""

Retired Characters

  • Celia_isara_thumb
    Celia Isara (Retired) Elf/F/Contr/Wizard/7
    "Books are my best friends."
    Description:Celia Isara is a follower of Yuelral the Wise, Elven goddess of magic. A recently graduated Arcane Wizard of 5' 8" tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She travels with an Owl named Popo. She was born in the Kingdom of Kyonin about a hundred and twelve years ago, under the noble Elven House o...
    Background:In the year 2632 AR, Celia's ancestors desperately returned to Golarion from the Elven homeland of Sovyrian (way after the cataclysmic event of Earthfall), as they have detected the Demon Lord Treerazer's presence near their Sovyrian Stone (an enormous crystal which served as a gateway between th...
  • Willow-thumb-560xauto-26690_thumb
    Kaldan Kaldori (Retired) Human (Taldan)/M/Stkr/Fighter
    "I will be the greatest of the Swordlords, beyond even the great Sirian Aldori."
    Description:A budding master of the Longsword
    Background:Kaldan Kaldori is a bastard descendent of Sirian Aldori. His illustrious but illegitimate lineage relentlessly drives him to become the greatest of the swordlords. Given his lineage and budding swordsmanship, the Swordlords of Restov initially treated Kaldan with some favor, despite his uncharism...
  • Artemis_entreri_by_aditya777_thumb
    Gladius (Retired) Human/M/Stkr/Inquisitor/6
    "I shall smite you with holy steel!"
  • Warrior_1_thumb
    Riva Shields (Retired) Human/M/Def/Fighter/7
    "The best offense is not just a good defence, it has to be impenetrable."
  • Paladin_thumb
    Keoughn (Retired) Taldan/M/Def/Paladin
    "Erastil Uber Alles"
    Description:Towering, powerful paladin, fewer words, more stern and more judgmental than Avatarax.
    Background:Keoughn is a bastard son of House Garess, who found a home in the Temple of Erastil. He became fast friends with Avatarax, who had left House Orlovski under somewhat similar circumstances. Yet, Keoughn was always jealous of Avatarax's legitimacy, and was always afraid of being overshadowed by his...
    Details:Mission as originally assigned by Ezvanki Keegh: (1) Spread the glory of Erastil by checking Pho politically. (2) Spread the glory of Erastil by protecting his people (i.e. the settler folk of Briarbridge) from any threats. Keoughn has always prioritized (2) greatly over (1). More recent...

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