Do you remember how it all happened, those years ago? Why don't you sit down and listen to my story. It started a little something like this...

Welcome to the world of Himin. It's been a while since Selkes ruled the world, but things are looking up. Where once was one country, now are fourteen, each with different ideals and customs. Ways to rule, ways to treat there people, how much psychic power plays a role.

Did I mention that everyone is psychic?

The Frames changed everything, though. 50 years ago, Selkes found the first Frames, and they've been spoiling for a fight ever since. The Allied nations to the south managed to find their own, and hold the line to the best of their ability. It's been this stalemate for as long as anyone can remember.

And then, one late evening, in the Selkes town of Smallmont, everything began to change...

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