We are starting in Loudwater, then traveling to the Icewind Dale and eventually setting into Neverwinter and after that who knows? At least the campaign is set for 1 up to 10 heroic tier levels of play, later level (paragon path and epic path) are not yet incorporated into the campaign, I will figure this out when we are well underway in the heroic tier play and see if this campaign is enjoyable for us all.
As DM I decided that you should be creating your character before the 18th.

As an attachment (SEE YOUR EMAIL) I included the torrent for the latest character builder from DnD DDI. Please download and use this tool to create your character, please submit as soon as possible and try to have it complete one week from today. I also attached Roberts character Immial the Swordmage as a sample.

After you have created your character, please print the sheet and cut out you power cards. I will be using the power cards during play to speed up the process of encounters.

I revised sessions 1 notes please read below!*

My address is 187 Brybeck Crescent Unit 205, Buzz 4606 – My cell is 519-404-9128 – If taking the bus, take #20 get off at Westmount/Chopin (Chantel may not be able to make it for the 25th session)

Alison will play a Eladrin Wizard (Controller)
Robert will play a Eladrin Sword Mage (Defender) – Immial is from Waterdeep, the city of spenders.
Darrell will play an Half Elf Cleric (Leader)
Chantel will play an Elf Rogue (Striker)
Derrick will play a Half-Orc Fighter/Barbarian (Defender/Striker) – Derrick has vast XP with 4e, he will be our rule coordinator. I will have a copy of the Rules Compendium available for players and a copy for myself.

-I would like everyone to read the Forgotten Realms Players Guide. (see attachment) – You can focus on the western upper north part known as the Sword Coast. Make sure you know the history of the realms and the cosmology.
-As stated previously you will need:
-A miniature (Does not need to be an official DnD miniature, for instance, my daughter is using a miniature from Warhammer)
-4e PHB
-Character sheet for the PHB

Also, our first session will be character generation for level 1 heroic tier play.

House rules will be determined as we play, I will keep a log. All characters must be good to lawful good to unaligned in alignment.

*Alright, We now have a complete group and we are ready to play on the 18th at 2:00 PM.

A couple of things, I would rather keep alcohol out of these sessions also please be friendly/kind and patient with all players, including me as DM as some of us are novice players and some are veterans, it’s quite a mixed group really. I would like a relaxed atmosphere yet have a heavy focus on the game, distractions should be kept to a minimum; such as cell phones please put it on silent or vibrate during the game. Be courteous and arrive on time. If you cannot make a session, please let the whole group know asap EITHER through email or our campaign site “Epic Worlds – Heroes of the Sword Coast” Please bring own snacks and drinks, I can supply coffee.

As said before, our first session will be character reviews and background creations. I would like a cohesive reason why you all are banded together and how you met? Think about your character and other characters in the group and see how we can connect them all together. We will create the bios on first session as well.

Here are the events for session 1.

-Character reviews (Derrick will help me review the character sheets)
-Create individual bios/background for your character (Players only, I (DM) will only assist with plotting where in Forgotten Realms you originated from, However the group/adventures are all now in Loudwater)
-Talk about house rules (Everyone)
-Role-play initial meeting of the group at the “The Tankard” in southern part of Loudwater. (Everyone)

There will be no encounters on our first session.

P.S. Note on Loudwater, it is not part of the Realms per se, neither is several module we will be playing before reaching Neverwinter. With guidance from experienced DMs I incorporated some of these into the overall map of Faerun.



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