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Thank the Trees, land!
By all that is earthy, I'm glad to dig my toes back in the soil, if it is a bit sandy and dry for my tastes. It gives me great pleasure to note that my cousin and I are walking above ground once again, whilst those cursed slavers lie beneath the waves or in the bellies of the carrion crows. The fact that I have a little brandy to smooth things over doesn't hurt, either!

Looks like we got another motley crew of compatriots. No matter. If they hate the gobs as much as me, their good as family! Better, maybe, no disrespect for my illusionist brethren. Even better, the more there are of them (the tall ones), the less likely me and my cuz will be targets. Always underestimating us they are! Well, they'll soon see that when the wee have an axe (or manacles, or whatever) to grind, we'll be more than happy to grind it!

Now if only there were some decent trees in this part of the land!
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