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    Ash Swiftblade Wood elf/M/Ranger/1
    Description:Ash Swiftblade is very tall for a wood elf standing at 5'10". He has tan skin with tawny, unkempt hair that falls below his shoulders. Ash wears a portion of his hair in a warrior's top-knot in the tradition of his tribe. His face, back, and chest are covered in tribal tattoos that he has earn...
    Background:Ash Swiftblade is a wood elf from the Elsenwood of Viridistan. He is a hunter and tracker for his tribe and as such has spent many years roaming the forest of his home. While many of his brethren are bow hunters, Ash has always showed a natural affinity for the blade. When he was a young hu...
    Details:Attributes Str:19 +3 Prime Dex:14 +1 Non-Prime Con:14 +1 Non-Prime Int:06 -1 Non-Prime Wis:14 +1 Prime Cha:10 +0 Non-Prime Alignment:Neutral Initiative: +0 HP: 11 AC: 15 (Flat-footed: 14 Touch: 11) Base to Hit Bonus: +3 Attacks: 1 Advantages: Knack (agility) Armor Worn: Cha...
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    Manglorious human/M/rogue/1
    Details:Str 12, Dex 16*, Con 12, Int 15*, Wis 12, Cha 15* hp 6 AC 13 (+2 dex, +1 goblin leather coat) Atk +0 goblin knife (1d4+1) Advantages: Charmed Existence (+2 to Wisdom saves) Class Abilities: back attack, cant, climb, decipher script, hide, listen, move silently, open lock, pick pocket, trap...
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    Peony Whitestar Grey Elf/F/Wizard/1
    Details:Str 7*, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 17*, Wis 15, Cha 15 hp 5 AC 11 (+1 dex, +1 goblin leather coat Atk -1 goblin knife (1d4+1) Advantages: Magical Aptitude (Conjurer's Call) Racial Abilities: Enhanced Senses (+2 to listen), Move Silently (in the Wild), Spell Resistance (sleep), Spot Hidden Doors...
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    Father Philoxenus Human/M/Cleric/4
    Description:Str 11, Dex 10, Con 13*, Int 7, Wis 16*, Cha 17* BtH +2, AC 17, hp 21+1d8 AL NG Weapons: +1 morningstar Armor: plate mail Equipment: backpack, bedroll, fishing gear, flint/steel/tinder, glowing ruby, holy symbol (silver), potion of cure light wounds Mount: pony (w/ saddle) Charmed Exis...
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    Gravel Nash Half Orc/M/Barbarian/1
    "Smash first, ask questions later"
  • Greyelf_thumb
    Details:Attributes: Str: ___ Prime? ____ Dex:___ Prime? ____ Con:___ Prime? ____ Int:___ Prime? ____ Wis:___ Prime? ____ Cha:___ Prime? ____ Alignment: AC: HP: Base to Hit Bonus: Attacks: Armor: Weapons: Race Abilities: Class Abilities: Advantages: Secondary Skill(s): ...
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    War'ren Northern Elf/M/Bard/1
    "It's okay, not being a true elf, you wouldn't understand."
    Details:STR: 13 +1 DEX: 16 +2 Prime CON: 9 INT: 11 WIS: 9 CHA: 15 +1 Prime Alignment: Chaotic Good Initiative: +0 HP: 10 AC: 18 (Dodge: 19, Flat-footed: 16, Touch: 12) Base to Hit Bonus: +1 (Ranged: +2) Attacks: 1 Advantages: Dodge (+1 AC against a single opponent) Armor Worn: Cui...
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    Antonio Mezzi Gnome/M/Rogue/1
    "Why be just a little psychotic?"
    Background:From the City-state
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    Atabraxes the Knight Human/M/Def/Knight/1
    "Without honor you are nothing"

Retired Characters

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    Krell Vyson (Retired) Human/M/Stkr/Barbarian/1
    "Your skull would make a lovely drinking cup."
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    Edwin Harkanian (Retired) Gnome/M/Druid/1
    Details:STR: 14 DEX: 10 CON: 14 (prime) INT: 15 WIS: 16 (prime) CHA: 6 HP: 9 AC: 11 (leather coat) Weapons: Manacles (+1) 1d4+2 Aclys (+1 melee, +0 ranged) 1d4+1 Net (need stats) Sling (+0 ranged - 50 ft increment) 1d4 Abilities: Animal Empathy Combat Expertise (=1 vs goblin and kobo...
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    Alfric Olafson (Retired) Human/M/Fighter/1st
    "Life too short not to try and get it all."
    Description:Short red beard, with blue eyss that sparkle with excitement at the thought of riches and adventure. Rich, deep laugh. From Skandik descent. Ht: Wt: Str: 16, Dex: 14, Con: 15, Int: 12, Wis: 10, Cha: 11. HP: 11
    Background:Alfric is the 7th child of a sailor (dad) and a housewife. Dad had a woman in every port he sailed to, so Alfric has family elsewhere. Alfric's mom had another son (older brother to Alfric) and the other 5 children dad had are elsewhere. After his dad died in a shipwreck, Alfric mom soon died i...
    Details:2-handed axe, 2 daggers, Scale Mail w/ Leather Coif, Hooded Lantern w/ 7 pints oil for it, Air & Weapon oil, Whetstone, Heavy Boots, 4 large sacks, Silk Rope 10', 1 week rations, Sm Steel Mirror. 50gp. At this point in time, he has only a Goblin Sword and the clothes on his back.
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    Melfiore (Retired)
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    Canadia (Retired) Human/F/Cleric/1
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    Hammerton (Retired) M
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    Boris (Retired) Human/M/Fighter/1st
    Description:Age 20, Male, Green Eyes, Hair Color Tawny Brown, Hgt 5' 10", Wt 165.
    Background:Boris is the youngest child (older brother and older sister) of an actor/orator (dad) and a food merchant (mom). The family moved around alot in the Ghinoran region due to dad's acting roles and his outspoken political opinions. While in the outskirts of civilization, a plaque struck killing B...
    Details:Str 15 (+1) Prim, Dex 15 (+1) Prim, Con 15 (+1) Prim, Int 15 (+1), Wis 15 (+1), Char 7 (-1). AC 17 scale mail, med steel shield and +1 due to dex, HP 11. Possesions: 1 long sword, short bow with 20 arrows, scale mail, and med steel shield.
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    Wilhelm Grueburn (Retired) Human/M/Knight/3rd
    Description:Str 17 (+2) Prim, Dex 13 (+1) Prim, Con 12, Int 14 (+1), Wis 9, Char 18 (+3) Prim. AC Chain shirt + Med Steel Shield 19. HP 25. Feat: +2 to Wisdom saves, Knack (reactions).
    Background:Wilhelm was born to a cleric and his wife. Dad worshiped the Demon Prince from the South and this led to the village where we lived to be wiped out by the followers of the Gods. Wilhelm was the sixth child but only 1 brother and 1 sister survived the attack. (Both are older than Wilhelm). Dad ...
    Details:Since Wilhelm is from the Southern Reaches he's from the Ghinor Highlands with Brown hair and Brown eyes. Neatly trimed beard. He uses a light lance when mounted. Longsword (Doomed and now Lucky), dirk, and warhammer when on foot. His mount/warhorse is named Valiant.

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